New Moon in Capricorn: Why the King Needs His Queen

New Moon in Capricorn: Why the King Needs His Queen

Dear Friends,

At every New Moon, we begin a new cycle of our personal and collective Dream, a chance to go inward to see what new seeds of intention we would like to plant and the renewal of our commitment to tending our own garden.

With this New Moon (Jan. 16/17) as well as five other planets in pragmatic Capricorn, this amplified, powerhouse energy holds many keys for us in how we harness the inner and outer resources to lead, innovate, teach and inspire our families, our businesses, and our communities to new heights now and for generations to come–our Legacy of Love. 

Capricorn embodies the archetypes of mastery and authority: the Wise Woman, the Parent (Father), the Elder, the President, the CEO, the Leader, and the Teacher, all focused on helping us realize our greatest human potential.

And while these representations of Capricorn create the need to be seen and to get things done, Capricorn has thrown on the suit of the Strategist to plan what is next for our global family.

And what all reports show, what all trends are pointing towards is that this New Moon is calling forth the Return of the Queen as much as it is the King.

In addition to the Masculine energy that instils the plans, structures and systems to move humanity forward, the King was meant to serve the Queen who holds the beauty of the dream. She knows that passion, intuition, wisdom, grace, compassion and tender love will render any single obstacle or person powerless over the land. A well-loved dream becomes the New Order when the Feminine walks with the Masculine side-by-side. 

There is no weakness in any man or woman who wants to give birth to this new paradigm of leading and loving through joy, through connection and intimacy, through creative freedom, through the exploration of the heart. In fact, it is the Call that has been made.

The old guard of shadow Capricorn Authority and Leadership are being dismantled. Capricorn’s fastest way to the mountaintop of deep fulfilment is to walk the path of Beauty.  In fact, Capricorn’s earthy agenda is to search for beauty deeper than the eye can see, illuminating radiant light in places where none shone before.

Yes, this Beauty Way, which honours truth and authenticity, may seem out of our reach for those who have experienced great suffering in the myriad of ways we hurt ourselves and one another, but on the path of Love, we are always lead to golden fields of light.

However, we must stretch beyond the consciousness of our suffering and our struggle to arrive there.

The Capricorn New Moon wants to show us how.


We release the old relationship between us and any need to achieve our dreams in a way that leaves no room for support, rest, joy, and delight in the pleasures of being human. The Authority and the Taskmaster in us are relentless in their desire to follow the old rules of the Game of Life.  And if they can, they will do it alone.

We disconnect from our need for others’ approval, showing ourselves and our loved ones what it means to be in choice and live the way of our own hearts.

We say goodbye to the teacher, the boss, the lover, the leader and the system that bullies, ostracises, demeans and judges us or anyone else. If we stay engaged in this type of relationship, we then at least know we are responsible for making that choice–and we can choose differently at any time.

We release any control programs based on fear and the false idea we are responsible for other people’s journeys–including family and friends–when they are on the same great path of awakening to their True Self just like you and me.

We understand that there is no competition, no jealousy, no need to outshine one another.

We release any past stories of people, places or situations that we believe are blocking us from levelling up to the next levels of ease, healing and abundance.   


We re-define what it means to be the Director of our own lives, keeping in mind the Legacy of Love we are here to leave. 

We step into the power of ourselves as a Divine Being who knows that Love is stronger than any experience of suffering we have ever had.

We have come here for the grace of the Sacred Medicine for the Sacred Wounds. Ask and it will be given and when others ask us how we healed, we will tell them

We create powerful love connections based on true alignment rather than shadow loyalties, false obligations or outdated agreements.

We take the time to reflect, to dream, to play as much as we plan, we intend, and we strategize. We go for excellence AND allow imagination and joy in the process.

We infuse our lives with wonder through a practice of gratitude and appreciate the depths of our emotional nature even when the tears are quick to flow. The Mystic Rumi reminds us why:

“This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival.
A joy, a depression, a meanness,
some momentary awareness comes
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows,
who violently sweep your house
empty of its furniture,
still, treat each guest honorably.
He may be clearing you out
for some new delight.
The dark thought, the shame, the malice.
meet them at the door laughing and invite them in.
Be grateful for whatever comes.
because each has been sent
as a guide from beyond.”

We allow the movement in our lives to give birth to the beauty that is wanting to emerge.

We balance how we lead and how we love, how much we give and how much we receive in each area of our lives.

We stay the course.

After we pass through this New Moon, we still have Capricorn transiting through Saturn (our Inner Teacher) until 2020 and Pluto (our Transformer) until 2024, both of which will call us to a steady, accelerated pace.

Those of us who commit to planting and sowing the seeds of this new paradigm, along with an inner practice consistent with creating a life enriched with love, joy, wisdom and beauty, will delight in the gardens that we grow.

It’s a powerful time of change we are living in and throughout this year, more focus will be given on how we are being called to invite Beauty in all her wondrous emanations to stand alongside us in this major point in our evolution.

In the meantime, if it is time and you are willing, call (out loud) upon the higher versions of the Queen and the King to be activated in your life, knowing you are committing to the inner Sacred Union where beauty and intimacy marry freedom and mastery.

May we all remember how truly powerful we are. 

P.S. One of my multidimensional (very Capricornian) mentors is the Hindu Goddess Durga, known for her fierce love and power as well as her focus and discipline. If you have a beautiful intention for your life, she will quicken the unfolding of it (or lead you directly to the inner and outer blocks that can be overcome), especially if it serves the greater good and your sacred ambition.

If you feel called to deepen your inner practice and work with Durga energy and the power of her mantra, please contact me HERE (or press REPLY on the email I sent for this Lunar Love Note [which you received if you are on the Love Matters email list]) and I’d be happy to provide you with an explanation of how I work with her and how you can too.

Full Moon in Cancer: How Love Finds Her Way in 2018

Full Moon in Cancer: How Love Finds Her Way in 2018

When I look at our collective Love Map for 2018, the astrological compass is clear: we are being asked to move in the direction of taking greater risks and exploring bigger horizons in our journeys as souls.

But before we set sail on this 365-day adventure, I have a question to ask you:

How vulnerable are you willing to be for true love, for beauty, for service,
for impactful, empowered leadership?

2017 was a year indelibly marked with the Sagittarius stamp of the Truth-seeker and Truth-teller who showed us in our personal and shared experience where we could no longer tolerate a lie, opening our eyes to a more honest path that our souls have been longing to walk. 

Many of us now possess a clearer understanding of ourselves—what we love, who we want to become and why we would be willing to crack ourselves open in the ways we are being called. 

2018 is the year to choose to align to these bolder, more beautiful visions that will receive massive support from many higher sources including the celestial support of Capricorn, lighting up each conscious step along the way.

With the Sun (our Fuel), Venus (our Love Language), Saturn (our Inner Teacher and Guardian Angel) and Pluto (our Transformer and Uplifter) all in Capricorn now, these dreams will become earth-bound realities once we build the solid foundations and the support systems to let our visions unfold.

We will not be building our field of dreams alone.

Capricorn, embodying the archetypes of the CEO, the Strategist, the President, the Father, the Elder and the Circle of Grandmothers, will provide us with many opportunities to transform how we serve, lending us an energetic hand to evolve outworn and harmful systems, groups, structures and foundations that have affected us personally but even more importantly collectively.

It’s a year of liberation on every level.

But you may be wondering what does this have to do with the Full Moon in Cancer sailing in on January 1st at 9:24 EST?


As always the shifts in the outer begin on the inner and with the Sacred Feminine energy of the Moon and the Cancerian archetype of Mother Love and the Nurturer, we are asked to go within like we have never done before.

This deep bow to the Feminine will allow us all to drop in and dream, to lead and to love from a place of compassionate, wise stewardship and most definitely from the heart.

This feminine energy is not weak by any means. Truth, clarity and fierceness live in Sacred Love.

Part of this transformation and growth calls us to have more resolve than ever to learn how to meet our own needs, understand what nourishes our soul, and be willing to self-love, self-soothe and self-approve with greater depth and consistency.

While those of you reading here are already great lovers, we are still a hungry tribe.

In our own world and in our own ways, you and I may resonate with and strive to embody the Cancerian archetypes of the Kind Teacher, the Awakened Human, the Compassionate Giver, and the Empowered Empath, but many of us did not receive the nurturing and nourishment we needed in key areas in our early childhood (as well as other incarnations) to fully show up in healthy, empowered expressions of these archetypes.

Emotionally and spiritually, we have some deep places in us in which the archetype of the Anorexic has shown up, creating a hunger inside for which our soul intuitively understands how to nourish.

Are you familiar with this hunger? Take a minute, if you will, to feel into this archetype to see if the Anorexic has been active in your life.

Do you hunger for Requited Love, the unconditional support of a Friend, or irrefutable proof that Divine Energy is working on your behalf?

Are you hungry for rest, for rejuvenation, for renewal?

Do you eat, drink or smoke as a way to fill an emptiness inside? 

Are you intently searching for a sacred quality such as Beauty, Grace or Peace to infuse every cell in your being? 

Are you hungry for change in the way you relationship to money, desiring prosperity over poverty consciousness?

Maybe your life by all accounts seems great. However, you have been eagerly searching for that next level of opportunity and service that will call you to new learning, new experiences and new challenges?

The Anorexic likes to keep her thoughts, his feelings private. The over-extended Giver in you might say everything is just fine the way it is, but the Impassioned Leader in you knows differently.

What are the costs of not feeding the soul? Open up and speak your truth—out loud and to someone you trust.


We have come to learn how to be master manifestors who dream beautiful dreams and are capable of actualizing them on the earthly plane. This Full Moon is our invitation to lay down the old ways, release any small loves and smaller visions we have. In their place, ask for innovation and inspiration in how you can love, serve and share your gifts in ways that allow you and others to experience beauty and joy.

But sometimes we become lost and choose less nourishing ways to take care of ourselves. 

The food, the drink, the entertainment—they all have their place, but at times, we get hooked in and we bypass education for entertainment, mindfulness for a manic schedule, clarity for chaos, and soul talks for sensationalized gossip. It takes time for the heart to grow strong. 

What do you desire to feel and experience instead?

Before you write out or revise your 2018 dreams for your personal and professional lives, take some time to do the inner-visioning in which you contemplate where the Anorexic is active and then take her hand, his arm up the steps to the elevated station of the empowered, loving Nurturer.

The ability to pull the plug on our Martyr or Victim story that a deep wound might have created and then meet our own needs is like throwing a boulder into a stagnant pond. The ripple effects of self-reliance and self-care transform the belief that we need to look outside of ourselves to feel fulfilled or secure.


Mind. Spirit. Body. In each of these areas, where can you bring more balance and nourishment in your life? When was the last time you felt nourished, emotionally satisfied and fulfilled?

Be honest with yourself. Tune in to your needs. Call in the courage to look at your life in every area in the name of truth and love. We often engage with the little problems, but when we avoid the bigger issues, our relationships and our well-being suffer in the long-term.

To truly love your wounded parts, be braver and more vulnerable than ever in attending the parts of you that need to be fed in a way that only soul food can truly nourish.

When you know, share with your family and friends what it is you need from a place of true love rather than self-absorption or co-dependence. The more you tune into the energy of your emotions, the more you will understand if the Victim, the Co-Dependent, or the Addict is making the request.

Burn, baby, burn. What are you ready to release?

In my book A Year of Lunar Love, I outlined a fire-burning ritual in which writing and burning a list of thoughts, behaviours and experiences you are ready to release acts as a catalyst for inner change that calls forth new blessings, inspiration and serendipities aligned to the new dreams and your ascending self.

Know thy future self. We have all heard the saying, “Know thyself” and the importance of knowing what is true for us by exploring the many layers of who we are.

However, we can simultaneously create a compelling vision of our Future Self and then take consistent steps to lean into that future self right now. This simple love-practice nourishes you in the present by generating excitement and gratitude for who you are becoming as you move into your next levels of your greatest human potential.

Create a daily inner practice. Cancer as the Empath knows the way back to radical self-love is an intuitive, deeply feeling process. That soul food we are seeking is found on the inside, where the guidance system is most accurate when we learn to deeply listen.

Commit to a daily inner practice that allows you to connect with your soul through meditation, an energy process, drawing an oracle card, dancing for joy, for love or for freedom, reading inspiring literature, journaling, chanting, repeating a mantra—there is no one way.

Start with even five minutes twice a day—once in the morning and again in the evening. If you can’t commit to ten minutes a day to give your soul dreams the nourishment you need, you then might ask to see how and if the Anorexic or the Saboteur is playing itself out.


if you received this article in your Inbox or answer in the COMMENT SECTION below and tell me what commitment you are willing to make in terms of a consistent inner practice and what that looks like for you.

I’ll enter you into a draw for a free session with me. This is a year for massive opportunities for all of us, especially when we lead by taking care of ourselves first.

Also tell me about your personal and professional goals for the year and where some of them might be addressing the physical, spiritual, emotional hunger on this planet in whatever field or area you have chosen and are drawn to—the areas where your passions and your purpose lie.

With your response, I’ll enter you in a draw for one of three 45-minute intuitive coaching sessions to help you jumpstart your year and offer you support and tools for realizing your soul goals.

I will announce your first name on January 6th in the comment section below the LOVE MATTERS website and send you a link to book your session. If you feel someone could benefit from this type of support, forward this page (or your original email) to them and invite them to participate as well.

Rumi has been in my Inner Kitchen these holidays—his poetry is my soul food. I was reminded in this excerpt from the poem “The Sunrise Ruby” (translated by Coleman Barks) the rewards of a consistent inner practice.


The ruby and the sunrise are one.
Be courageous and discipline yourself.

Completely become hearing and ear
and wear this sun-ruby as an earring.

Work. Keep digging your well.
Don’t think about getting off from work.
Water is there somewhere.

Submit to a daily practice.
Your loyalty to that
is a ring on that door.

Keep knocking, and the joy inside
will eventually open a window
and look out to see who’s there

Your friend and eternal trail-mate,
Jenn xoxo


New Moon in Sagittarius: The Lies We Hide, The Truths We Know

New Moon in Sagittarius: The Lies We Hide, The Truths We Know

Sagittarius represents the archetypes of the Pilgrim, the Explorer and the Quester, so let’s do some travelling together, one trail mate to another on your individual path and our collective pursuit of knowing Truth.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told yourself?

I remember many years ago being in a relationship with someone I knew I shouldn’t be. He had just returned from a failed work expedition out of the country and I’d invited him to come live with me while he was figuring his life out.

An hour after picking him up from the airport, I uncharacteristically asked him if he loved me. He said “yes,” and on some level, I’m sure he did.

However, upon hearing his “yes,” I felt every cell in my being contract, the more awake parts of me knowing that it wasn’t the type of love my soul was seeking, but I silenced the lie by placing a weighted blanket on those trillions of clamouring, wise, truth-telling cells.

We finished our lunch and left the restaurant to begin creating a home and a life together on a highly unstable, porous foundation.

A year later, I left that relationship because I couldn’t bear the lie I had listened to and the lies I had created to cover it up.

On Dec. 17/18, the New Moon in Sagittarius (as well as four other planets currently in Sag, including Mercury that’s Retrograde until the 22nd) activates the Truth-Seeker and the Truth-Teller archetypes who show us where our lives would benefit from an awakening to the light and the freedom of truth where we have chosen (intentionally or not) to stay in the dark and the trap of a lie.

In fact, each New Moon is a grand opportunity to receive a transmission of energy designed to serve truth in our individual and collective consciousness.

Why being able to recognize truth and telling the truth might be important to your life mission:

…to call out the fake news you are telling yourself, telling others and listening to (not just in the media).

…to acknowledge your hunger for support in the areas you have felt powerless to change.

…to recognize it is time to find your right place and serve in new jobs and new communities with a tribe that loves you and honours your gifts.

…to free yourself from living any other way but according to what allows you to serve love, what makes you feel free, and what draws you closer to joy and your knowledge of your inherent worth.

…to break the silence that is doing harm when it could be serving the greater good.

…to become more aligned with your beliefs and values in your everyday life.

…to realize that you are not prepared or willing to receive what it is you desire.

…to end a relationship or change the rules of engagement.

…to admit why you’re afraid to start a new one or be on your own for a while (shout out to some universal truth here: #weareneveralone).

…to open the door to the Sag archetype of the Optimist who wants to show you the abundance of things you have to be grateful for compared to the short list of what you’ve been complaining about.

…to acknowledge that your people-pleasing ways may be causing more negativity than joy.

…to accept that your life is meant to unfold with much greater ease, happiness and grace than it might currently be.

…to discern what choices you’ve made based on fear and the ones you’ve made from love.

…to be honest about what you are denying that is preventing you from healing or moving forward on multiple levels.

…to see that your whole life has been happening for you, not to you.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”
~Lao Tzu

When we stay in a lie, the low vibration of that false claim creates thoughts, feelings, relationships and experiences that reflect the guilt, the shame, the sadness and the fear until the discomfort causes such pain that the only balm that will promote healing is the truth.

So why hide out in a lie if all this truth-telling has the potential to be so great for us?

For some of us, we are unaware we’re even living a lie because we’ve become so hooked into our own personal stories of truth, embodying the archetypal Evangelist as we passionately tell our stories of come hell or high water.

But this is what activations like the New Moon have to offer us—an injection of new energy that can create fresh pages of our life stories, leaving behind twisted plot lines that may have been entertaining for our egos but death to our souls.

The scariest part for some of us peering around the corners of truth is that speaking our truth does open us up to new roads with sometimes unfamiliar faces and places without any guarantees of worldly success.

But Sufi teacher and mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan says, “Truth alone is success, and real success is truth.

In fact, change is part of a sacred process intended to wake you up to the truth of who you are—an aspect of creator energy/Source Energy.

And once you know who you are, when your ego or someone else’s ego tells you something you are not, you can instantly feel the lie, the assumption, the prejudice, the projection, or the bias.

You can then dress yourself up in your fanciest co-creator duds for a night on the town (and the rest of your life) celebrating that you know the truth of who you are.

This New Moon, find ten minutes to breathe in the courage that it will take to seek out the lies hiding in the shadows right now. On the exhale, surrender to learning some new truths about yourself that will dismantle any lies unconsciously running your life.

Pay attention to what seeds you plant in your intention-setting and be prepared to take consistent, wise action–you have to water those seeds!  Call on your Inner Guru to show you the way and the Optimist to give you the faith and trust that all will be shown according to the divine timing and order already written into the script of the Big Picture that is your Life Plan.

Letting the truth set you free is not a trite maxim, for when the heart awakens and the spirit has more space to love, in the end, truth is always the best kind of medicine for what ails a heart that’s heard one too many lies.

Love a Fellow Truth-Swinging Trail Mate,

P.S. We are in the season of many other SAGITTARIUS ARCHETYPES, some of which need to be riding up front while others in their shadow forms may need to take a permanent back seat:

The Gypsy, The Wanderer, The Scholar, The Teacher, The Philosopher, The Optimist, Sophia, The Fool (for Love), The Spiritualist, The Faithful, The Fanatic, The Evangelist


January 16, 9:17 pm (Capricorn)
February 15, 4:06 pm (Partial Aquarius Solar Eclipse)

January 1, 9:24 pm (Cancer)
January 31, 8:27 am (Total Leo Lunar Eclipse)

December 3 – 22 (Sagittarius)

December 21, 11:28 am

*Times are in Eastern Standard Time

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Friends with Benefits? This Gemini Full Moon Tells All

Friends with Benefits? This Gemini Full Moon Tells All

“But don’t be satisfied with stories, how things
have gone with others. Unfold
your own myth, without complicated explanation,
so everyone will understand the passage,
We have opened you.”

With the Gemini archetype of the Storyteller front and centre this December 3rd Full Moon, I started thinking: 

How do we let go of our old stories, especially when we believe the earlier chapters have permanently defined us?

We are told that in every moment, we have the opportunity to make choices that change who we are and the path that we are on. 

So then why do so many people stay stuck in debilitating systems, crippling debt, addictive patterns, painful relationships and unfulfilling jobs, experiences so painful that you’d think no one in their right mind would ever create them?

The heart knows. (Now if it just could quiet the mind down for a minute, She might be able to speak.)


Over-relying on data, statistics, “facts” to inform your decisions
Shutting down emotions
A belief in duality
Talking too much
Listening too little
Moving too fast from one thing to another
Superficial learning
Addicted to information through books, courses, business strategies, etc.
Experiencing anxiety, mental congestion
Afraid to commit
Engaging in tactless humour



The Full Moon in Gemini is here to help us realize the grace in every moment and the potential to create anew in the eternal NOW.

And whether or not Gemini is prominent in your birth chart, each one of us has the opportunity to call the on truth-bearing, information-seeking energies of the Archetypes activated by this weekend’s Full Moon to illuminate where we might want to shine that lunar light.

Meet and greet the Gemini archetype of the STUDENT who asks you to fall in love with the subject of YOU– your stories, triggers, beliefs, passions, lost dreams and lost loves.

Let’s be honest here:

We will always struggle with true love by walking the path of judgment. 

We will never gain wisdom by refusing to apply all that information we seek. 

We will not experience our freedom by making someone else the authority.

The choices we have made may have been true for us in the past but may not be true for us anymore.

To the degree and depth of our insights and consciousness, the quality of our choices will raise the vibration of our experiences and our relationships in this physical reality.

How have the choices you’ve made line up to the vision you have for your life now?

Onward we go. Next I’d like to introduce you to the MESSENGER who insists that we are here to communicate using the voice of the heart, but first we must calm the voice of a fearful mind

Fear disguised as not enough, no time, no money, no power, no way and no how can prevent us from doing and saying what we know we should.

But Gemini does not waiver herediscovering and using our voice are essential components in fulfilling our soul contract. 

Where are you being asked to speak up or speak out in love and for love? 

This next character we meet on the way (of the heart) stirs our desire for liberation among the many obligations, duties and attachments we have created out of fear. We call Her the FREEDOM-SEEKER.

Gemini asks us to break free from the previously established rules and regulations that no longer serve us, shaking up our attachment to the old constructs of what we believed to be “our reality.”  With an awakening to greater levels and experiences of power and freedom, we will look to direct our energies more responsibly in alignment with our true values.

Consider your present obligations and whether or not they resonate with who you have become. If you must attend to them, can you shift your mindset so that you bring love and responsibility to the commitments you’ve made? 

Next we have our loyal friend the WITNESS walking right alongside us now, observing what we have created in areas such as our relationships, finances, careers, health and overall well-being.

The more we are present to our illusions, our fears, our disappointments and our hurts and allow the grace of unconditional love to heal our hearts and find the blessin’s in the lessons, we encounter the compassionate Witness who acknowledges those parts of us that are still suffering as well as the pain of others walking with us at this time. 

What areas of your life need the Witness to come along, giving you the eyesight and the insight to where new choices could be made?
And last but not least, I put my arms around the Fool for Love, one of my favourite Gemini sidekicks, always quick to cut through the darkness, clearing chaos and confusion with his ability to light the torches of truth and love.

He relishes his role as the Sacred Fool, eager to have you trust him to play and entertain when you need him to. His belly-laugh medicine is strong, providing courage and strength to ease the mind, so we can access the heart to find new sources of inspiration, faith and hope. 

I think it is important to honour the wonderful human technology that is our mind, but during this Gemini Full Moon, I hear the call louder than ever to live the way of our hearts–a revolutionary act it would seem in this age of information.

Inviting the archetypes to engage with us lifts us vertically–friends with the very best benefits–so we can gain a fresh perspective on the choices we have made and the story we are currently unfolding.

And what a waste it would be to have been gifted free will to create our stories from love and light and then choose not to use it.

Always the Fool for Love (one daring choice at a time),

P.S. OH MY GOODNESS!! Those who entered the Accountability Challenge introduced in last week’s email–thank you!!!! I was so inspired by your intentions and your willingness to take action. I will most certainly create another challenge in the not-so-distant future. The winner of the FREE SESSION can be found on my site HERE

The Subject Tonight is Love [New Moon in Scorpio]

The Subject Tonight is Love [New Moon in Scorpio]

May you have courage to believe in the beauty,
the joy, the wisdom and the power of love. 

It’s after midnight in chilly, snowy Calgary and it’s been a full-on week that was filled with some extraordinary experiences personally and professionally (with some pretty exciting news to share very soon!!).  

And this week wouldn’t have been complete without touching base with you all. 

After all, we have the alchemical magic of a New Moon waiting to be unveiled and I have a few thoughts about this powerful, healing, transformative energy of Scorpio–previously one of my most feared signs to work with personally and now one of my favourites. 

For today, tonight and always the subject is love.

At one point in your life, you may have been one of the countless many who believed that romantic love was all you needed to complete you in this lifetime (oh yes, my hand is raised).

This type of fantasy love may have convinced you to stay in a relationship that had long served its purpose, already teaching you the lessons you’d been there to learn, but maybe it was too easy to stay or too hard to go. 

Either way, we have had our share of disappointment, shock and heartbreak that recorded stories in our subconscious such as love hurts; it’s hard to trust; I’m unlovable; I give too much; I receive too little. Shelves full, trilogies written, soon to be made into a feature film. 

Love in all its generosity is just like that, bringing to the surface anything that is not love

Scorpio plays an important role in convincing you that it’s better to take the lid off of all those repressed feelings and tired stories so that you can experience what it is like to be deeply, powerfully, vulnerably human.

For this to happen, however, you have to create a safe, non-judgmental space for yourself (and with another if you are currently in a relationship) that allows for massive transformation to happen in the first place.

The love that we seek arises when we are honest with ourselves and others, allowing us to face one another with all of our imperfections and say, yes I am willing to love myself and I am willing to love you.

New Moons are always potent times to write out your love story–the one that you have now (with yourself and with others) and the one in which your future self two months, one year, five years from now knows you have already embodied. 

As your idea of love evolves and inner and outer illusions are uncovered, you will realize that, yes, there is some inner love work to do.

For instance, consider those pivotal moments in your life—the lowest of the lows, the times you saw life as you knew it falling apart.

What transpired after the implosion? 

What eventually lifted you beyond the feelings of sadness, anger and hopelessness?

Who or what gave you the energy to move forward in your awakening, giving you a reason to rise once again and walk along a more loving path? 

What lessons did you learn?

Write out that story. Breathe in your strength and courage.

When we take 100% responsibility for understanding the dynamics of our love stories, we leave the Victim behind and embody the Scorpio archetype of the Eagle who shifts our perspective higher to what we have learned, opening us up to potential enlightenment.

This shift in thinking does not come naturally nor are we always ready to handle the task, but when we do let go of the toxic emotions, we become freer to experience love. 

Yes, it is true. We need to plunge through the watery depths of the emotional realm on this journey of awakening.

The journey is worth it, however, and I promise, you will rise to the surface to feel the warm light of a new day in which you can love yourself, appreciate your beauty, trust in love, trust in yourself, listen to your intuition, and find the love that you were always seeking, which was always to call yourself Beloved

Before I shut out the lights, I feel called to share with you two of my favourite love poems I was reading tonight before I began this little Lunar Love Note. Reading the poems of the mystics Hafiz and Rumi always inspire me to take my own deep dive so that I, too, can be more vulnerable to Love.

Until we meet again,
      good morning (or good night).
Love Jenn xo

I want to see you.
Know your voice.

Recognize you when you
first come ’round the corner.
Sense your scent when I come
into a room you’ve just left.

Know the lift of your heel,
the glide of your foot.

Become familiar with the way
you purse your lips
then let them part,
just the slightest bit,
when I lean into your space
and kiss you.

I want to know the joy
of how you whisper


The Subject Tonight is Love

And for tomorrow night as well,
As a matter of fact
I know of no better topic
For us to discuss
Until we all


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