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Let me start off by saying, I’m so happy you’re here.

Love Matters is first and foremost about YOU–your vision for love, your desire to serve. I work with brave, passionate women (and a few brave men) who desire to infuse every aspect of their life with love and know they have been given gifts designed to change their world, OUR world. 

How am I even qualified to support you?

In some aspects, my road to arrive here was not an easy one early on. Some parts of that journey to be here now may sound familiar to parts of your story. It took many years of healing from some painful experiences, but even in the most challenging of times, I had this deep knowing from some unclear place that the story of my life was meant to be much more beautiful than it had felt. 

Nearly 20 years ago, in a moment of desperation, in one of those times that felt quite dark, I demanded that the Universe make its Presence known in my life.

Although to the outsider looking in I seemed to have a happy life, I was miserable: overweight, numb, unhealthy and deeply unfulfilled in my relationships. I had gone to university to become a teacher, chose suitable partners (according to others), had a healthy savings account and ran a successful business for many years, privately teaching and mentoring high school and university students.

But I ached to make a bigger impact in a way that my head could not rationalize.

I grew very despondent and then physically ill, not knowing why I was so unhappy or sick when I seemed to have all the ingredients for a happy life.

I didn’t realize that by not dealing with my problems rooted in many painful and traumatic incidents in my childhood, I was blocking myself from even knowing what would make me happy or what type of relationships would bring me the passion and the intimacy that I longed for. 

Maybe you can relate. 

I was used to doing life on my own, but clearly, despite being surrounded by others who loved me and those kids I counselled who looked to me for guidance, the pain and loneliness I was experiencing persistently called me to find the tools and the support to look inside to discover who I am and how I’ve come to contribute in this life.

So I made a deal with the Universe in my 29th year that if a Higher Power did exist, I wanted to know why I was here.

The proof I requested:  I would be able to see angels and hear my guides if such phenomena truly existed.

If that request was fulfilled (something I had secretly desired for many years), I would spend the rest of life sharing with and teaching others what I would learn.

My demand (truly a heavily disguised prayer) was heard. And the more I saw and experienced the energy and the teachings of these higher vibrational beings, bit by bit my life plan started becoming clearer. 

I didn’t immediately learn the easiest or kindest way, however, still looking outside to relationships and teachers who I thought might know better, but eventually, some tough lessons taught me that True Love starts on the inside–always. 

I stopped engaging in my people-pleasing ways that had me falsely living an empty-soul life built on pretty-looking lies. 

I promised myself in 2015 I would not live another year, another month, another moment unless I was doing what I loved and what brought me joy. Shortly after, Love Matters was born (the Angels told me about the plan in May 2015, but officially we came online in June 2016).

I built Love Matters based on my love of coaching and mentoring people to express their greatest human potential. I combined this work with my lifelong passion for astrology, which has afforded me the opportunity to take a deep dive into individuals’ Life Plans and into the collective forces that are at play in the skies and here on Earth (which I write about in my astro-blog “Lunar Love Notes.” 

I also promised that I would transform the program of Unrequited Love and find that Sacred Partner I knew was out there for me (and I did just that).  Since that time, I’ve been asked to speak and write about how others can transform their relationship blocks to find and grow in the High Romance in which we’re intended to live. It is deeply satisfying to witness humans realizing their worth in receiving such love. 

I know intimately the struggle to live an authentic life based on soul desires and visionary dreams. I suspect that if you are reading this, you may know too.  

Whether we get to know each other through a multi-layered, multi-dimensional reading of your birth chart (what I call a “Love Map”), an intuitive life coaching session, a Reiki class,  an exchange at the end of my Love Letter blog posts or the Love Matters radio show, I am here to support you through whatever waves of transformation and transition you are experiencing.

Yes, I definitely have 20 years of training, insights and tools that can help you take steps towards living your great Love Story and feel safe enough to let those big dreams be seen in the light of day, but it is you who holds the pen to write the story of your unfolding destiny. 

Call me your “capital F” Friend who wants to support your desire to change as much as I do the consciousness of this world for yourself, your loved ones and this planet by opening up your heart to your soul dreams to ensure they come true one by one. 

Love Matters is proof that it is possible to dream a big dream and then to watch it unfold, one loving, guided step at a time.  Now it’s your turn. I promise.