Dear Friends,

As the scale of consciousness rises—and it is rising, we will go through some growing pains in recognizing that the old way of thinking, the outdated way of acting, the way we do politics or business are no longer acceptable, leaving us with the door wide open to welcome in beliefs, systems and trends based on new norms of acceptance, love, peace and joy. As long as we are all mindful about how we are feeling, thinking and acting, we will be supported in evolving our consciousness on the path to achieving our greatest human potential.

Two weeks ago, upon hearing that two friends’ parents had died, I received Inspiration to write a little Love Note for my Love Matters Facebook Page that has touched a chord with thousands of people. I am grateful and honored to be able to connect with so many about this message at such a significant time in all of our lives.

Below is the Facebook post as it was originally posted on September 27th.

HOW WILL WE LOVE THE WORLD TODAY? (My offer to you is below)

This morning, I woke up to see back-to-back messages from friends who were grieving. One has just lost her sweet little mom after a massive stroke last week, the other her precious dad. I take a moment to say a prayer and feel what these two friends must be going through and wave after wave of love pours over and through me and then I see these waves of love washing over the world. My head bows to my heart in gratitude.

I then reach for some words of love and support from the great mystic poet Hafiz and the page falls open to this gift:

“One regret that I am determined not to have
     when I am lying upon my death bed
          is that we did not kiss enough.”

How will I love the world today? For I do not want to leave this plane knowing that we could have talked more, hugged more, helped more, connected more.

We are a tender people. Each day we are reminded of this, no more so when we lose someone we love. And there will be some of us today that will feel the sting of being human in countless other ways that remind us where we are being called to surrender and rest in Love for Love knows the way Home.

I received Inspiration last week to set aside 30 minutes each week to offer energy work that I call “prayer” to the personal requests made by the lovely souls I am working and playing with in my practice. And today, I would love to offer to all of those who are hurting or have a request to personal message me and let’s send loving thoughts to each other, lifting each other up with whatever we are moving through right now. I am here for you and I know you are here for me.

When we support each other, beautiful things happen.

With all my love,

Love Letter #11
September 27, 2016