Love Letter #7 – Mother Love

My stepfather’s heart attack almost a year ago brought many blessings to our family, one of which was the opportunity to heal a major heartbreak of my own. For it was his hurting heart that called me back home to heal the relationship with the love of his life—my mom.

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Love Letter #5

I was travelling on the ferry between Victoria and Vancouver recently when I met Wendy and Shane, a mother and son duo sitting in the row of chairs in front of me. I popped my head up when I heard Shane pointing something out to his mother—orcas. I perk up, not only because a small pod of transients have magically surfaced in the distance but also because orcas have been a dominant presence in Chris’s and my dream and waking time for five months now.

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Love Letter #4

Last night after I sent out Love Letter #3, I immediately heard the title was going to be “The Games People Play.” Thankful for the inner prompt, I started to draft the letter. I spent 30 minutes before turning out the light cleverly crafting (in my hopeful mind) an invitation to play a game with me– the game of vibration where we become co-creators of our life and align to the vibrational frequency of what we desire. Law of Attraction 101.

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Love Letter #3

Six years ago, I had one of those life-changing heartbreaking conversations with a fifteen- year-old who was clearly in despair. For ten years we’d met week after week, in the role of her tutor, teaching this sweet, feisty girl about compound-complex sentences, dangling participles and free verse. However, our secret work, the real reason we’d come together, were those precious minutes when we had the space to talk about what was happening inside of her head and her heart.

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Love Letter #2

Experiencing the heady feeling of success over writing, and more importantly, sending the inaugural Love Letter to you my receptive friends, I immediately set out to write the next letter. For I’m well-acquainted with how my Master’s in Resistance and the Double Major I hold in the Faculties of Procrastination and Perfectionism can ruin the show.

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Love Letter #1

Ironically, this past Friday on World Kindness Day, the unthinkable happened with another series of violent acts inflicted this time against the people of France. Like millions of people around the world, I’m disturbed when fear and hatred create tragedies like these.

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