In the words of St. Teresa of Avila, a Revolutionary for Love:

The sane know contentment,
for beauty is their lover,
and beauty is never absent
from this world.

The farther away light
is from one’s touch
the more one naturally speaks
of the need for change.

Yes, overthrow any government inside
that makes you weep.

The child blames the external
and focuses his energies there;
the warrior conquers the realms
within and becomes gifted.

Only the inspired should make
any decisions that affect the lives of many.



To You Radical Conductors of Love (My Friends!!):

The astrological birth chart is a snapshot of who you are when you took your first breath—the energetic blueprint of your inner nature, the Life you came to live, the person you are here to become.

In that birth chart of yours, the Moon is one of the doorways we walk through to access the archetypal stories of your past lives and the inner realm of your intuitive, emotional, romantic self.

However, after your birth, the Moon continues Her travels throughout the skies and into different astrological constellations (Moon in Aries, Taurus…and so on), showing you what aspects of your world may be activated right now associated with that zodiac sign (Aries relating to areas such as new adventures, the ego, our physical appearance; Taurus relating to areas such as our values, self-worth, money, beauty…and so on).

But Sister Moon is not in Aries or Taurus right now. She is in her New Moon phase in Aquarius on February 4 at 2:03 pm MST. 

As an air sign, Aquarius is friendly with the freedom-loving archetypes of the Rebel and the Wild Card, the energies of expansion, liberation and change.

And Aquarius is no stranger either to the Creative Genius and the Eccentric who provide us
 with lightning flashes of illumination and insight that spark the need for us to move right along–sometimes radically.

However, Aquarius has also been labelled a fixed air sign. The fixed nature (stable, firm, persevering, conserving) of Aquarius encourages us to persist in the dreaming, expanding and transforming of our lives, but it may also encourage us to hold on to rigid attitudes, remain stable in a mediocre job, or stay firm in pain-filled stories.

Fortunately, Aquarius is asking for an honest makeover of some part of your life, one you do not have to do alone.

If you let Her, the New Moon in Aquarius will serve as the best, truest Friend you could have in freeing yourself from any numbing, stagnation, control, insecurity, bondage, and codependence that’s containing you in a life too small for the enormity of your soul. 

In this light, consider the areas in your life that may hold you back:

the judgments you hold, the beliefs you have, the relationships you stay in, the causes you stand for and the jobs you’ve hung onto because you couldn’t imagine the risks or sacrifices that might be asked if you opened yourself up to something much more intimate, fulfilling, loving or kinder.

Your Freedom Day may include the opportunity to release addictions to or reliance on others and the ways you harm yourself physically, emotionally, or mentally.

The Aquarius part of your soul (and we’re all Aquarians at heart) cares about the energy you are vibrating at in your daily life for the simple fact that everything is energy.


Whether you’re feeling the promise of love or stuck in some story of hate, speaking the truth or getting carried away in a lie, each thought, feeling or word is imprinted on every particle of energy near and far—including the energy particles of our loved ones, our plants, our pets, our food, the air, earth, fire and water.

The Scientist (an Aquarian archetype) in Dr Masaru Emoto gifted us with his radical experiments that proved how the energy of our thoughts, our emotions and our words really do matter.

Dr Emoto’s team captured the shape that water crystals formed depending on the vibration of the thought or the word the person directed at the water (you can check out his groundbreaking work on the Internet or read The Hidden Messages in Water.

Imagine if you called someone a fool or told them they make you sick (or those words were said to you). Look what shape those particles take.

Imagine 70% of the water molecules that make up your physical body hearing messages that distort the beauty of who you are. 

Imagine knowing you have this supercharged power to create beauty with your words.

I love you. Thank you. Namaste. I appreciate you. You are so beautiful. 
I love you. Thank you. Namaste. I appreciate you. You are so beautiful.
I love you. Thank you. Namaste. I appreciate you. You are so beautiful. 

By being the Witness to what thoughts, feelings and words we are expressing, caring about what we say and how we feel, observing what agitates us, or noticing when we feel triggered, we can become Conductors of LoveRevolutionary Agents of Change, not only in our lives but also in others’.

By intentionally directing the energy of your good word and your kind thought, you intentionally engage in a simple yet radical act that says you’re committed to sending direct currents of Love. 

The Alchemist knows that radical transformation in our world is about alignment to these love particles that spin Spirit into Matter, the building blocks of our dreams. 

Conquer the government inside, the realms within–and be gifted–in what you will offer to the world as a Free Radical for Love.

For it is the Love that keeps all of us particles dancing together.

O’ day arise
Shine your light, the atoms are dancing

Always seeking to transform
in the Direct Current of Love,

P.S. What’s one radical act of love (big or small) that you can take between this New Moon and the next that could change the trajectory of your life? Write your New Moon intentions to support the changes you’d need inside and out for the transformation to happen. 


Email me here if you want someone to Witness your Love Revolution. 


Important Celestial Events

Next New Moon
February 4, 2:03 pm (Aquarius)
March 6, 9:03 am (Pisces)

Next Full Moon
February 19, 8:53 am (Virgo)
March 20, 7:42 pm (Libra)

All times are in MST. 

Planets Retrograding in 2019

Mercury in Pisces 
March 5 to 28

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Apr 10 to Aug 11

Pluto in Capricorn
April 24 to Oct 3

Saturn in Capricorn
Apr 29 to Sept 18

Neptune in Pisces
June 21 to Nov 27

Mercury in Cancer/Leo
July 7 to Aug 1

Chiron in Aries
July 8 to Dec 13

Uranus in Taurus
Aug 12 to Jan 11, 2020

Mercury in Scorpio
Oct 31 to Nov 20

What does it all mean?

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