Someone wrote me yesterday evening, asking how my Valentine’s Day was going. She messaged that it must be the most magical day for me.

I could see why someone might think that considering the foundation of what I do.

I gently laughed when I read that message, however. I had experienced a challenging day on Earth School personally and collectively.

The up and down journey of loving someone with cancer. Hearing about the mental and sexual abuse of a spiritual teacher, the physical and verbal abuse of a parent. People believing “I’m not enough.” The parts of me that believe “I’m not enough.” Addiction. Eating disorders. A mass school shooting–again.

It was much to witness and heartbreaking to feel.

And weaved within the fabric of my heart-opening day, the gentle power of my partner’s love, our renewed commitment to each other and our dreams, a vulnerable chat with my mom, pictures of my friend’s new baby girl, the sweet comfort of my inner practice, a message from a friend at the perfect time. Durga. Three hours to write. Messages from the Universe too big to ignore.

I cried a lot on Valentine’s Day, some sad tears and some sweet, the water on my face reminding me of the precious understanding that I can experience all this beauty and pain and still be FREE to love.

We are not immune to suffering, but we are FREE to be human, to feel it all and still stand for love and for one another.

This New Moon in Aquarius is about being that type of a Revolutionaryfor Love.

I know from the daily messages I receive many of you can understand.

Where is the beauty in your life right now? Where is it hurting, sweet friend? What needs to be freed?

This New Moon we are standing together, Friends locking hearts with Friends, so we can see the higher vision for humanity that Aquarius as the Humanitarian and the Spiritual Friend already sees.

Ruled by the planet Uranus, Aquarius energy goes into the places that need a shake-up and doesn’t consider much how you feel about it. Its intent is to get the job done. 

No spiritual teaching, no culture, no political system, no family member, no colleague, no religious authority, no lover knows our heart the way we do and how we came here to love.

But in a world of distraction and overwhelm, how well do we know and trust our Heart?

While Aquarius energy in its early development prefers to make decisions based on the intellect and logic (almost all of us have been groomed that way), the Heart is our gateway to our true understanding and our wisdom ways.

Your heart knows. Come back into your body with your hands on your chest, asking, “What do you know about love?

The heart is our inner radar that detects when someone else’s desires are steering us in a direction far from our heart wisdom and our remembrance of what it truly means to be free to love.

This Aquarius New Moon will provide that burst of energy to break free from something that is holding you back.

Let it.