“I want to see you, know your voice
Recognize you when you
first come ’round the corner.” ~Rumi

Dear Friends and Lovers,

This last year has been a year like no other in terms of living my life based on Love’s terms. I feel as if I don’t have the time or luxury to mess around anymore. As I say to my man, my clients and my friends and family–we know too much, we have been given too much to waste this precious life on anything else but helping each other know ourselves as the authors of our own love stories, the artists of our most beautiful dreams.

I know this now.

About 18 months ago in a meditation, I was told by angels that I was going to create a website called Love Matters and from that a blog would come (these Love Letters) and from that my own version of an astrology chart about past lives and present intention for relationship and career (the Love Maps). It has all come to fruition with a lot of hard work and a tremendous amount of support from my friends, my partner and my family–and so many more loves in my life who show up every day in many different guises.

To be able to live every day authentically and creatively, owning my Gemini Rising and five planets in Libra like no other time in my life, has been so freeing and deeply fulfilling. And yet I am here now accepting a daily blog challenge from the wonderful “Live Your Legend” community started by the legendary Scott Dinsmore because I feel that something is emerging inside of me that is bigger than what my consciousness can fully express at this moment.

So I wrote my first blog last week—for myself–not concerned about anything else but writing straight from the heart and straight on to the page to see what would emerge. However, I knew after reading it, I would publish it here as Love Letter #12.

It has been such a joy to write the eleven Love Letters we have posted so far and the numerous L’il Love Notes (I privately call them) on Facebook and Instagram. But last week I saw someone quite successful in his field post a video selling a course on his personal page that was beautiful and touching in the way he presented his information, yet so different from how he comes across in his high profile work life. This discrepancy I thought I saw in him caused some bells to gently start ringing inside me, resulting in that familiar tidal wave of discomfort, telling my body, mind and soul that change is a-comin’.

I entitled this new blog I am writing for the blog challenge “On the Other Side of Love” because I feel I am in a different place in my life in working with these inner promptings–in fact, I am in a powerful, loving place. Before I might have ignored this feeling that change is coming, too scared to see what would have been required of me to give up or to transform. However, I know, being on the other side of Love, that the universe is friendly and more importantly, I am much friendlier to myself.

I have faith—in myself, in the process, in the support I have, in Love. I am wondering if you do, too.

In this place, I feel I can create whatever it is I want because I have acquired many tools and many life experiences that have built a deep well of faith and knowing that I can. My days are filled with Love and loving creations because I know that at our core we are Love. It’s not that I don’t get hurt or disappointed or that I myself don’t hurt or disappoint others–I do, but I move through those creations a lot faster and with a lot more forgiveness and loving accountability. Love may not always be my initial go-to response or action, but it is much more often these days and in the end it sure as heck is a much kinder and productive way to go.

When I started writing this blog post for the “Live Your Legend” challenge, which now has turned into this Love Letter, I actually knew by the time I finished writing, that the inner discomfort I had felt was a response to be more open about what I am writing.

As Love Matters grows and the book I am writing and the workshops I am planning take form, it’s important for me to ensure that my public persona and my personal one are not so wide apart as I saw in that man’s video the other day. I don’t need to share every little detail about my inner processing or each strong emotion that passes on through, but I sure do want to write about the stories I have about angels and other great beings on the other side or the miracles my clients and I have experienced in our sessions (with their permission, of course!!!). I want to share the surprises and the moments in which Love wins and Kindness rules and Miracles abound–more often and more candidly. It’s a beautiful world out there–on this plane and many others and I have many, many multi-dimensional stories I so long to share.

I know you have them, too, so why don’t we begin by taking a deep breath and allowing ourselves to be seen for who we really are and not the carefully curated version we want others to see. I promise I am here and I am now joining you brave souls who have the courage to show up and be seen as the most authentically, perfect imperfect version of you.  It’s our time—for Love, in Love. Always.

Love Letter #12
October 24, 2016