“The appearance of things changes according to the emotions,
and thus we see magic and beauty in them, all the while,
the magic and beauty are really in ourselves.”   Khalil Gibran.

My decision to “formally” become an artist, while natural and synergistic with my nature, was not a simple one.

I am an emerging artist.

A longing for the freedom to be who I am has now become a reality for me. While not without its sacrifices or challenges, this choice has forced me to face many personal demons head on! Plunging in, I have struggled through fears of imminent failure, insecurity and considerable resistance. Having set a goal, I spent much energy arguing with my internal relentless voice of perfectionism.

I’m told “Out of pain comes growth” and I have learned much—mostly the importance of not taking life so seriously. This lesson has been presented to me over and over until, at last, I have begun to settle into a place of letting go, of permission and of self-trust. I read a short while ago that the act of being an artist (no matter what form) is one of extreme daring, an uncloaking of one’s vulnerability for the world to see. I now wholeheartedly agree, and with time and trust, it does become easier.

Painting is another word for feeling, for communicating the needs of the heart, the soul, without the limitation of words. I believe the universe is an infinite source of inspiration from which all abundance flows.

My interest in forming representations of the world came in early childhood. I became aware that I noticed and wondered about different things than my siblings and most adults that shared my world. Of nature, and of people; looking back, it was my first hint of a creative spirit, and the beginning of a lifelong quest to discover the deeper what and why’s of life. Artistic expression has provided a unique pathway to this journey of discovery.

Since I was a child, gazing from my bedroom window in wonder and delight at the array of colors and changing shadows our fragrant orchard trees displayed, I have been drawn to all things creative, unique, beautiful, harmonious and spiritual.

There came a time when I began to realize how happy and deeply contented I felt while in the process of creating: whether it was decorating a room, cooking up a delicious new concoction in the kitchen, arranging a vase of exquisite flowers, planning and crafting gifts, drawing endlessly, or painting with a fiery determination to bring life to an image, or emotion, didn’t seem to matter. I felt deeply uplifted and at peace.

Since having made the intensely difficult decision to at least for a time, leave my friends and family in Australia, and move to America to be with my wonderful husband, my world has been turned upside down (literally).

The experience of being uprooted from a settled and full life, along with the subsequent feelings of isolation and loneliness it bought, has been both my greatest joy and my deepest sorrow. Although the transition between continents was and is difficult, I am grateful for the many gifts this experience has brought with it.

I was forced to embrace a new level of uncertainty within that pushed me to reevaluate life. Searching for a direction and impetus to build on my long-held dreams in this new land, I committed to an Expressive Art therapy certification, led by a wonderfully warm, compassionate and fun-loving woman named Jane. Over the next 12 months, this experience allowed for a depth of connection with myself and with others that simultaneously filled me with compassion and challenged my pre-conceived notions of what “I knew.”

The separation of authenticity from all of the loquacious deflating inner thoughts came the revelation that the creation of a painting would forever only be, as deep as the depth I was willing to discover in myself. It would be central to communication, of which art is always just that.

This engagement in the world of Expressive Arts in 2013 solidified my artistic expression, opening a renewed sense of freedom and confidence, reborn as a surety of purpose. I am so grateful to have been afforded this even deeper insight into our shared experience: the experience of being human.

As I delve into my paintings there will often come a time during the process when I am confronted with multiple thoughts and a gambit of simultaneous emotions ranging from freedom to joy; sometimes I experience disappointment, frustration, despondency, pain before a breakthrough towards discovery, hope, resurgence, and finally into one of excitement, satisfaction, acceptance and contentment.

Every painting contains a piece of me, a gift of energy from the self that is eternal, as if an emergent soul—cloaked in paint—flows onto the surface, allowing a new life to be.

In this increasingly complex world, it seems our minds seek a respite, a space that moves or transports us, creating a window or opening to another possibility and perhaps reflecting a mirror of some tiny part of the self.

I am always gently seeking to find that place of deeper understanding, of compassion, relationship, exploration, fun and play, endeavoring to seek out all that is harmonious and beautiful, an opening to love. The latter act is the propelling force behind my work.

As an artist I am tasked to share this with you in some small way, and my hope is that through my personal discoveries, as I travel this path, your life may also be enriched.


“Stepping Out”


Cindy is an Artist, whose work is currently represented by Agora Gallery in New York City. In 2013, she became a certified Expressive Arts Practitioner 2013. In 2013 and 2014, she was a Resident Artist NTC Foundation in San Diego, CA. She is also certified in Contemporary Art & Craft Central TAFE, WA. In Australia prior to a renewed focus on art, she said good-bye to a successful 15-year career as a Dental Therapist and Practice Manager. Embracing her love of people and assisting others in transitional growth, she worked as a life and professional Coach for several years.

To view a more extensive display of Cindy’s art, or commission a painting, please visit her website at cindyparsley.com

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