New Moon in Aries: “I will just say this: We bloomed in Spring”

New Moon in Aries: “I will just say this: We bloomed in Spring”

No matter what your personal astrological story holds, the Aries energy is universally present in all of us and in the relationships, homes, projects, groups, teams, communities, belief systems, and nations we create, defend and extend.

The first New Moon of Spring (Sunday, April 15 at 7:58 pm MST) is always a powerful one, infused with the Aries energy of self-discovery, vision, innovation, movement, trial-and-error, protection, and transformation.

The tribe of Aries archetypes includes the Angel, the Divine Fool, the Innocent, the Innovator, the General, the Defender, the Strategist, the Lawyer, the Activist, the Soldier, the Warrior Goddess, the Huntress, the Samurai, the Hero, the Heroine, the Athlete, and the Player of the Game. 

When Aries energy rises above petty ego needs and begins to serve many, we’ve seen these iconic Warrior-types in our lives and throughout history compelled to act on behalf of the collective based on a philosophy, a religion, a code, a set of values, a collection of beliefs that have become outdated or have been violated (often violating) for much too long.

Personally, we might see the Warrior energy rise up within us or others as a result of an illness, an accident, a death of a loved one, the loss of a job, a personal attack, a betrayal, a divorce, or a natural disaster.

Sometimes we have to stare death in the face in one of its many literal or symbolic forms before we make a critical choice to leave behind the life we have lived and move towards building the life that is yet to be born.

It is through these times of loss, abuse, repression, injustice, limitation, or violation that the inner evolutionary impulse is often activated at the very core of our beings.

“I will just say this: We bloomed in Spring.” ~St. Teresa of Avila

We may shout out a battle-cry such as “no more” or “time’s up” depending on the space and place we find ourselves in as well as how far we’ve been pushed and pulled, but under intense pressure, the decision is the same—we must change.

And as we move forward in a passionate and purposeful manner, it is vital to ask what beliefs, codes, standards, expectations, values or principles are guiding us explicitly and perhaps even more importantly—implicitly. For it is in the subconscious, that 80% (typically higher) of those beliefs, values, prejudices, thoughts and emotions lie.

Aries, the element of fire, has the potential to destroy as much as it has to create. A passionate, driven often impulsive energy, it can activate the Disturber, the Daredevil and the Rebel (without a cause) who crave the adrenaline rush of the next spontaneous adventure rather than the deep fulfillment of carrying out a passionate and purposeful plan.

And if we don’t know why we believe in what or in whom we do or if we are unsure what Truth is or what our core beliefs are, the Shadow Warrior can become activated within or projected in our relationships, groups, organizations, corporations, and governments as those lovers, leaders, politicians, spiritual teachers, instructors, managers, mentors or gurus who are manipulative, dishonest, seductive, shaming, power-hungry, reckless, greedy, angry, arrogant, selfish, prideful, or abusive.

So how do we know which version of these Aries archetypes is coming up with our grand new vision, our next big move? How do we fall in line with the energies of a compassionate Warrior?

Capax universi, capable of the universe are your arms
when they move with love.


And I know it is true that your feet are never more alive
when they are in defense of a good cause.


I want to fund your efforts: Stay near beauty,
for she will always strengthen you.”
~St Thomas Aquinas

Having been through countless battles, a mature Aries knows the honour it is to lead and serve, so He or She learns to read the field of all possibilities and chooses pathways on fire with beauty, joy, wisdom and love.

He practices discernment. She spends time in contemplation. He identifies core values. She surveys her strengths and ways to improve upon them.

He takes personal inventory, so when he feels the instinct to move, he has already gathered up the inner and outer resources aligned with his personal truth, higher love and compassionate wisdom.

A mature Aries knows who she is and feels free to express herself and her vision, realizing that she does not need to alienate herself in the process or go it alone.

An Aries on fire is aligned to the will of her most sacred Self so that her decisions are made from a higher vantage point seeing the field of all possibilities.

Although our birth charts will show us areas of evolutionary specialization (e.g. your Sun in Capricorn, her Moon in Aries, his Mars in Libra, etc.), every time we ask for help, say no to an abusive pattern, overcome resistance or doubt, end a relationship, quit a job, start a new course, or move to a new city, we have activated a version of the Warrior who gives us the courage and the strength to move as we need to.

To ensure we are not unnecessarily burning bridges or prematurely escaping a relationship or situation that is here to help us grow, we must ask these questions of our own Inner Warrior to see at which level He or She is operating.

TAKE A MOMENT TO CONSIDER your values, your morals, your beliefs–why do you believe what or whom you believe?

What are you creating, protecting, advancing in the name of Love? The Aries archetypes of the Pioneer and the Innovator in you will constantly call you to new evolutionary frontiers, so where are you hearing or feeling the call right now?

How are you moving and shaking up your inner and outer world for Love?

An exalted Aries evolutionary path knows that the new choices we make must be significant and must happen now. Aries does not wait for our friends to tag along, our boss to recognize us or our friends and our lovers to give us their blessing.

Sometimes tough decisions need to be made and we may feel like we’re going forward alone, but the Aries knows a deeper call is at play, There is work to do, an adventure to be on—and the time is now.

Doubt, resistance, fear and procrastination rarely make it along for the ride as a lit-up Aries knows these freeloaders are slayers of dreams.

To arrive at your new port of call, is your Inner Compass in good working order? Do you need new training or new types of support? Do you have the skills or inner and outer resources to be on this new adventure with ease and grace?

If you are someone like me who sets intentions on the New Moon, consider framing your intentions for the support and resources you need to take your next great leap.

Ask for the inner qualities that will help you turn the mission of the Warrior to the Sacred Warrior who is unapologetically all in for Love.

Know where you typically self-sabotage, who your inner adversaries are or what your selling-out points tend to be (we all have the Shadow Prostitute archetype to contend with). Ask for the endurance, the genius, the focus, and the discipline to pay loving attention to your cause, your plan, your vision.

Ask to see through the illusions, the beliefs and limitations, both collective and personal, standing in the way of your own Sacred Uprising whether it be in your finances, your health, your relationships, your career, or your service work here on this planet.

Ask for fresh eyes to see new possibilities.

“In the beginner’s mind, there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.”

~Zen Master Suzuki Roshi

In your New Moon ceremony (which by the way you can do at any time since our souls do not adhere to human inventions of linear time and space), ask to have passion for your new vision rooted in you so deeply that you’ll never go back to the old ways that have kept you smaller and more closed-off than you know you’re here to be.

Call on these dynamic, living energies of the archetypes through your intentions, your prayers, your affirmations, your meditations, your mantras—out loud, so you can be heard.

The Warrior or any other archetype from the Aries tribe must be called upon for Him or Her to show up in your life in a way that you can see, feel, hear, know—the courage, the inspiration, the innovative idea, the battle-cry. What do you need from the Warrior energy that’ll create the space for some type of extraordinary shift in a part of your life that’s been stagnant for too long?

At our essence, we are all Brave-hearts and Love Warriors rising strong and rising now. We are being asked, even implored, to open our hearts and our minds so we can move to different states and stations, grounded in joy and wisdom and the grace and ease we deserve on this fantastic adventure we call our Life.

Full Moon in Libra:  Loving in the Light of the Full Moon

Full Moon in Libra: Loving in the Light of the Full Moon

To You Who Love in the Light of the Moon:

From the watery realms of the Pisces New Moon, we move into the light and the wisdom of this Libra Full Moon on March 31st and into the realm of our intimate relationships, an area where some of our most painful stories lie.

Many of us have been on a profound inner journey, healing the wounds of past relationships—the ones we have received and the ones we have given. Some have been learning the lessons of working through the archetypal programs of the Unrequited Lover and the Troubadour, whose pain stemming from failed love relationships initiates the search to find the love that dwells within.

Yes, Libra calls us to do the inner work that will allow us to have conscious, collaborative love relationships, but the depth and quality of those relationships with others start with the depth and quality of the relationship we have with ourselves.  

To find the beloved, you must become the beloved.” ~Rumi 

And so a Libran Moon in all her luminosity urges us to look at our own Inner Marriage first, informed by the evolution of our inner feminine and masculine.

The symbol of the Scales, Libra calls forth balance in a time where the masculine and feminine energies must harmonize in a new co-creative space in relationship with the feminine taking the lead as much as she is taking a stand.

The powerful feminine within us knows when this energy is balanced and nurtured. The feminine’s wise, intuitive voice realizes our journey in relationship to ourselves and others is not linear, logical and rational as is the masculine energy. No, it is circular, vulnerable and receptive and will move with the new information.

The powerful feminine within us does not become overly involved in relationships, losing ourselves in the process by compromising personal values, standards, boundaries and beliefs.

Wise feminine ways promote nurturing, supportive relationships that allow others to grow, knowing that each person has his or her essence, vision, and journey as well.

As we are learning to balance the feminine and masculine within ourselves, the Inner Marriage may look like this in our daily lives, according to writer Anita Johnston:

The feminine says, “I am lonely.” The masculine side sits down and writes a letter to a friend.
The feminine produces a dream. The masculine translates and organizes it.
The feminine feels upset when a friend does something that hurts her feelings. The masculine puts those feelings into words and explains why that behaviour was hurtful.
The feminine says, “I am hungry.” The masculine responds by getting and preparing the food or by asking, “Is this physical or emotional hunger?”

Although periods of solitude are necessary in the journey of knowing ourselves and remembering ourselves as whole, if we stay alone for too long, we may suppress our self-expression or become stagnant in our own thinking. In an intimate relationship, we play, we talk, we cry, we challenge each other, discovering our Essence reflected back in our Lover. 

In a relationship, opportunities for one anothers soul growth occur. We have come here to evolve in every area of our life, so when changes happen on the inner, our relationships ideally respond, growing when we grow too, but not always and sometimes we must part on this physical plane.

This Full Moon is an ideal time to create some sacred space to ask one or more of the questions offered below, reflecting and writing on your answers. We need this time alone as much as we need each other.

*What are your current relationships teaching you now?

*Has a relationship extended past being a teacher?

*What qualities are you being called to embody or nurture in your relationships?

*Instead of shaming or blaming yourself or others for relationships that hurt or didn’t work out, what gifts of insight and learning did you gain from these relationships?

*Can you forgive yourself for not knowing what you know now?

We are in evolutionary times in our relationships. Vulnerability in how well we know and love ourselves and one another will shape how we move forward.

You may have shelves filled with the fairy tales you used to believe about “happily ever after” and love stories of your own creation from lifetimes you lived.

Are you willing to unpack those shelves and fill them with new love stories your soul is eager to tell?


(Continued from the New Moon in Pisces article)

The next four phases from the Full Moon to the New Moon call us to place consistent, loving attention on our intention while using the Moon’s cycle to navigate the ebb and flow of being and doing as we create our lives in this mystical, magical and supportive space.

5.     BLUE MOON IN LIBRA (YANG ENERGY): March 31, 2018 at 6:37 am MST

The intentions we’ve been holding shine bright under the fullness of this moon, intensified by this second Full Moon in March. The Full Moon serves as a reflection and a reminder to dive into our inner worlds to find the places in which we are blocked.

The Full Moon in a powerful time to let go of what is no longer serving you, what is standing between you and realizing that intention—whether it is a limiting belief, a destructive habit, or an old story.

If you’ve been tracking your intention from the New Moon to the Full Moon you might’ve arrived here with some definite beliefs, habits, stories and behaviours that you are ready to release.  It’s time to release the excuses, the self-blame, the guilt, the shame.

If you’re unsure, breathe into the energy of your intention and ask the Moon Goddess, “What do I need to let go of right now?”  Listen for Her answers.

6.     THE WANING GIBBOUS MOON (YIN ENERGY): April 1st to 7th

While the energies of the Full Moon slip into a waning gibbous moon for the next several days. We have released what’s no longer serving us, creating a space for the next phase in bringing your intention to life. 


For those not used to reading the signs delivered to us every day all day, we’re looking for confirmation of a cosmic bridge from our inner to the external world. Tapping into lunar intuition allows us to develop faith and certainty that we’re part of a much more expansive relationship with the Universe that provides us unfailing guidance and support if we learn to ask and if we learn to listen.

Simply ask for a sign for understanding. Choose a song, a plant, an animal, an image, or a series of numbers and place an order with the Universe that this sign will give you a piece of information or insight about the intention you’ve been working to manifest. 

The sign might be delivered straight to your door, on a cover of a book or on the side of a bus. Just be open to how you receive the sign.  Our relationship with a higher consciousness can be easily and kindly reciprocated when we are open and trusting.

7.     THE THIRD QUARTER MOON (YANG ENERGY): April 8th at 1:17 am MST

This is the last yang phase of the lunar cycle. At this time, we may have received insights into the new direction we’re being called to take, but likely there is still groundwork to do. So what is it for you?  What are the steady, wise, compassionate steps you can take that’ll bridge you between where you are now and the new “place” you are envisioning? 

Reaching out, finding support, purging the old, taking purposeful action–all are highly beneficial actions during this time.

8.     THE WANING CRESCENT MOON (YIN ENERGY): April 9th to April 14th

This is the part of the Moon’s cycle many of us have the most challenging time to navigate, especially if you are someone who gives (yang/masculine energy) more than you receive (yin/feminine energy). 

Time spent resting and contemplating in an action-oriented world often makes us uncomfortable. An hour of free time is a luxury for many that we just can’t seem to give ourselves. This is a good time to check how much compassion and kindness you give yourself and carve out some regular time to rest and replenish.

During this part of the Moon phase, when we sink into this feminine energy of the dark before the New Moon cycle begins again in the Sacred Warrior sign of Aries on April 15 at 7:57 pm MST, find something that enriches and nourishes you on a soul level. It could be a walk in your garden, writing down your dreams, an oil-infused bath, time to rest or sleep.

The process of change happens over time, and following the Moon’s eternal cycles and rhythms allows us to learn patience and develop an inner wisdom of when to rest and when to move. Once you start noticing how loving a Universe we live in with the Moon as a powerful Ally, there is no going back and the evolutionary soul whose here for Unconditional Love wouldn’t want to anyway.


New Moon in Pisces: The Moon, the Mystic, the Dreamer and You

New Moon in Pisces: The Moon, the Mystic, the Dreamer and You


Take a deep breath, maybe a few, before answering these questions about how 2018 is unfolding so far. For some of us, the changes we’ve seen inside and out have come so quickly that we’re needing more rest and self-care to catch our breath. How about YOU?

What positive changes are you feeling all lit-up about right now? What would you like to be different?

We are in mystical, powerful times, my friends, and the Visionary, the Seer and the Mystic who dream the dream of Love are called to stand up and stand out.

This New Moon in Pisces on March 17th at 7:11 am MST has thrown many into their intuitive, feeling bodies, calling up some old stories and painful memories to be felt and released. With the freedom of this release, new longings are stirring, ones that the Dreamer, the Artist and the Lover of the Pisces intent know so well.

Yes, these ancient, archetypal Allies are here to help us remember the dreams we’ve placed in our hearts and show us the gifts we need to bring forth in ways bold and bright. 

The energy we’ll receive from this Pisces New Moon will trigger for many of us an undeniable call to envision a life that aligns to the highest good for ourselves and for all.

Some of you who can feel the pain and suffering of this world might ask, “How dare I call up a personal dream when the Earth is being poisoned, people are starving, children are being shot in their schools, wars are tearing nations and souls apart and people are being abused and violated?”

Soul-dreams built from the wisdom of the heart-mind lift us up to new spaces and places inside and out.

These human tragedies are why we need to dialogue with the Dreamer and Mystical Lover in all of us who see how to green the landscapes that have turned barren and black because others have forgotten the power and beauty of their dreams too.

We dream our world awake when we live our desires, the ones that allow us to be present to the wounds of limitation and separation as well as the medicine of love, hope, and compassion.

We dream because when we live our dreams, we become present and available to those we can impact within our reach.

THE DREAM I DENIED. It took me many years to accept that one of my guiding dreams in this incarnation is to live, learn and love in a romantic partnership. Because past relationships did not work out in the way my younger self hoped, for some time I believed I had to focus solely on fixing that person who had not found the relationship she had longed for her whole life.  A part of me used to feel guilty and ashamed for even thinking about relationship so much, throwing myself into my work much of the time, but I started to feel as if I were punishing myself. I remember the paradigm-shifting moment I woke up to this inner knowing that my dream of relationship was placed in my heart so that I could remember it and awaken to unconditional love through it because that’s what my soul in its unique human expression desired.

When we lift limitation and judgment from our dreams, we become dazzled by their Beauty and a new dance with life begins.

The people and things you love and the desires you have, each one was deeply seeded in your heart so that you would never forget. You are meant to watch them materialize right before your very eyes.

So, my dream-weaving friends, I must ask you:

What is the one dream you desire above any other,
the one that seems to have slipped through your dream-weaving hands
but the one that you feel you came on this Earth to touch?

I adore the Moon and her great illumination and wisdom ways. I have followed her cycles and worked with my dreams through Her for many years, setting intentions on the New Moon and releasing on the Full Moon what is no longer in alignment with those dreams.

The Moon can show us so much more, however, through a 29.5-day, full lunar cycle in which the ebb and flow of resting and moving forward, releasing and taking action can more consciously and easily awaken us to the New Dream in a way filled with love, wonder, magic, and joy.

Credit: Manon Cocadin @ WeHeartIt


My invitation to you, my mystical friends, is to choose a dream—one dream—that you have and you would like to see manifested.

Let’s track those dreams together through a FULL LUNAR CYCLE while we let the dance between the dark and the light, the yin (feminine) and the yang (masculine), show us how.

I’ve summarized the first four phases of how we can play with the natural rhythms of the Moon and deepen our relationship with her Wisdom and our ability to manifest skillfully and consciously.

  1. THE NEW MOON (YANG ENERGY): March 17th

    A dream cannot come true unless you have the courage to dream it into existence. You can start with these questions:

What is my DREAM?
What am I CALLING in?
How ALIGNED am I with my VISION?
What type of inner and outer SUPPORT do I have to MAGNETIZE my dream to me?
What’s standing between me and this DREAM?

On this New Moon, set your intention and declare your dream to the Universe.
This singular action lights up the path that will show the way.

We all know what happens to the seed that is planted but is not given the light, the water and the attention it needs to grow. Your dreams are no different. YES, have a dream, but planting the seed on a New Moon (or anytime) is only one part of the elegant equation to how a dream unfolds.

Onward we go.


    Approximately 48 hours after the New Moon, its energy has dissipated within a Waxing Crescent Moon. During this Yin time, we do not entirely stop ourselves from moving or acting, but we do spend more time meditating, visualizing, contemplating, and journaling with our dreams.

Loving Universe, show me what I need to know.

Open up the way for the Divine Design

of this dream of mine to move swiftly

and shine brilliantly.

We live in a world where achieving, doing and hustling are rewarded, luring us into thinking we must be living a fulfilling, lit-up life. Not so, and in working with the Divine Intelligence of Lunar Logic, these precious days after the New Moon allow us to have some space. The Universe is working on behalf of our dream, letting us merge with our vision, allowing the right resources and inspired action to come forth organically. 

Pay attention to the language of the Universe, the synchronicities and the serendipities—these universal love notes are whispering, “Hey Sweet Heart, here’s your next step.” January’s Full Moon in Leo blog has additional tips and insights into the elegance of this type of manifesting process.

During this phase of the Moon’s cycle, spend some time going inward and be open to holding the Divine Hand in its many forms of support for your intention. Take out your journal and track these messages from the Universe—they are there.


    This is the time when the dark and the light of the Moon are in equal measure. We engage with this Yang energy after having rested and tapped into Moon Wisdom.

Now is the time to see what other actions are indicated in moving ahead towards your goal. Take one, two wise, compassionate steps (big or small) in alignment with your dream. Note how the universe is responding to the actions you are taking. Maybe you need to make a phone call, travel to a new place, sign up for a course, look for a new job, schedule a meeting. The action may be scary, but it will feel right for you deep inside.

  1. THE WAXING GIBBOUS MOON PHASE (YIN ENERGY): March 25th to March 30th 

    The world does not need to change for you to realize your dream, but your internal world does

Yin time is in time.

As we move towards the illumination of the Full Moon, it is at this point we may think that the Universe has a waning interest in our dreams, but we must have faith and trust. We are evolving, preparing to receive our dream and how we catch our dreams is just as important as dreaming them. 

It is not a matter of faith; it is a matter of practice.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

We need practice in diving deep into the well of emotion and imagination, dreaming ourselves awake to the joy, the power, the beauty, the wisdom and the love of a new world.

Continue to devote yourself to a consistent daily practice to lovingly spend time, connecting and tapping into your intuition and doing things that bring you joy–maybe for you it’s reading, drawing oracle cards, hiking, painting, singing, chanting, affirming, journaling and dancing.

If the dream you are trying to catch will bring you joy, then your “work” to do in the present moment is to feel joy as much as possible so that you and your dream are a vibrational match.

During the phase of the Waxing Gibbous Moon, we can also take some time to reflect on what the edges are in our inner work. We might be dealing with doubt, rejection, sabotage, procrastination or self-worth. We might be feeling overwhelmed, making us susceptible to limiting beliefs, unsupportive habits, and negative self-talk. Know you have put your smaller self on notice and she or he will have something to say about you visionary dream. The Higher Self understands and knows self-compassion is needed while you are transcending what no longer serves. 

As a result of your self-reflection and commitment to your dream, you become clearer in understanding how to prioritize your life in alignment to the intention you set on the New Moon. Because we know ourselves and our values, authentic expression of our gifts, talents, abilities, personality and true nature becomes easier and truthfully, a must.

Spend these days leading up to the Full Moon in thoughtful action alongside inner contemplation. The Full Moon will call you to the next powerful stage of Her manifestation process.


I sincerely invite you to enter into a deeper practice of placing attention on your intention through the lens and the love of the Moon and Her cycles.

If you would like a witness to the start of this lunar dream-weaving process, please send me a note HERE and tell me what specific dream you will track during this part of the lunar cycle.

For those of you who want more direct one-on-one support with learning how to read and work with the energy, there are many ways we can make that happen, so please send me any questions you have.

In the meantime, happy dream-weaving! Check back here on the Super Full Moon in the relationship sign of Libra (March 31st at 6:37 am MST) and I’ll share Moon Wisdom and Guidance in the next steps of the Lunar Love cycle.

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW: Let me know you are here and what dream or vision for your life you are moving towards and what it is that most excites you and scares you about having that dream.

Each time you share your feedback and insights, we inspire each other. I also gain more insight into how I can fine-tune what I do to support you in realizing your dreams right now and not some far-away timelines that you see only when you close your eyes.

Full Moon in Virgo: How Do You Serve Love?

Full Moon in Virgo: How Do You Serve Love?

How do you serve love?

At the energetic core of this Full Moon in Virgo (March 1st at 5:51 pm MST), we have the opportunity to see that the Great Work we came here to do is realized when we seek an answer to that very question.

Some of us are unconsciously living the answer in our inner and outer life, but what if we all made this question a living, luminous part of our existence, the lighthouse in the ocean of our day?

Virgo, the archetypes of the Goddess, the Priestess, the Shaman and Mother Earth, invites us to explore what we hold sacred in this world and even beyond in our authentically serving what we Love.

In fact, the more we attune ourselves to Mother Earth and the receptive, intuitive energies of the Feminine, the clearer we seem to become about what our great work actually is.

And even though Virgo is the archetype of the Worker and the Servant, these questions, “How do I serve love?” and “What is my great work to do?” rarely mean “work” in terms of what we have been conditioned to believe “our work” must mean.

Your great work might be to paint pictures, create a food forest, write books, heal an illness, nurture a family, foster a dog, forgive yourself, forgive others, love your partner, love yourself.

Some of us might be feeling the inner stirrings of this need to know as we feel the fiery passion of the Aries archetypal path showing up in many planets early in March.

Infused with the energies of the Pioneer, the Initiator, and the Warrior for Love, this Aries spark will ensure you keep moving on the path of love and desire (your great work), releasing you from any limiting beliefs or old stories that stop you from believing your life can serve Love in ways you find breathtaking and beautiful.

This Aries call complements the Virgo heart path on which each of us walks as the fully individuated You. Paradoxically we are prompted to leave the personal ego behind to offer our gifts and service for the people, the animals, the land, the oceans and the communities to which we feel lovingly bound.

The transformation path of the Virgo intent is indeed through Service, and in the more exalted forms of the Servant, how we do this great work is just as important as what our great work is.

The Virgoan Taskmaster and Worker push and push to meet the deadline, get the job done, see the results now, but we are here for the long game and patience is indeed a Virgo virtue.

Reinforced by archaic systems and antiquated ways that have created a syndrome of “not enough,” many feel overworked and underappreciated, working overtime yet under-compensated.

Virgo also show up in how we love and respect our physical bodies, inviting some of us to examine our relationship to our physical form, peeling back the layers of conditioning we’ve been subjected to from birth, including toxic messages that our body must look a certain way for us to be considered desirable or valued. 

In seeking approval in whatever form our wounded Inner Child might need, this Full Moon may shine the light on the parts of us that feel we do not measure up as we’ve kept company with the Perfectionist and the Inner Critic far too long. 

Perhaps at one time, the Perfectionist and the Inner Critic kept us safe and we can thank them for that—maybe we needed them to help us recognize we must upgrade our skills, take better care of ourselves, ask for some support, raise our expectations, create stronger boundaries.

But eventually, if we leave them unsupervised, these judgmental energies have the power to stop the high romance with what or whom we love, by obsessively seeking flaws in ourselves or others, separating rather than joining us to what we find beautiful. 

The Full Moon is a potent time to ceremoniously release the judgment.

THE CEREMONY: The archetypes of the Priestess and the Shaman in all of us understand the power of ceremony. If you feel called on this Full Moon to release what stops you from living “the beauty of what you love” create a simple ceremony that does honour what you find beautiful. You might

drink a glass of wine with your beloved,
share a beautiful meal with your friends,
honour your body with some exercise or a walk in nature,
read out loud a mystical poem,
dance to some sensual music,
write a love letter to yourself or someone else,
creatively express YOU in a way you feel drawn.

If you are noticing what’s wrong more than what’s beautiful this Full Moon, feel the frustration and anger. Express it by writing your rage on the page, infusing those words with the energy of “no more” and “enough.” Burn the letter as an offering to the potential and the manifestation of living your great work, your beauty way.

Our life is not a race we have agreed to frantically run, but a dance with the divine within that stands as our unwavering partner seeking to move us to what we find true and beautiful.

Creating an inner practice and dedicating your life to unfolding your great work is one way you can powerfully serve Love in a time in which the World needs to weave a greater vision for us all, a vision the New Moon in Pisces on March 17th will call each one of us to dream.

New Moon in Aquarius: How We Heal Our Hearts

New Moon in Aquarius: How We Heal Our Hearts

Someone wrote me yesterday evening, asking how my Valentine’s Day was going. She messaged that it must be the most magical day for me.

I could see why someone might think that considering the foundation of what I do.

I gently laughed when I read that message, however. I had experienced a challenging day on Earth School personally and collectively.

The up and down journey of loving someone with cancer. Hearing about the mental and sexual abuse of a spiritual teacher, the physical and verbal abuse of a parent. People believing “I’m not enough.” The parts of me that believe “I’m not enough.” Addiction. Eating disorders. A mass school shooting–again.

It was much to witness and heartbreaking to feel.

And weaved within the fabric of my heart-opening day, the gentle power of my partner’s love, our renewed commitment to each other and our dreams, a vulnerable chat with my mom, pictures of my friend’s new baby girl, the sweet comfort of my inner practice, a message from a friend at the perfect time. Durga. Three hours to write. Messages from the Universe too big to ignore.

I cried a lot on Valentine’s Day, some sad tears and some sweet, the water on my face reminding me of the precious understanding that I can experience all this beauty and pain and still be FREE to love.

We are not immune to suffering, but we are FREE to be human, to feel it all and still stand for love and for one another.

This New Moon in Aquarius is about being that type of a Revolutionaryfor Love.

I know from the daily messages I receive many of you can understand.

Where is the beauty in your life right now? Where is it hurting, sweet friend? What needs to be freed?

This New Moon we are standing together, Friends locking hearts with Friends, so we can see the higher vision for humanity that Aquarius as the Humanitarian and the Spiritual Friend already sees.

Ruled by the planet Uranus, Aquarius energy goes into the places that need a shake-up and doesn’t consider much how you feel about it. Its intent is to get the job done. 

No spiritual teaching, no culture, no political system, no family member, no colleague, no religious authority, no lover knows our heart the way we do and how we came here to love.

But in a world of distraction and overwhelm, how well do we know and trust our Heart?

While Aquarius energy in its early development prefers to make decisions based on the intellect and logic (almost all of us have been groomed that way), the Heart is our gateway to our true understanding and our wisdom ways.

Your heart knows. Come back into your body with your hands on your chest, asking, “What do you know about love?

The heart is our inner radar that detects when someone else’s desires are steering us in a direction far from our heart wisdom and our remembrance of what it truly means to be free to love.

This Aquarius New Moon will provide that burst of energy to break free from something that is holding you back.

Let it.