What’s going on in the skies these days, you ask?

Seven retrograde planets twisting and turning us inward. Three eclipses magnifying the effects.

And whether we realize it or not, all of these celestial activations have been impacting our individual and collective destiny.

Changes so profound they can never be undone.

We’ve experienced quite the mix of ingredients in this alchemical soup, haven’t we?

For some of us, it’s been a potent combination involving a wild number of shifts: massive life reviews, sudden changes in direction, intense altercations, the ending of relationships, unpredictable moves, unexpected resets, emotional outbursts, startling insights, profound guidance and amazing opportunities — each one of our experiences altering our lives as we wrote it in the stars before we came here.

You may at this point in the Divine Storm be clinging to the life-raft of this question, “What does it all mean?”

We are rising, my friends, we are rising.

Yes, we’ve felt the extreme heat this summer on every level and while some days we’re waving the white flag asking for some rest and a reprieve, our souls are eager for the lessons as we raise our vibration and our consciousness.

A new cycle of potential is ushering itself in with the New Moon and partial Solar Eclipse in fiery Leo on August 11 at 3:57 am MST, clarifying and strengthening what we came here to do and who we came here to be, reminding us to ask the question: This ‘little’ light of mine, how will I let it shine?

Well, what would Stardust do?

Be humble for you are made of earth.
Be noble for you are made of stars.

The archetypal forces of the Queen and the King in us are activating the desire and the need to express our gifts in their full illumination.

The Shadow Queen and King may seek the attention and the accolades at first, motivated by surface desires, maybe even consumed by greed and grandiosity as they stand on top of the tower, taking credit for others’ ideas, giving in order to receive, wondering how they could receive more.

But in this New World that is evolving and in this New Way we are learning, the Compassionate, Mystical Queen and King choose to serve differently, standing as models and teachers both of love, of generosity, of vision, of leadership, of grace. 

And alongside the Queen and her Kingthe archetypal forces of the Performer and Actor assist the Royal Couple to see that beyond their domain is the Universe that serves as the Stage that allows us to embody the roles we came here to play—full out, in the light and in the joy as the Creators and Stars we inherently are. 

But negative and often traumatic experiences creating a fear of being seen, rejected, judged, criticized, or hurt may be consciously or subconsciously lurking off stage in the shadows in the forms of experiences and encounters.

Still, here we are, showing up for rehearsal, transmuting our traumas layer by layer in these areas no matter how stuck or frozen, repetitive or repressed the role sometimes feels.

Leo’s ability to stimulate the imagination through the eyes and heart of the Child has the potential to activate a vision for your life so rich, so deep and so fulfilling that these fears can be melted by the warmth and energy generated by the fires of this vision.

What about love?

i will tell you, my daughter
of your worth
not your beauty
every day. (your beauty is a given. every being is
born beautiful).
knowing your worth
can save your life.
raising you on beauty alone
you will be starved.
you will be raw.
you will be weak.
an easy stomach.
always in need of someone telling you how
beautiful you are.
–emotional nutrition

~nayyirah waheed

This New Moon, Leo may call you to dance more intimately than ever before with the archetype of the Lover, making it perfectly clear which relationships—including the one you have with yourself—are being touched by the eternal flames of the Leo fire.

Breathe in and acknowledge that you, dear Friend, continue to love despite major disappointments while others continue to live the stories of their loneliness and pain through the shadow program of the Unrequited Lover who judges himself, who tears herself up in a love that’s never been found, a love that’s never been fully returned.

If you believe you cannot have something, you cannot have it. 

The most exalted expression of the Lover knows that no outer form will ever satisfy what we are here to know within.

I used to swear up and down that this radical self-love that Leo boasts about was bull shit. The songs I sang on my bedroom floor, the romances I devoured and the movies with which I obsessed as a teenager sparked this deep desire to love another human and have him love me just as passionately.

And, of course, my relationships failed no matter how much I loved them or they proclaimed to love me because I didn’t even know how to love or express my true self in their presence.

The Love-Work we undertake allows us to eventually (and thankfully) start to see glimpses of our wholeness, the beauty, the value and the divinity within. We learn to extend our hand to nourish ourselves first—mind and body, heart and soul. 

We call in the Queen and the King to set the limits and define our boundaries in learning how to navigate the land of Love, learning to love ourselves as the Divine in our unique human form before we love another.

Ask for the love and the light, the passion and the purpose, the warmth and the strength, the power of Spirit and the integrity of the Lion’s heart in any ceremony you do around this Leo Moon and Solar Eclipse.

What do you want to create for yourself and for the children of the world? What are you ready to let go of–permanently? If you are ready to hear the answers within and trust the guidance you are receiving, let the vision unfold.

The Leo energy acknowledges there are many ways to create, innovate and grow while the Love we already are is uniquely expressed and the work we came to do is done.

Loving you (and myself) from the eye of the Storm,


IMAGE CREDIT (with permission): “Leo” by the magical Josephine Wall.

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What does it all mean?
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