Love Letter #12 – On the Other Side of Love

Love Letter #12 – On the Other Side of Love

“I want to see you, know your voice
Recognize you when you
first come ’round the corner.” ~Rumi

Dear Friends and Lovers,

This last year has been a year like no other in terms of living my life based on Love’s terms. I feel as if I don’t have the time or luxury to mess around anymore. As I say to my man, my clients and my friends and family–we know too much, we have been given too much to waste this precious life on anything else but helping each other know ourselves as the authors of our own love stories, the artists of our most beautiful dreams.

I know this now.

About 18 months ago in a meditation, I was told by angels that I was going to create a website called Love Matters and from that a blog would come (these Love Letters) and from that my own version of an astrology chart about past lives and present intention for relationship and career (the Love Maps). It has all come to fruition with a lot of hard work and a tremendous amount of support from my friends, my partner and my family–and so many more loves in my life who show up every day in many different guises.

To be able to live every day authentically and creatively, owning my Gemini Rising and five planets in Libra like no other time in my life, has been so freeing and deeply fulfilling. And yet I am here now accepting a daily blog challenge from the wonderful “Live Your Legend” community started by the legendary Scott Dinsmore because I feel that something is emerging inside of me that is bigger than what my consciousness can fully express at this moment.

So I wrote my first blog last week—for myself–not concerned about anything else but writing straight from the heart and straight on to the page to see what would emerge. However, I knew after reading it, I would publish it here as Love Letter #12.

It has been such a joy to write the eleven Love Letters we have posted so far and the numerous L’il Love Notes (I privately call them) on Facebook and Instagram. But last week I saw someone quite successful in his field post a video selling a course on his personal page that was beautiful and touching in the way he presented his information, yet so different from how he comes across in his high profile work life. This discrepancy I thought I saw in him caused some bells to gently start ringing inside me, resulting in that familiar tidal wave of discomfort, telling my body, mind and soul that change is a-comin’.

I entitled this new blog I am writing for the blog challenge “On the Other Side of Love” because I feel I am in a different place in my life in working with these inner promptings–in fact, I am in a powerful, loving place. Before I might have ignored this feeling that change is coming, too scared to see what would have been required of me to give up or to transform. However, I know, being on the other side of Love, that the universe is friendly and more importantly, I am much friendlier to myself.

I have faith—in myself, in the process, in the support I have, in Love. I am wondering if you do, too.

In this place, I feel I can create whatever it is I want because I have acquired many tools and many life experiences that have built a deep well of faith and knowing that I can. My days are filled with Love and loving creations because I know that at our core we are Love. It’s not that I don’t get hurt or disappointed or that I myself don’t hurt or disappoint others–I do, but I move through those creations a lot faster and with a lot more forgiveness and loving accountability. Love may not always be my initial go-to response or action, but it is much more often these days and in the end it sure as heck is a much kinder and productive way to go.

When I started writing this blog post for the “Live Your Legend” challenge, which now has turned into this Love Letter, I actually knew by the time I finished writing, that the inner discomfort I had felt was a response to be more open about what I am writing.

As Love Matters grows and the book I am writing and the workshops I am planning take form, it’s important for me to ensure that my public persona and my personal one are not so wide apart as I saw in that man’s video the other day. I don’t need to share every little detail about my inner processing or each strong emotion that passes on through, but I sure do want to write about the stories I have about angels and other great beings on the other side or the miracles my clients and I have experienced in our sessions (with their permission, of course!!!). I want to share the surprises and the moments in which Love wins and Kindness rules and Miracles abound–more often and more candidly. It’s a beautiful world out there–on this plane and many others and I have many, many multi-dimensional stories I so long to share.

I know you have them, too, so why don’t we begin by taking a deep breath and allowing ourselves to be seen for who we really are and not the carefully curated version we want others to see. I promise I am here and I am now joining you brave souls who have the courage to show up and be seen as the most authentically, perfect imperfect version of you.  It’s our time—for Love, in Love. Always.

Love Letter #12
October 24, 2016

Love Letter #11 – How Will We Love the World?

Love Letter #11 – How Will We Love the World?


Dear Friends,

As the scale of consciousness rises—and it is rising, we will go through some growing pains in recognizing that the old way of thinking, the outdated way of acting, the way we do politics or business are no longer acceptable, leaving us with the door wide open to welcome in beliefs, systems and trends based on new norms of acceptance, love, peace and joy. As long as we are all mindful about how we are feeling, thinking and acting, we will be supported in evolving our consciousness on the path to achieving our greatest human potential.

Two weeks ago, upon hearing that two friends’ parents had died, I received Inspiration to write a little Love Note for my Love Matters Facebook Page that has touched a chord with thousands of people. I am grateful and honored to be able to connect with so many about this message at such a significant time in all of our lives.

Below is the Facebook post as it was originally posted on September 27th.

HOW WILL WE LOVE THE WORLD TODAY? (My offer to you is below)

This morning, I woke up to see back-to-back messages from friends who were grieving. One has just lost her sweet little mom after a massive stroke last week, the other her precious dad. I take a moment to say a prayer and feel what these two friends must be going through and wave after wave of love pours over and through me and then I see these waves of love washing over the world. My head bows to my heart in gratitude.

I then reach for some words of love and support from the great mystic poet Hafiz and the page falls open to this gift:

“One regret that I am determined not to have
     when I am lying upon my death bed
          is that we did not kiss enough.”

How will I love the world today? For I do not want to leave this plane knowing that we could have talked more, hugged more, helped more, connected more.

We are a tender people. Each day we are reminded of this, no more so when we lose someone we love. And there will be some of us today that will feel the sting of being human in countless other ways that remind us where we are being called to surrender and rest in Love for Love knows the way Home.

I received Inspiration last week to set aside 30 minutes each week to offer energy work that I call “prayer” to the personal requests made by the lovely souls I am working and playing with in my practice. And today, I would love to offer to all of those who are hurting or have a request to personal message me and let’s send loving thoughts to each other, lifting each other up with whatever we are moving through right now. I am here for you and I know you are here for me.

When we support each other, beautiful things happen.

With all my love,

Love Letter #11
September 27, 2016

Love Letter #10 – That One Step: Are You Willing to Take It?

Love Letter #10 – That One Step: Are You Willing to Take It?



Dear Friends,

I come with an encouraging word or two (and a practice) that sprang forth from contemplating how many of us have radically changed our lives or thought of changing them by taking that one seemingly small step that has the potential to change our lifes in signficicant and permanent ways.

How many of you feel you’re close to making that ONE MOVE you’re sure will change your life as you know it right now?

MY ONE SMALL STEP happened in 2015 when I nervously clicked the send button of an email I’d written, resigning from a position in an organization that no longer had honoured who I had become.

The anxiety and the conflict leading up to the decision were painful. However, within moments of sending that email, my nervousness turned to elation as I realized I was free.

I had just given myself FULL PERMISSION to create a life based on what my heart wanted and what my soul knew was possible.

My life has truly never been the same and I have never looked back.

“Nobody is going to come and pick me. I’m going to have to pick myself.” ~Seth Godin

Godin’s words never felt truer at that time in my life.

When I first started consistently living from a place where I was 100% RESPONSIBLE for what I was aligning to, my life began taking the quantum leaps that I’d read about in books about manifesting.

I started to choose step-by-quantum-step on a daily, sometimes hourly basis, what would bring me JOY. I gave myself full permission to be doing work that is fulfilling, impacts others and positively affects the planet. I realized that any doubt, excuse or restriction I had was a condition I was placing on myself.

From this place, my Love Maps were born, blending all that I love to do and talk about through an astrological, archetypal lens focused in on past lives, psychology, life purpose, relationships, career, abundance, and creativity — a big departure from teaching English to ESL students.

I started a blog called “Love Letters” that for me is a platform to share about how my life and others’ lives are being impacted by THE GREATER FORCES of Love, Wonder, Creativity, Serendipity, Freedom and Joy.

No longer was I editing other people’s work, filled with the longing to write my own stories and articles.

The costs of not showing up to my life in an authentic way had been TOO BIG for too long. I was done lying to myself (and others) by pretending I was someone that at the core I wasn’t.

I’ve opened myself up to new collaborations and friendships, both of which include people who have shown me unprecedented levels of kindness, expansion, acceptance and laughter.

I created two online coaching programs — one on prosperity consciousness and the other on intution — so that I could offer to others all that I’d learned about accessing the inner planes and inner guidance–exercises, stories and techniques that I was passionate about sharing, so more people could craft an authentic, blissful life on their terms.

I am writing a book and a workbook to help others navigate their own Life Plan in a way much more elegant, refined and direct than the way I had been moving through.

And in those days I struggle with not seeing my life unfold exactly as I want it or I nostaligcally pine for the “good ol’ days,” I repeat, “Nobody is going to come and pick me. I’M GOING TO HAVE TO PICK MYSELF.”

This doesn’t mean I am living my life without any support — quite the opposite in fact, but I know it is me who has to commit each day to living a life in alignment to the truth of who I am. No one else could possibly know what this entails for me — or you.

How about you? What’s your next step?

Maybe for today it’s being willing to choose to live a life aligned to how you want to feel and how you want to show up in this world.

Are you willing to question regularly the “should have’s” and the “should do’s”? I ask this quesiton because this line of inquiry could be your one step towards self-love and saying “yes” to an authentic, purpose-filled life.

Science says that over 90% of what we’ve created in this world was first born in worlds invisible to the naked eye. Consider the impact then of the power of visualizing or visioneering for five minutes a day in which you create the world you would like to give birth to.

For 300 seconds, imagine yourself in the body, in the relationship, in the job or in your community where you are giving yourself both the permission and the gift of feeling the ALIVENESS, the JOY and the GRATITUDE of radiantly and unapologetically honoring yourself and you unique gifts and talents.

What do you look like? What are you wearing? Who’s there with you? What are you doing? Create the scene with as much depth and detail as you can.

Imagine after a few minutes of moving around as the new you that there is a rope or an energetic cord linking your self now to that future self — heart-to-heart. What are you feeling when you do this? Excitement? Joy? Confidence? Power? Love? Take at least a minute to tap into that higher vibration of joy or love. This is where the magic happens on a quantum manifesting level.

Know that this future self exists and when we learn to align our vibration in the present to the vibration we’re feeling on that future timeline, worlds shift.

As you come out of this visioneering session, it is important to ground your vision in the right here, right now by deciding upon and taking a step to move you towards your goal, ideally within the next 24 hours.

This practice and the consistent action you take comprise a couple of seemingly minor steps that have the potential to make a major difference in taking the the dreams of your imagination and creating them in your reality.

CALL TO ACTION: So what’s the next best step for you in transforming a part of your life that you are longing to change? I invite you to do the visualization practice suggested here and take some meaningful action for seven days this week.

As I drink my coffee and finish this love-stream of thoughts, my dream and my intention are to support as many people as I can to experience the confidence and the joy of creating a life born out of love and passion not fear and doubt, to create a life infused by support and encouragement not criticism and shame, a life by design and not default.

We are the energy of Love in action and from Love only more Love is born.
Step by step, it seems we are not learning this as much as we are remembering.

May your next steps be far-reaching in the best of ways for the highest good of you, your loved ones and this planet.

YOUR INVITE: Feel free to send me an email on my site’s CONTACT page and let me know if you had any realizations during the meditiaton after trying it out for seven days, or took some action on your vision. Did you see any movement — or none at all? Let’s get curious!!

For more free tips and tools to assist in your outlining those next steps, head on over to Jenn Kosh — Love Matters where you can also sign up for a free e-book on manifesting (lunar love-style), all meant to support you in loving and leading your life from a heart-centered, purpose-driven place.

With all my love,


Love Letter #10
September 23, 2016 (Revised July 8, 2017)


Love Letter #9 – The Gift of a Broken Heart

Love Letter #9 – The Gift of a Broken Heart


“Why are we here? 
You are here to take the curriculum.”
~Ram Dass

Dear Friends on the Path (and we are all on the path),

It takes courage to love—to keep your heart soft and vulnerable after it’s been broken wide open by loving someone only to be let down, betrayed, belittled and abandoned.

But that’s what one of my kids has done—“kids” being the affectionate name I give the group of children now-turned adults whom I tutored, counselled, mentored and grew up with over the last 20+ years. While for most of them, I was initially hired to tutor them in English, the ones that stuck around year after year were the ones whose sessions became more about wading through the emotional challenges of adolescence rather than the academic ones. My time with them was one of the biggest blessings in my life—and continues to be.

Through a lot of tissues and tears, I write this love letter in awe and gratitude for the people these kids have become, having just hung up the phone with one girl who has experienced a heartbreaking loss. The boy she loved died yesterday of cancer—he was only 30.  I didn’t know the boy but I know the girl. And how she allowed herself to experience love during the short time she knew him was something that has broken my heart wide open.

You see he didn’t love her back—as a friend, yes, but not in the romantic way she felt for him. And the pain of not having the love returned had broken her heart. However, instead of collapsing into despair, medicating herself or moving on to another person or distraction, she took two months this summer on her own to experience as much joy and connection as possible in other ways—through a hike, her work with children, camping under the stars. 

She returned home, read the signs that the universe delivers to us when our ears and eyes are open and knew it was time to contact him.  And while she still loved the boy and the love remained unrequited, she spent this past week telling him about her love and gratitude for all the gifts he gave to her just by him being in her life. 

A few days later, his illness turned for the worse and yesterday he passed, in her words free to be among the stars, the sun and the sky. 

When I saw her last week and talked with her this morning, I was struck by this beautiful, light-filled girl who I’ve known for 16 years who has become the teacher now, brilliantly demonstrating in her exquisite beauty and vulnerability what true love is. She let herself be transformed through the pain and as a result she is able to love even more. I can’t help but think how much the people in her life will be affected by the loving space she has amplified within.  I know how I’ve been affected. 

Relationships teach us to grow in love and consciousness—if we let them. The curriculum does not have to be punishing and painful, but it can be when we blame others for how we feel. Sometimes the hurt seems unbearable, but it doesn’t have to linger. When we move to our heart centre, surrendering the pain and trusting that a higher and more loving force is moving within us, the heart that has been broken bursts through to a new understanding of what it means to love unconditionally. 

The kid who was once my student has most certainly become the teacher and I’m so grateful that her soul requested this assignment and her heart answered the call. 

With all of my love,

Love Letter #9
Tuesday, September 13, 2016

*Picture taken by Chris Willis on the trail of the Camino de Santiago over the skies of La Cruz de Ferro, Spain. 

Love Letter #8 – The True Confessions of a Secret Keeper

Love Letter #8 – The True Confessions of a Secret Keeper

True confessions
When I was 15, my stepfather noticed a rather large lump on my throat during one of our Sunday family breakfasts. Over the next few months, I would be diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an immune system disorder that causes an overactive thyroid. My specialist told me my thyroid was self-destructing and to take matters into our own hands, we would destroy this tiny yet powerful butterfly-shaped gland by drinking a healthy dose of radioactive iodine. Since that time, I have taken a little pill every day to produce the hormones that my thyroid cannot.

The physical symptoms alleviated, it wasn’t until twenty years later that the little pill stopped doing its job and began to malfunction. With no explanation or solution from the specialist, I had to look for other reasons that my thyroid was trying to raise the white flag once again.

Fortunately my path already set afire in the exploration of a miraculous, multi-dimensional universe led me to studying the human energy system. I started with the chakras, those beautiful spinning vortexes of so much loving information important to our well-being. Early on, I read what authors such as Louise Hay (You Can Heal Your Life), Carolyn Myss (Anatomy of the Spirit) and Dr. Christiane Northrup (Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom) had learned about the emotional and psychological patterns that affect these energy centers and potentially our health if the energy is restricted or imbalanced. When I read about the areas affected by a short-circuiting fifth chakra, I felt a light switch on, illuminating an aspect of my life purpose.

The seven primary chakras connect to specific hormones, nerves and emotions and when we experience chronic stress over unresolved issues around past relationships and experiences, physical conditions can manifest in the areas related to the physical and energetic areas a particular chakra governs. When I read Myss’s description that the fifth chakra, situated in the throat area, relates to issues around communication (expressing and listening) and may result in thyroid dysfunction, I knew that my thyroid was telling me—just as it did when I was 15—the need to express my truth.

You see, by the time I was 15, I had become the keeper of many secrets in my family and instead of sharing them with anyone, I had consciously decided in Grade Six, I would be the smart girl, the good girl, the nice girl who would love and be loved on a big scale. I wouldn’t be the one who rocked any boat no matter how high the waves were because that’s not what the perfect girl does. However, at 15, my thyroid refused to go along for the ride any longer. Now 20 years later, it was no small coincidence that my thyroid once again had started sending flares off the bow, at a time I was reluctant to leave a long-term relationship and a long-loved career to move towards a radically different type of partnership and career path where I would be honoring how I longed to express myself.

But I had to deal with the issue of truth-telling. Being someone people confided in from a very young age, I just assumed the role of a secret keeper. I would eventually embrace what a gift it was to give someone the space to reveal a confidence and not worry about being judged, but I rarely gave myself that same permission, however, and the damaging effects of not sharing as often and as deeply as my soul wanted silently simmered in my body. Failing to express myself or even clearing the psychological and emotional debris of experience after experience left an energetic imprint that at 15 years of age magnified to such a degree my thyroid could not function anymore. At 35, it was happening again with what little thyroid that was left.

And while I did address that relationship by eventually leaving it, I did find a more authentic way to serve in my career, and I did regulate my thyroid, moving through the obstacles to tell the truth has been an ongoing challenge for me.

Last year, I was given the opportunity to deep dive into just where I was in regards to courageous self-expression when I was forced to respond to some claims that, in essence, were around my commitment to truth. Gratefully, at the time these claims were alleged, I was attending a weekend retreat that gave me the space to see that in some key areas in my own lover evolution, I was still keeping secrets, still not expressing my needs, still refusing to voice and stand for my truth. And I saw how each decision to speak or not speak came down to fear—a fear of being judged, of losing relationships, of not measuring up, of being hurt and ultimately of not being loved. I found freedom being able to admit that part of me was afraid and from that place compassion swept in and a new paradigm of truth-speaking and truth-loving broke through:

As long as I tell the truth (my truth), I am going to be okay. 

I recognize that I will be constantly given experiences that push me to express myself in this commitment. For this reason, I still work with the resistance in me that would prevent me from telling my story, especially if saying or writing something will hurt someone. I have also had to work through fears of speaking my truth to my partner, my friends and my family as I know that I will come face-to-face with the truth that they may not be able to give me what I need. There’s a part of me that wants to say, “Why bother making myself vulnerable when I can just love and take care of myself anyway?”

Perhaps you can relate. It is times like these when I am grateful for the tools and the processes I have learned to transform my personality into a higher frequency, grounding it in a much stronger current—the force and the power of truth and love.

I know my story is not unique. We have all had challenging and even traumatic life experiences, yet I believe we have had them for a very important reason. My belief is that when the time comes to speak our truth to those who need to hear it, we will know our worth and our value separate from those experiences, allowing us to communicate the learning with brave authenticity and loving power. We will have learned to feel truth so deeply in our bodies that when we are confronted with a lie or even someone else’s truth that doesn’t resonate with our own, we can make that call and take the right action ignited by our own loving consciousness.

What used to feel like a suffocating burden growing up as a keeper of secrets has become a blessing in the way I relationship as a teacher, a friend, a mentor, a sister, an intuitive practitioner, a daughter and a lover. I know what it is to feel the scorch of the secret and the lie, so you might imagine the gratitude I have nowadays as my preference and my reality is to be lit up by the ecstasy of talking with you about what sets your hearts afire and how you are lighting up the world with your truth in how you live and love in this lifetime.

Truthfully yours,

Love Letter #8
June 1, 2016

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Love Letter #7 – Mother Love

Love Letter #7 – Mother Love

Heart love

A beautiful painting from the “Luminous Hearts” Series by Cindy Parsley
Used here with permission from this generous soul.

My stepfather’s heart attack almost a year ago brought many blessings to our family, one of which was the opportunity to heal a major heartbreak of my own. For it was his hurting heart that called me back home to heal the relationship with the love of his life—my mom.

For most of my life, I had a rather large boulder lodged between my heart and my mother’s. I remember one rainy afternoon when I was eight years old, I sat next to her with my head resting on her chest, tracing the slightly raised veins on her hands and trying to will into creation a lovestream between us. The anger I felt inside, however, was too big of an obstacle for my grade three self to move on my own.

Why was I so angry at such a young age? Many reasons that anyone would deem justified. I always knew my mother loved me and my sisters, but our home life often did not feel safe. Our father was mentally ill with an explosive temper that resulted in violent episodes, escalating until he attempted suicide when I was 13. In not being able to understand my father’s illness, I directed my anger, masquerading as intense fear, at my mother. I didn’t understand that she was making profound changes on the inside, doing the best she could living with my dad, a man she had known and loved since they were kids. Instead, when she did leave him to save literally her and my sisters’ lives and to create a much more stable, loving home for us, I was enraged she dare go and break up our family.

Over time other boulders would pile on top of the original hurt until the wall became concrete and seemingly impenetrable. I felt as if I had no control over the direction of my relationship with my mom. I didn’t realize, however, that I was in total control. I was too young to know that the brain encodes the energetic fallout of trauma and other emotional upsets in the form of neurotransmitters and neuropeptides in our cellular memory as well as our physical and energetic bodies. Permanently stored until we release and transform them, we live out stories of the past and reignite the accompanying emotions in multiple ways with a cross-section of people.

As an adult, I felt secretly jealous and equally incredulous of the women and men in my life who called their mom their best friend. I had accepted that either my mother or I would die and I would be okay with knowing that nothing could ever be done about our lack of a real relationship. I repeatedly played out one scenario of my sheepish attendance at her funeral. In a capacity-filled church, I imagined myself politely listening to each person relaying story after story about who my mother was while nodding in fake agreement that I knew who and what they were talking about.

Although I never totally ceased communicating with my mom, visits home were short and the conversations never lasted very long, filled with the distractions part and parcel of busy holiday dinners. To fill the void as an adult, I unconsciously looked for maternal love mainly in the female mentors and teachers with whom I would work. Not having examined the reasons for these substitute relationships, sometimes I chose unwisely, re-creating a relationship dynamic I had seen in my childhood. Gratefully, as I became clearer about what was causing these types of relationships, I did seek healthier forms of guidance, severing those toxic connections and drawing to me inner and outer experiences that modelled for me true Mother Love.

A couple of months after meeting my partner Chris in the summer of 2014, he made an observation that caught me off guard. After telling him a well-rehearsed story about my relationship with my mom, he curiously asked me about where I was in forgiving her. He wondered about how I had engaged in so much inner work over the years and yet still could not find it in my heart to forgive her. At first, I was triggered by his question. I had spent many years intensively working through my “stuff,” looking for answers and a peaceful resolution with my past.

At the level of the mind, I understood the need to forgive my mom to bring healing to my life and the chance to speaking authentically to others about forgiveness, but like the doctor who smokes while telling his patients to abstain, I was ignoring the verbal prescriptions I had been dispensing. Unconsciously, I had adopted an attitude of spiritual arrogance that somehow my relationship with my mother could not be healed through Love. Chris’s question created a crack in the wall of the boulders I had piled up. I knew he was right. For the first time, I was willing to stop arguing that Love had limits to what this Force could transform and asked to be shown a way home through the door of forgiveness.

Christmas 2014 arrived. I called my mom to wish her Merry Christmas. Our usually brief conversation effortlessly flowed into an hour of a light-filled, joyful sharing of our lives. We discussed the books she was reading, the two Persian poets who had busted my heart open to love and beauty, her wise insights into some recent life events, my third visit to the Virgin of Guadalupe in Mexico City. We listened with intense interest, asking questions of each other’s stories, delighting in the responses and never trying to persuade each other of our own way of thinking. I felt my heart open to her and the energy of love between us rising higher and higher the longer we talked. I hung up the phone believing for the first time in my life I could let my heart truly love my mother.

A couple of months later, my life began to unravel at warp speed. For some time prior to the cataclysmic rearrangement of my life, I saw images in my meditations of a garden in front of an ocean, making me homesick for the West Coast. When I made the decision to move back to BC, I wasn’t sure where I would land. However, several days after I arrived in Vancouver, my stepfather’s heart attack decisively and unquestionably guided me across the Georgia Strait and back home to Victoria. And, in one moment, after a lifetime of holding onto so much anger and judgment, I crossed a threshold into love and absolute forgiveness as I walked into the hospital room and saw my stepfather resting in the hospital bed while my exhausted mother tenderly rubbed his pale hands.

A couple of days later and after hours of sweet conversations and many long hugs, I stood in the living room of my parents’ seaside home, looking out the sliding glass door. There before me was the flower garden in front of the ocean I had been visualizing in my meditations. I was swept away in the realization that a deeply hidden longing had been calling me Home long before the actual events that would eventually transpire in order to take me there.

Some terrible things had happened during my childhood—this is true. Both parents loved us but for a time made decisions that hurt us and themselves. How long though was I willing to punish myself or my mother by not letting go of details that would never be changed? While the anger and fear had served a purpose in my looking for the story where I align myself to Love, I had grown tired of how the same emotions and memories would show up as recurring characters in the new tale I wanted to create. How could I ever truly talk and teach about Love when I was unprepared to allow myself the full experience that Love guarantees when we immerse ourselves in the Ocean?

One year later, almost to the day my mom and I reunited, she is undoubtedly one of my best friends. She and I can talk for hours, feeling so much joy in our sharing and laughter in our equally goofy sense of humor. Moments arise when we do not understand each other or we figure one of us should instruct the other in how to live her life, but the missteps and the perceived differences are easily navigable, especially when we are both willing to keep our hearts open to each other. I have been gifted the opportunity to see how the heart can cut through the false stories and align us to Love no matter how big or small the transgression. What I know for sure is that through the grace of forgiveness and unconditional love, no boulder, no hurt exists that True Love cannot dissolve.


♥“Love Grows from the Heart”

♥The painting (artist unknown) entitled “Love Grows from the Heart” can be found on many sites including