I have come into the world to see this: all creatures hold hands as
we pass through this miraculous existence we share on the way
to even a greater being of soul.

To You Wise Ones,

We’re seeing the polarization in our society to such an extent that even those who wish to remain asleep have been shaken awake.

And as much darkness as we’re seeing in some horrifying instances, I am reminded that there is light. Oh yes, there is so much light. 

Leaders, teachers, wise ones and way-showers of love are courageously walking on this planet right now.

They are YOU.

As we approach this Full Moon in Capricorn on June 27 at 10:53 pm (MST), many of us have this burning desire to make a stronger statement with our lives, a greater impact than ever before in a way that brings us joy and fulfillment in the process.

Legacy is the name of the Capricorn game. What I can do for myself, I can show to others.

Capricorn is here for the long-term and the long haul as this energy activates in us a desire to reach for and live our greatest human potential. 

Our greatest human potential–a concept that might be challenging for us to wrap our minds around when we see how our most vulnerable members of our global family are being treated.

As a result, we’re being called to examine where we’ve fallen short in taking care of ourselves and one another, to see where we’ve lost our way, lost our balance, lost our alignment to the path of true love.

The elephant knows.

These wise creatures majestically embody one of Capricorn’s primary evolutionary aims: to responsibly demonstrate the love of and loyalty to the family unit, special attention showered on the ones most vulnerable.

And under the vast umbrella of elephant love are also those in the tribe not bound by blood because to an elephant love means love.

This Full Moon we have the opportunity to sit with the Capricorn wisdom that’ll show us where our own anger, sadness and frustration lie in how we’re missing the mark in the ways we care for one another. 

To see where we might have lost connection with the family into which we were born and that great human family to which we inextricably belong.

To release the old systems and ways of thinking and acting to create something new and all-encompassing.

To gain mastery of self rather than allow others to take control.

To assume responsibility and practice accountability for how our lives are unfolding.

To accept the sacredness within so we may see the sacredness of all.

To feel our feelings and then harness that emotion towards making a difference to whom and what we love.

To commit ourselves to fulfilling the next levels of our potential.

To move on or create new tribes and family-type units when the old tribes act in ways that do not encourage us to feel, to intuit, to think freely, to speak up, to stand out.

To say NO MORE through our words and through our actions to abuse, to bullying, to manipulation in any way it’s playing out.

Capricorn seeks an inner liberation to move us forward in our outer evolution.

And if we don’t know how to be free or what the next steps are, we can call on the support of the exalted Capricorn energy which does.

Within this reflection and commitment to finding our footing, we can invoke any number of the Capricorn archetypes, images or symbols to download the tools, the skills, the gifts and the wisdom they hold.

They are many.

The Parent (Father/Masculine), the Leader, the King, the Elder, the Wise One, the Teacher, the Counsellor, the Strategist, the Giver. 

You might implore one or more: I’m asking for the exalted qualities of the Wise One, the Teacher, the Strategist to penetrate every cell of my being. Please shower me with your goodness, your integrity, your wisdom, your love FOR LOVE. 

Consider which archetypes might be acting out by you or through someone else–archetypes that need to be released and retired:

The Martyr, the Tyrant, the Bully, the Workaholic, the Power-Tripper, the Schemer, and the Miser, as well as the shadow side of the President, the CEO, the Capitalist, the General, the Economist, the Consumer, the Hermit (or any of the Capricorn archetypes mentioned above that can swing wide and far from its truest, most loving forms).

And so Capricorn in his guise, her benevolent form is here now with kind eyes gazing down at us, soft leathered hands extended ready and oh so willing to lift us toward our great human potential.

Not to rescue or do the work for us but step by deliberate step, hand in hand, trunk intertwined with other trunks walking with us to a new day, a new time and a New Earth.

My hand always in yours,