Dear Friends,

The Moon is our Great Friend of the night sky.

She asks if we are ready to listen.

Yes, deeply.       Intuit?

Yes, strongly.     Receive?

Yes, yes, yes.     Wholeheartedly. 

She is our guide month after lunar month, giving us her wisdom teachings based on the archetypal messages connected to each astrological sign.

This month, she wears the deep blue, velvety cloak of Capricorn (January 5 at 6:28 pm MST). And as she slips into her New Moon robe, she eases her way between the Sun and the Earth for a partial Solar Eclipse (4:34 pm).

And so the Sun’s light will be turned down in much of the planet’s night sky, letting us symbolically rest in darkness for a short time before we re-emerge with the love, the light and the energy we’ll be given for the deep inner and outer changes we will experience in 2019.

But what can stay hidden?

Love’s secret is always lifting its head

out from under the covers,

“Here I am!”


It is indeed a powerful time to call on the planetary teachers and these astrological events to ignite their teachings and their gifts within us.

And thank goodness, since December’s Winter Solstice, our Great Friend Capricorn has been on the scene, our overarching astrological Ally whose solid reputation is anchored in the fact that Capricorn…she knows what She’s doing.

The archetypes of the Parent, the Boss, the Leader, the Conservative, the Disciplinarian, and the Teacher, Capricorn energy is serious, stern, sober—absolutely.

Capricorn challenges us to grow up (even when we’re 50!!), showing us where our strengths, our talents and our gifts lie as well the underdeveloped, less mature aspects of our personality. 

Capricorn teaches us responsibility, disciplined action and honouring the commitments we’ve made (why hello 2019 intentions!!), showing us the cracks in the foundation, so we wisely create firmer structures and sounder systems that will serve as the tangible containers for the dreams we have

Capricorn teaches us habits we must break, the routines we need to establish and the boundaries we have to draw (again and again with bolder strokes) to realize those dreams big and small for 2019.

Tasks. Duties. Restrictions. Repetitions. Limitations. Sacrifices.

Not very sexy stuff in the world of get-rich-quick manifesting.

Until you realize that Capricorn is the very essence of deep magic. 

Yes, discipline, effort, commitment and sacrifice will be demanded of you but the payoffs are many—vast reserves of strength, power and confidence in knowing that you’ve focused your energy and built something concrete in the physical world. 

And ironically, Capricorn, that earthy, Mountain-Climber of a sign, knows that Her gig as the serious Taskmaster is up (yes, Capricorn is yin energy, the sacred feminine keeping those primarily masculine archetypes evolving too).

In fact, Capricorn’s new evolutionary path involves creating those systems and structures, routines and boundaries, which will support you in feeling safe enough to go for greater relationships and experiences rooted in sensuality, joy, love, freedom, beauty, prosperity and radiant well-being 

If the containers holding your intentions feel joy-less, freedom-less, beauty-less, love-less, then it is up to you to create ones that’ll give you more of what you’re seeking.

And within the building of these new containers (the systems, structures, habits, beliefs, practices…), you get to experiment with being disciplined in novel ways—such as creating more freedom in your life. Activate the intense Capricorn focus, yes, but lovingly and fiercely on your own creative projects.

Sacrifice—please do—but lay down the part of you who isolates, who diminishes his light or her radiance through crippling debt, who fears failure and rejection will be too painful to bear.

Befriend the Higher Self who thrives in the company of others, who delights in prosperity consciousness, who takes pride in transforming what needs to be transformed.

Although Capricorn may seem on the surface the strict Parent, Capricorn in Her benevolent role is a Wise Elder who becomes one of the best Spiritual Friends we could ever have in this lifetime, for not only do we grow up with Capricorn’s teaching stories and timely guidance, but we also grow into the person we said we would become to do the things we said we would do.

Thank you, Integrity.  

If you invite Capricorn in as an Ally, She will show up, eager to guide, excited to connect you to deeper truths about why you are here and the legacy of love you came here to leave. After all, Capricorn knows us at our deepest human levels—the stories imprinted in our skin, our hair and our bones.

She will challenge you to look at those areas in your life in which you’ve denied access—areas such as joy, abundance, freedom, sacred pleasure, intimacy, play.

She will ask, “Why did you shut those doors so long ago? For the sake of an old story you’re too afraid to let go?”

She will teach you that no one has truly ever let you down and that you’ve never truly been alone; that the people and experiences that taught you the hardest lessons were instruments of your soul’s learning and loving.

She will eagerly demonstrate to you that true support comes from a deeper, higher and wiser connection that ultimately stems from the loving Hand of your Higher Self, the God, Goddess of your understanding, Source, Creator, the Universe, the Great Sacred Mystery.

When called upon with sincerity, appreciation and love, a grander Divine Support will pour down, out and through in many magical ways—a friendly stranger with a well-pointed message, a feather found in the most unusual of places, a passage lit up in a book, a song on your playlist, an encounter with an animal guide.

We all need a little Divine Intervention from time to time so that we can see the blessings that flow when we are holding the hand of Grace.

In your New Moon ceremony this weekend and in your daily inner practice thereafter, invoke the support of the Moon, the Sun and the ancient wisdom of the archetypal Friends, and then devote some time giving gratitude to your celestial family of Allies, making your relationship with them a two-way street—a relationship that is strong, tangible and true.

The next chapter of your ever-expanding life is ready to unfold in which adventure awaits you, your love story continues, your prayers are answered and the peace that transcends all understanding begins.

Be the leader, says Capricorn. Be the light, says the Sun.  Be the love, says the Moon

To our emerging hand-in-hand
in the Great Light,


P.S. What structures, systems, habits, routines and/or boundaries of LOVE are you instilling this New Moon/Solar Eclipse?

Important Celestial Events

Next New Moon
February 4, 2:03 pm (Aquarius)
March 6, 9:03 am (Pisces)

Next Full Moon
February 19, 8:53 am (Virgo)
March 20, 7:42 pm (Libra)

All times are in MST. 

Planets Retrograding in 2019

Mercury in Pisces 
March 5 to 28

Jupiter in Sagittarius
Apr 10 to Aug 11

Pluto in Capricorn
April 24 to Oct 3

Saturn in Capricorn
Apr 29 to Sept 18

Neptune in Pisces
June 21 to Nov 27

Mercury in Cancer/Leo
July 7 to Aug 1

Chiron in Aries
July 8 to Dec 13

Uranus in Taurus
Aug 12 to Jan 11, 2020

Mercury in Scorpio
Oct 31 to Nov 20

What does it all mean?

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