I am so happy you are here.

Nearly 20 years ago, in a moment of desperation, I demanded that the Universe make its Presence known in my life. Although to the outsider looking in I seemed to have a happy life, I was miserable: overweight, unhealthy and deeply unfulfilled in my relationships. I was successful in my business, teaching and mentoring high school and university students, but I ached to make a bigger impact in a way that my head could not rationalize.

I grew very despondent about why I was so unhappy when I seemed to have all the ingredients for a successful life.  I didn’t realize that by not dealing with my problems rooted in many painful and traumatic incidents in my childhood, I was blocking myself from even knowing what would make me happy or what type of relationships would bring me the passion and the intimacy that I longed for. 

I was used to doing life on my own, but clearly, the pain and loneliness I was experiencing despite being surrounded by others who loved me and those kids who looked to me for guidance were persistent in how they taught me to find the tools and the support to look within and know who I am and how I came here to contribute in this life.

So I made a deal with the Universe that if a Higher Power did exist, I wanted to know why I was here. The proof:  I would be able to see angels and hear my guides if such phenomena truly existed. If that request was fulfilled (something I secretly longed for), I would spend the rest of life sharing with and teaching others what I would learn.

My demand (truly a heavily disguised prayer) was heard.

My life has radically changed since that time and the training, the un-training, the lessons and the love comprise what I am offering to you through Love Matters.

Whether we get to know each other through an astrology reading of your Love Map, an intuitive life coaching session, a Reiki class or through an exchange at the end of a Love Letter, I am here to support you through whatever waves of transformation and transition you are experiencing. I offer you 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing you can create a life you love.

Love Matters is proof that it is possible to dream a big dream and then to watch it unfold, one loving, guided step at a time.  Now it’s your turn. 


Are you ready to lean in and live a life inspired by who you truly are and what you truly love?

This is how we begin. 

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