“stay strong through your pain
grow flowers from it
you have helped me 
grow flowers out of mine so
bloom beautifully
bloom softly
however you need
just bloom” 

~Rupi Kaur

To the Beauty in us All,

The story you’ve lived has brought you to this particular moment in time, a time when the accelerated energies we continue to feel have thrown many into a deep ocean of self-healing.

As it was written in the story of our collective destiny, the Divine Plan for us all, the Moon when she’s fully illuminated has the potential to unearth deep emotions in the places we haven’t touched, the spaces we haven’t yet fully felt.

The ability to tap into the energetic support of this Full Moon in grounded, earthy Taurus (10:46 am [MST] on October 24), however, allows us to feel the stability in the face of also feeling the pain.

Yes, we need to feel and transmute the pain we’ve trapped inside, a type of processing necessary when the Taurus part of our souls is here to create our version of heaven here on earth.

In light of this intent, Taurus, who is no stranger to physical labor when the archetypal Farmer and Builder are activated, has some work to do here—inner work, that is.

(Yes, even Taurus as an astrological sign and archetype is evolving).

And with this Full Moon in a short-term, relationship with freedom-seeking Uranus, there will indeed be some movement in forms of emotional triggers and physical shakeups, so we can deconstruct, maybe even destroy, the old foundation and start building anew. Have you felt them?  

Taurus is here to help. 

While the Taurus in us can become fixated on what’s being created in the external world (a beautiful home, a fit body, a healthy bank account, a dazzling career, a soulmate relationship), the same laser-sharp focus is often overlooked when it comes to creating our own Inner Sanctuary.

If you find yourself caught up in the outer world most of the time (yes, that’s pretty much all of us), Taurus, ruled by heart-centered Venus, the Goddess of Love and Beauty, may call us to release any inner programs that prevent us from awakening to our true inner and outer Beauty.

To feel beauty, to know beauty, is difficult to write about, impossible to teach, but something so many of us strive to touch and embody.

Yes, we’re here to know beauty in the physical, but most importantly we’re here to know the Beauty that we inherently ARE.

Breathing in the Essence of Beauty during this Taurus Full Moon may remind you to walk in a way that transcends what the eye can physically see. 

When Taurus shapeshifts into her Goddess form, we are touched and inspired by the Beauty within. From this stable, nourishing place, we can then look outward and become the wise steward of what we find beautiful—a garden, a family, friendship, intimacy, divine connection, unconditional love, our True Nature.

Then the Garden of our dreams is created based on inner worth, higher values, and a wellspring of love. Taurus in this exalted form no longer invests in a small identity based on what her family says, what mass society values, or what the small self has deemed true.

This Full Moon, you might contemplate the areas in your life that do not resonate with the Taurus path and Her gift of Beauty—a crippling debt, low self-worth, a persistent addiction, an employer undervaluing your contribution, a lover who’s unkind, an experience you cannot forgive.

Taurus is the archetype of the Receiver, meaning this Full Moon we might look where we need to open ourselves up to greater receiving of inner and outer resources as we take the power back we’ve lost or given along the way, no longer wasting our time, money or talents on anyone or any situation that does not honor us or our sacred Life Plan. 

Times are changing rapidly and while slow and steady Taurus typically balks at big changes and quantum leaps, you might ask this Full Moon if and where your determination, resilience, and tenacity are masks for stubbornness, resistance to change, or tolerance of negative situations and relationships?  

Many of us deeply judge others and ultimately ourselves for having made mistakes, failing to live out the stories or the dreams we had previously held or for messing up the ones we’ve been living.

The more we commit to this process of acknowledging these judgments, these hurts, and these deep disappointments (a perfect opportunity to do some release work during this Full Moon phase), the more our inner walls will break down allowing the self-healing energies to heal us and wake us up.

And while our stories may be radically different in what we are trying to build on the inner and outer, we all have equal opportunity to know ourselves as the Designers and Artists of our own lives, laying down on the altar of Love and Truth any creations that no longer serve and start creating anew.

Our lives are to become a Masterpiece from knowing through our divine self-worth we are the Masterpiece.

May you become acutely aware on this Full Moon where it is not and have the courage to surrender your hands, your heart, your gifts, your work and your life to this becoming.

Walking (sometimes stumbling, sometimes often)
    the Beauty Way,


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