New Moon in Cancer: Love Like You’ve Never Known Before

New Moon in Cancer: Love Like You’ve Never Known Before

Dear Friends,

Your birth was no accident.

We came in with a divine design that may seem at times to be mostly about the careers we have, the money we make, the art we create, the trips we take and the relationships we have—and in part, they are. Each desire planted in our hearts has been carefully chosen, so we could remember ourselves as the powerful Creators we inherently are.

Love in Action. 

Diminishing any desires we have for a relationship, career, home, kids, wealth, success—whatever the longing is—serves no one.

Love what and whom you love. With ALL YOUR HEART.

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how much chaos, struggle, loss, anxiety, abuse, fear, abandonment, rejection, humiliation, and failure we’re exposed to on the delicate path to these dreams. And even though most of the time we understand that these experiences act as catalysts of massive inner growth, does life have to be this hard so much of the time?

This New Moon in Cancer and Solar Eclipse on July 12 at 8:47 pm MST asks if you’re ready to release the long-time relationship you may have to pain and suffering as a way to learn, inviting a new way to generate wisdom and compassion from the heart and offering your learning to those who need it.

To live our greatest human potential is why we are here and because this New Moon and Solar Eclipse and the two eclipses that follow on the July 27 and August 11 are initiating all kinds of radiant possibilities and abundant timelines, you may want to ask this question and be prepared to do something about the answer:

What am I holding back that my lover, my friends, my family, my community, the world needs right now?

Your brothers and sisters on this planet need to know.

Hiding our wounding, pretending we are “fine,” ignoring the suffering in front of us no longer works. Not that it ever did. 

To help us open up and heal, the Great Mother archetype descends, baptizing our presence and our awareness with hers, holding keys in how to nurture ourselves while we offer that love to others through the many ways we do.

Who is she? 

You already know her.

She may have shown up for you as the women you call mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, teacher, coach, friend. Because archetypes transcend gender, the Great Mother may live in your dad, grandfather, uncle, brother—men and women who have the medicine of big love and compassion healing our hearts and the hearts of our global family.

Interdimensionally, the Great Mother comes in many forms. 

Pachamama, Mother Earth, Gaia, Green Tara, Sophia, Durga, White Buffalo Woman, Ceres, Mother Mary, Mother Teresa, the Cosmic Mother, Ma Kuan Yin.

When we say her mantra, move our bodies to her rhythm, invoke her in prayer, meditate on her image, read her stories and teachings, she guides us inward to the places that need to heal.

And while you may see her in the outer and know her by name, is she awake in you? 

“Why?” you may ask.

Because she is saying no more to the Hermit who retreats into his shell, turns her head, closes his eyes and covers her ears.

In surrendering our control and letting Mother Love in instead, we can come out of our shells that were created to help us survive.

With a surge of confidence knowing she has our backs, we can move in love and give from a place of abundance. We learn to receive, to apologize, to forgive, to dream, to stand, to grow, to make amends, to make love. 

The Great Mother is asking all of us to show up as HER in every home, classroom, workspace, street corner, level of government, conversation and conflict, for she is a fierce agent for love.

And in this journey, while we become living embodiments of Mother Love, we must remember our own need to hear Love’s whispers and to be held—sweetly, tenderly, lovingly. And that’s where the Great Mother reassures us: When you hold space for others to heal, I will heal you, too.

The Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers (a living embodiment of the Great Mother) has wisdom to share about these tender, tumultuous times and the Mother Love way through:

“As you move through these changing times…
be easy on yourself and be easy on one another.
You are at the beginning of something new.
You are learning a new way of being.
You will find that you are working less
in the yang modes that you are used to.

You will stop working so hard
at getting from point A to point B
the way you have in the past,
but instead, will spend more time experiencing yourself
in the whole, and your place in it.
Instead of traveling to a goal out there,
you will voyage deeper into yourself.

Your mother’s grandmother knew how to do this.
Your ancestors from long ago knew how to do this.
They knew the power of the feminine principle…
and because you carry their DNA in your body,
this wisdom and this way of being are within you.

Call on it. Call it up.
Invite your ancestors in.
As the yang based habits and the decaying institutions on
our planet begins to crumble, look up.
A breeze is stirring.
Feel the sun on your wings.”

Prepare space within and invite the Great Mother home. Write your intentions, strengthen your commitments. Feel your pain, your emotional triggers, and be FREE.

You are at the beginning of a new way of being. And it is good.

Love Jenn

IMAGE CREDIT (with permission): “Sadness of Gaia” by the gifted artist Josephine Wall.

Full Moon in Capricorn: No One Gets Left Behind

Full Moon in Capricorn: No One Gets Left Behind

I have come into the world to see this: all creatures hold hands as
we pass through this miraculous existence we share on the way
to even a greater being of soul.

To You Wise Ones,

We’re seeing the polarization in our society to such an extent that even those who wish to remain asleep have been shaken awake.

And as much darkness as we’re seeing in some horrifying instances, I am reminded that there is light. Oh yes, there is so much light. 

Leaders, teachers, wise ones and way-showers of love are courageously walking on this planet right now.

They are YOU.

As we approach this Full Moon in Capricorn on June 27 at 10:53 pm (MST), many of us have this burning desire to make a stronger statement with our lives, a greater impact than ever before in a way that brings us joy and fulfillment in the process.

Legacy is the name of the Capricorn game. What I can do for myself, I can show to others.

Capricorn is here for the long-term and the long haul as this energy activates in us a desire to reach for and live our greatest human potential. 

Our greatest human potential–a concept that might be challenging for us to wrap our minds around when we see how our most vulnerable members of our global family are being treated.

As a result, we’re being called to examine where we’ve fallen short in taking care of ourselves and one another, to see where we’ve lost our way, lost our balance, lost our alignment to the path of true love.

The elephant knows.

These wise creatures majestically embody one of Capricorn’s primary evolutionary aims: to responsibly demonstrate the love of and loyalty to the family unit, special attention showered on the ones most vulnerable.

And under the vast umbrella of elephant love are also those in the tribe not bound by blood because to an elephant love means love.

This Full Moon we have the opportunity to sit with the Capricorn wisdom that’ll show us where our own anger, sadness and frustration lie in how we’re missing the mark in the ways we care for one another. 

To see where we might have lost connection with the family into which we were born and that great human family to which we inextricably belong.

To release the old systems and ways of thinking and acting to create something new and all-encompassing.

To gain mastery of self rather than allow others to take control.

To assume responsibility and practice accountability for how our lives are unfolding.

To accept the sacredness within so we may see the sacredness of all.

To feel our feelings and then harness that emotion towards making a difference to whom and what we love.

To commit ourselves to fulfilling the next levels of our potential.

To move on or create new tribes and family-type units when the old tribes act in ways that do not encourage us to feel, to intuit, to think freely, to speak up, to stand out.

To say NO MORE through our words and through our actions to abuse, to bullying, to manipulation in any way it’s playing out.

Capricorn seeks an inner liberation to move us forward in our outer evolution.

And if we don’t know how to be free or what the next steps are, we can call on the support of the exalted Capricorn energy which does.

Within this reflection and commitment to finding our footing, we can invoke any number of the Capricorn archetypes, images or symbols to download the tools, the skills, the gifts and the wisdom they hold.

They are many.

The Parent (Father/Masculine), the Leader, the King, the Elder, the Wise One, the Teacher, the Counsellor, the Strategist, the Giver. 

You might implore one or more: I’m asking for the exalted qualities of the Wise One, the Teacher, the Strategist to penetrate every cell of my being. Please shower me with your goodness, your integrity, your wisdom, your love FOR LOVE. 

Consider which archetypes might be acting out by you or through someone else–archetypes that need to be released and retired:

The Martyr, the Tyrant, the Bully, the Workaholic, the Power-Tripper, the Schemer, and the Miser, as well as the shadow side of the President, the CEO, the Capitalist, the General, the Economist, the Consumer, the Hermit (or any of the Capricorn archetypes mentioned above that can swing wide and far from its truest, most loving forms).

And so Capricorn in his guise, her benevolent form is here now with kind eyes gazing down at us, soft leathered hands extended ready and oh so willing to lift us toward our great human potential.

Not to rescue or do the work for us but step by deliberate step, hand in hand, trunk intertwined with other trunks walking with us to a new day, a new time and a New Earth.

My hand always in yours,

New Moon in Gemini: The Power of Your Story

New Moon in Gemini: The Power of Your Story

In perfect Gemini fashion (NEW MOON on June 13, 1:43 pm MST), the archetype of the Storyteller, I have a story to tell.

I’ve said some things about people. People have said some things about me. Some of those words so hurtful and shocking they were seared into my brain, lodged in my neural circuitry, birthing experiences and relationships of a similar vein, over and over again. 

Parents, teachers, mentors, friends, strangers, lovers.

As much as we have the power to build each other up with our sweet-talking ways, we have a devastating power to tear each other down with OUR WORDS.

You’re just like your father. You’re a terrible singer. You’ll never make any money. I don’t love you anymore. You’re a liar, a thief, an addict. You’re stupid, fat, ugly, useless.

When I started to work with affirmations in my late 20s, I wanted to control the experiences I was having in my life. I started in the area of money, saying sentences like money comes to me easily and effortlessly; I love money and money loves me—and this affirmation practice, in which I chose my words carefully, worked. Really well.

In my 30s, I needed more, so I raised the stakes of my affirmation game and declared my wishes with more intensity and precision. As I begun to plunge into rabbit hole after rabbit hole in the pursuit of greater understanding and meaning of my life, many fears came up, particularly around safety. 

So I started there. Affirmations were no longer about attracting money or vacations or a new wardrobe–I knew how to do that. I began with I AM SAFE, over and over again, hundreds of times at a time. I AM SAFE. I AM SAFE. I. AM. SAFE.

I had to quiet down that dominant thought in my head that told me scary stories about being attacked in my home, raped behind a bush, mugged walking from my house to my car, in a movie theatre at the beach, in the grocery store. These attack stories created from some of the violent experiences I’d had growing up, reinforced by what I’d seen or heard on TV, in a movie or on the news–thousands of times over.

And the affirmations along with some creative visualizations did help ease some of the anxiety—temporarily. But I continued to attract unsafe situations through the projection of my undigested, unfelt, unacknowledged childhood fears that played out as an adult, often in the form of several car accidents and unstable neighbours.

I’m a good person I would think. I work with children and angels and plant love gardens. What could I possibly be doing wrong? Why can I attract money and not safety with my words?

The bypass.

I hadn’t heard of the word before, but I was shown that’s exactly what I was doing. By spending much of my time speaking and writing affirmations, I was hoping to create a new story for myself, one in which the main character didn’t feel that attack or death was imminent. If somehow I could say my affirmations clearly, concisely, consistently–perfectly, I would be granted this thick, metallic invisible cloak of safety I’d envisioned, protecting me from anyone who might intend harm.

What I had ultimately hoped in working with affirmations and reaching for the better feeling story–one word, one sentence at a time–was that I wouldn’t have to dive into the pain of those past events that created these unsafe feelings in the first place. In my case, a father who was broken, who tried to kill my mother, who almost killed me and my sisters on more than one occasion. These words I type still bringing tears to my eyes and an ache in my throat.

I wanted to erase any need to do the other work that healing and transformation require much of the time—to feel and speak my stories before and as I create new ones. The New Moon in Gemini lovingly reminds us of this.  

This release work has to be done.

Some of us have experienced betrayal, rejection, and trauma, felt oppression, witnessed violence, confronted death. Some of us have come face-to-face with prejudice, racism, abuse. These are our stories. This New Moon is the time to acknowledge that YOU have lived some extraordinary chapters in your life so far.

This New Moon is also about calling on the Gemini archetypes of the Storyteller and the Creative Muse to access the voice of your Higher Self and your Heart Wisdom to gain a new understanding of your old stories, so you can begin to weave new ones.

What do you want the next chapters of your life to be about?

Take an area of your life where you believe a new story must be told–the story of your money, your health, your self-love, your creativity, your contribution, your relationships.

If you are unsure of your direction, your next chapter, then invoke an embodiment of the Gemini archetype of the Messenger, to whom you feel aligned–a particular ancestor, angel, mystic, saint, guide, goddess, or master to help you create clarity out of confusion, order out of chaos.

They are listening and waiting to creatively deliver you your next steps through messages played out in a TV show, a song, a bird, a butterfly, an overheard conversation. 

Ask, what are my next steps with this relationship, this job, my finances? What’s at the root of the experiences I’m having right now–the ones that do not feel so good? Is there something I need to release, something I need to feel so I can continue building deeper connections, greater abundance, sweeter love?  

Be willing to be shown.

Gemini values choice, so we are free to go wherever we are needed in this very human experience we are having. There are beautiful adventures to have and magical places to go, my friend, even for those of us who have experienced hell.

As we learn some tricks of the Gemini trade, we can become better skilled at being the Witness and Student of our life’s stories.

For myself, I now include affirmations (truly they are prayers) that allow myself to feel what I need to feel so I can become more vulnerable to love. This idea that I need a magical cloak of safety has dissipated as I feel the impenetrable protection I have in the vision I have created for my life and the knowledge that I live in a Universe that is loving and kind.

I still watch my words and my thoughts, knowing the power they have to create and to destroy, but the obsession, borne out of fear, to control every thought, every feeling is gone now too.

I. Am. Safe. in my New Story that I confidently tell this Gemini New Moon. How about you?

To your loving, adventurous, prosperous, magical New Story,

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Love, Truth, and Marriage and the Sacred Call to Adventure

Full Moon in Sagittarius: Love, Truth, and Marriage and the Sacred Call to Adventure

Go where no one has gone before and leave a trail.”
~Attributed to many

THE CALL on this FULL MOON in SAGITTARIUS (May 29, 8:19 am MST)
More than any other sign, Sagittarius instills a need for Truth
truth that goes beyond a dogmatic or limited belief system. Instead, this Truth represents universal, cosmic truth that feels loving, inspiring, expansive and liberating.

In our lifelong quest for meaning, the Sagittarian archetypes of the Pilgrim, the Explorer, and the Wanderer call us to a mystical, magical Adventure that, at times, does involve some major bumps and boulders (sometimes outright avalanches) on the Road well or less traveled. These Soul lessons are intentional, happening when our Soul goes where it has never gone before.

To be in right relationship to the call of this Adventure, we must cultivate what Faith means to us as doubt can freeze us in our tracks. Sagittarius calls us to develop active Faith, dynamic Faith that goes beyond our homes, the yoga mat, our inner practice, or a weekend retreat.

We do this in part by finding a spiritual container that allows broader views and multi-layered insights into some heavy-lifting life questions such as Who am I? What have I come here to do? Who’s coming on this Adventure with me? As we unveil those answers layer by layer, we learn to integrate those Truths in every part of our lives.

As Explorers, we’ll inevitably find ourselves at major forks in the road that call us to make some significant life decisions that will permanently alter the original Map we brought for this life’s Road Trip

However, there are also countless times in any given day when we’re experiencing those fork-in-the-road moments in which we must decide what beliefs and thoughts we’ll continue to hold while we take those next steps in our Adventure.

For example…

I believe that the Universe will supply everything I need (faith and a belief in abundance). I can’t sleep, however, because I’m worried about how the money will come to pay this month’s bills (doubt and a belief in lack).

If you’re given the choice between doubt or faith, choose the mental fork in the road that resounds with faith. It sounds easy until we’re asked again and again to choose thoughts that align to faith over doubt. Abundance instead of lack. Compassion over criticism. Truth versus ignorance. Clarity instead of confusion. Love on the other side of fear.

We can’t control those crazy thoughts that pop up into our minds at random moments, but we can choose the next thought and the next one after that once we catch the tired story of our negative thinking.

This Full Moon, call on her luminous power to transform the belief or thought you can’t seem to shake. You know, the BIG ONE! Be specific, be vulnerable, surrender and have faith that you can transform it.

Sagittarius knows we’re not here to be on the Adventure alone. As we ramble on, we’ll meet a company of Players, a team of Allies in the flesh and in the inner realms, ones who’ll help us understand and live the magic of our destiny.

And although we may have periods in our life where we seem to be walking by ourselves, if we’re open to some company, our travels (literally and multi-dimensionally) will unfold with like-minded and like-hearted individuals who give us the space to be on our individual journey but also the space to grow together in love and intimacy. Some of these people we will call Husband, Wife, Partner, Lover

To have and to hold this type of High Romance, the feminine energy in us (man and woman alike) searches for the Truths of the Heart and Soul and takes the deep dive in sometimes murky waters to bring vulnerability and intimacy to the relationship we have with ourselves and with our Beloved. The masculine sets the course and protects the feminine with firm yet loving boundaries, so together they can move with lightness and in freedom. 

At this Full Moon, some of us are reviewing how our relationships are feeling as we are walking new edges of growth, healing and rebalancing the feminine and masculine within (the Inner Sacred Marriage) so that we can have the outer Marriage with the ones we love.

With this in mind, we may ask, What is the Truth of my relationships? Are the Feminine and Masculine awake, empowered and in balance? Which relationships give me the feeling of a sense of emotional safety, a sense of freedom, and a feeling that my priorities are being honored? And how am I showing up in allowing others the freedom and the safety to live as their Heart guides them?

In 2016, Chris and I walked across France and Spain on a trail called “The Camino,” a 780-km, centuries-old pilgrimage. Although I’d dreamed of going for years before we’d met, when Chris said why he needed to go, I was initially hesitant.

I had just officially launched my brand new business five days before he brought up the Camino and was eager to build this platform that had been shown to me in a meditation only 13 months earlier. He wanted us to leave in four weeks and I wasn’t sure I wanted to risk all the hard work I had put in just to leave my Adventure called Love Matters for six weeks. I went inward (activating the feminine within) and asked for my truth in his Call to Adventure.

I seriously contemplated this question: How willing was I to move beyond my current geography and beyond my comfort zone for Love? 

After asking for the highest truth to be shown, I saw this thinly veiled bubble of silvery energy descend from the summer sky. In it, Chris and I were walking on a heavily-treed mountain trail. The Camino. Seeing us on this path, I immediately knew we had to go to Spain on this pilgrimage although logically it made no sense. A second later, a dove flew over the two of us giving me the gift of peace that this was the right decision.

It was a surreal experience, but I was grateful for the clarity that Chris’s call was my call too.  I ultimately had to go to new levels of trust in the bigger Vision I held for myself and for us as Trail-mates in a Sacred Partnership that would allow us to lovingly transform as individuals and as a couple.

We are grateful we both heard and acted on the CallFor 42 days we ate and drank, walked and talked and laughed and cried up and down those steep hills in our cross-country hike that changed our relationship and our lives in ways which we’re still integrating. 

In our Quest for love and truthwe will all travel to new inner landscapes as part of our Divine Plan. Some of us will travel literally for Love.

This Full Moon you might include a date with any discontent you’re feeling as well as the deliciousness of the destiny you feel unfolding, asking where you’re headed next on this Sacred Adventure that is your life.

And when you do hear the next Call that will move you to the next Station, may you scale those higher peaks and swim those deeper oceans with much love, support and grace because when you personally live a fully lit-up life of Adventure, we are shown what’s possible for ours.

New Moon in Taurus: Love Will Never Tear Us Apart

New Moon in Taurus: Love Will Never Tear Us Apart

To My Beautiful Friends Walking This Path, 

I don’t often speak publicly about the relationship I have with the angels, ascended masters and goddesses. But I know I’m being called to do just that for this Taurus New Moon.

I’d like to speak about one of these inter-dimensional Mentors now and how his message to me is his message to you.

Seven years ago, I had never heard of the Sufi mystic poet Jelaluddin Rumi.  I didn’t know that he walked on this Earth over 800 years ago or that he’s one of the best-selling poets of all time.

I started to intently read his poems one Saturday night many years ago while living in my friend’s laundry room, a time in my life where my inner foundation was undergoing a deep clean.

It was about an hour into my immersion when I felt his words land. Deep. Hard. Explosive.

Tears of joy and crazed laughter followed, so grateful was I that the lock to this Lover’s heart–as well as my own–had been picked.  

One year later, I started “working” with him as a Mentor and a Muse, the conversations we’ve had since then are as real as the words I’m typing here now. I call him Brother; I call him Friend; in love I am with his humour, his faith, his compassion and his wisdom.

Last week, he came for a visit during a meditation that focused on my deliberately Taurus-infused question, “What am I building here?”

His answer was so fitting for this New Moon in Taurus (arriving on May 15th at 5:47 am MST) that I had to include it in this latest “Lunar Love Note” that I wrote shortly after his visit.

Rumi came today
. We hadn’t spoken for a while.

When he arrived, I was reflecting on my role and my intention with Love Matters, the platform I was guided to create three years ago, one that has allowed me to start supporting people in writing the story of their highest potential and their most beautiful dreams. Such a blessing.

Many doors have been opened lately in expanding that platform, so many that I’ve spent the last several weeks contemplating clearer answers to the questions what am I here to do and how am I here to serve?

Questions I think about often.  

While I was meditating, I felt Rumi come into the room. I see the presences of these beings like Rumi as much as I feel and know they are there. 

Moments later, I am digging in his treasure chest of poems when my eyes quickly lock in on one I’ve read many times before: “The Pickaxe.”

I’m struck by how perfectly this poem captures the essence of this New Moon in Taurus with the earthy, sensual archetypes of the Lover, the Architect, and the Builder

I’ve included the poem, which is about the work we must do before we build a new foundation infused with love, before we build the dreams that nourish our hearts and the soul of Mother Earth.

“The Pickaxe”

Some commentary on I was a hidden treasure
and I longed to be known: tear down

this house. A hundred thousand new houses
can be built from the transparent carnelian

buried beneath it, and the only way to get to that
is to do the work of demolishing and then

digging under the foundations. With that value
in hand, all the new construction will be done

without effort. And anyway, sooner or later this house
will fall on its own. The jewel treasure will be

uncovered, but it won’t be yours then. The buried
wealth is your pay for the demolition,

the pick and the shovel work. If you wait and just
let it happen, you’d bite your hand and say,

“I didn’t do as I knew I should have.” This
is a rented house. You don’t own the deed.

You have a lease, and you’ve set up a little shop,
where you barely make a living sewing patches

on torn clothing. Yet only a few feet underneath
are two veins, pure red and bright gold carnelian.

Quick! Take the pickaxe and pry the foundation.
You’ve got to quit the seamstress work.

What does the patch-sewing mean, you ask. Eating
and drinking. The heavy cloak of the body

is always getting torn. You patch it up with food
and other restless ego satisfactions. Rip up

one board from the shop floor and look into
the basement. You’ll see two glints in the dirt.

This New Moon, ask in what parts of your life is it time to retire the job of the Seamstress and take on the mission of the Master Builder?

Once you know…Quick! Take your pickaxe and pry the foundation, my friends. We’ve got to quit this seamstress work.

“But I’ve tried and I’ve failed.”

Yes, my love, we all have.

Unchain yourself to this old, tired story when a new story can be chosen again and again in any moment.

Give up your lease on the dilapidated House you’re renting and build the many-roomed Mansion you’re called to create in its place.

“But I’m scared.”

Yes, my love, I feel the fear sometimes, too. Then I caress that scared part of me and remind Her we’re here to give and receive Love. We are in service to Love.

Remind yourself that the Universe is a kind, benevolent Force. Ask for the courage, the faith, the trust and the clarity so you can build your Garden here on the New Earth.

This New Moon in your lunar ceremony, call on Rumi as your beloved Guide and ask, What beautiful Divine Design have I been gifted to unfold?

Ask the Architect to draw up the plans, the Carpenter to build them and the Artist, the Lover and the Gardener to ensure that what you create honours the Taurus design which aligns to Beauty.

True Love and its Pickaxe will never tear you apart without providing the Plan to uncover the hidden treasure that is YOU and your soul dreams that are longing to be known, desirous of being seen, calling to be heard and begging you to live.

Sending you Love from my endlessly expanding Garden,

Full Moon in Scorpio: The Pain and the Pleasure and the Call of the Divine Feminine

Full Moon in Scorpio: The Pain and the Pleasure and the Call of the Divine Feminine

The Pain and the Pleasure and the Call of the Divine Feminine

feel it. the thing that you don’t want to
feel. feel it. and be free.
~Nayyirah Waheed

THE SET UP: The fast-moving energy that’s opened up new doors of possibility and a good dose of Divine Chaos since the New Moon in Aries has us stopping at an important inner check-point this weekend.

The Full Moon in explosive, alchemical Scorpio on April 29th at 6:57 pm MST has a powerful invitation for each and every one of us.

Feel. It. All.

Where does the pain lie in you? Is it a belief you have? A habit you can’t break? A story you tell? The abuse you received? A secret under lock and key?

You may have read about this Full Moon already.

It’s a Divine Storm that’s swirling up many intense emotions that cannot be numbed out or tucked away this time.  This Storm is designed to cleanse and transform those inner spaces so the deep power, love and wisdom of the Divine Feminine settle in once the Storm passes through.

For those who like to move in the Light, the dark side of this Scorpio Moon is a hard one to face.

But we must.

Pain repressed always comes to the surface in one way or another. Frozen feelings erode relationships, health, finances and dreams to a greater degree than any of temporary pain we’d feel by tearing off the lid on the box that keeps those feelings inside.

You may project the unexamined feelings onto a colleague, a stranger, a friend or a lover. You may see the pain morph into a skin condition, depression or digestive issues. If we chronically refuse to feel and release our pain, the stress wreaks even greater damage to our well-being.

“Hell is not fire and brimstone,
not a place where you are punished
for lying or cheating or stealing.
Hell is wanting to be somewhere different
from where you are.”
~Stephen Levine

So we are left with the sting of our Scorpion wounds until we bring the sacred medicine to heal them. This shadow work is not the most sought-after path in the game of Ascension, but we can’t avoid it if we are to truly break free.

Turning up the heat of this Full Moon is our planet of expansion, Jupiter who is transiting Scorpio for most of this year and is retrograde right now, calling us home to meet our Inner Healer.

These are times to go within, call on a counsellor, your guides, your angels, your best friends along with the archetypal energies of the Detective, the Therapist and the Healer to do some digging on your soul’s behalf. (Please seek out professional, compassionate support if something feels too big for you to move through yourself.)

The Scorpion archetype of the Snake will help us shed our skin after we’ve done the deep contemplation and processing of our emotions. We can ask for compassion and grace in the process. When we do this emotional work, we allow the Phoenix to turn our old stories into ash before we are rewritten as the Eagle who knows and lives the Higher Vision of our Life Plan.

We no longer feel hostage to our emotions, but develop curiosity about our triggers, desiring not to stay in negative states for too long without questioning why we are feeling a certain way in the first place.

This new way of relationshipping with our emotional selves allows us to release the disempowerment we felt as the Victim, so we can be guided by our emotional reactions when they do surface, knowing they have lessons to teach us about the edges of healing we’re walking.

I have learned through tapping into the Scorpio archetype of the Edgewalker that I will not be annihilated by the dark feelings when I consciously and compassionately feel them. I’ve also learned that feeling the good ones does not make me immune to the pain I experience when someone I love leaves, criticizes, lies, becomes sick or even dies. I now know I won’t die.  This too shall pass.

“Your pain is the breaking of the shell
that encloses your understanding….
And if you could keep your heart in wonder
at the daily miracles of your life,
your pain would not seem less wondrous than your joy.”
~Kahlil Gibran

When we feel the pain we leave room for more moments to experience the bliss. Scorpio’s devotion to sexuality, sensuality and pleasure of the archetypal path of the Lover and the Tantrika is also up for us to explore. Our sexual energy is a powerful wave of how we express Love and one of the most transformational energies we humans can tap into.

Before we experience the intimacy and bliss of soulful sex or delight in the sensual pleasure of being human, we may find deeper healing and reconnection have to be done in the relationship to our bodies where emotional and physical hurts and traumas have been stored in the cells of our bodies.

With great compassion and care, this Full Moon might be your time to reflect on the relationship you have with your body or review your sexual relationships to see if you have experiences you need support with to heal.  For those courageous souls who have experienced assault, molestation or rape, please as an act of great self-compassion, seek professional support to receive the healing you so deserve.

The recent move Saturn (our Inner Teacher) and Pluto (our Radical Transformer) made into Capricorn, both of which are now retrograde for many months to come, call us inward and remind us we all have a spiritual responsibility to ourselves, one another and Mother Earth to take care, to receive and extend help, to do the work, to move through shock and trauma to love.

A TIMELY REMINDER: In 2006, my intuitive mentor was giving me my first intuitive reading. She had tapped into my reluctant feelings about reincarnating in this lifetime because I saw how painful the first half of my life would be, but I would take on the pain along with the power, wisdom and love I’d gain in this Lifetime because of what I would learn and who I might help through my own healing.

While many of you might have been more eager than I apparently was to come to Earth School, we all agreed to walk the hero’s path, the heroine’s journey.

We have brothers and sisters living in areas of this world who do not have the resources we do to heal from these types of wounds–yet. When we do our healing work in our part of the world, our love and light shine brighter in theirs—we create energetic, luminous pathways that provide the resonance of healing, hope and possibility and a light at the end of a long, dark tunnel.

OUR OPPORTUNITY FOR LOVE: Four years ago under a Scorpio Sun, I was shown in a meditation shocking scenes of two small boys who had been recruited as child soldiers, hovering together under the canopy of lush jungle trees. Then in another part of the world, I saw two little girls no older than ten years of age being sold for sex in the streets of Southeast Asia. Whether these children were real or not, I was traumatized by what I saw and what I felt, feelings of powerlessness, grief and rage swept over me, knowing that children are living out these horrors.

I sought out guidance. People wiser than me told me that I was not helpless and I could do something in my inner emotional work and in my meditations. I dedicated many months of my spiritual practices and energy work to those four children and the millions of others with the intention of sending them love and creating a safe haven in whatever way I was shown to do on those inner planes.

Later I would read a profound insight into the Scorpio intent by astrologer Per Henrick Gullfoss who writes that Scorpio “is the great ocean of feelings, images and longings that connects each individual to the inner space of humanity.” I understood on a deeper level why I had seen those four children in my meditation.

Our soul is looking for those places and spaces that hurt, have been violated, feel shame and guilt, so we can blast them with love and compassion, understanding that on a deeper level when one of us heals, we all heal.

“Love is the cure,
for your pain will keep giving birth to more pain
until your eyes constantly exhale love
as effortlessly as your body yields its scent.”

THE CALL OF LUNAR LOVE: Do the work of knowing and loving yourself this weekend and every day after.

Tell someone you feel safe with what you’ve been through or what you’re going through right now. I’m here and I’m willing to listen and witness the light in you, too.

Do something beautiful from the heart dedicated to your soul this weekend, something that will honour you and this heart-breaking and heart-opening journey you are on.

The Divine Feminine in all of us knows and delights in your power, your beauty and your resilience, and She is ready to show you how to experience transformation through acts of Love, great and small.

Feeling it all with you,

**The beautiful picture above is by the brilliant fantasy artist Josephine Wall, used with her permission.