my lips could resist rushing to you, but my eyes, my eyes
can no longer hide the wondrous fact of who you really are.

The Beautiful One whom I adore
has pitched His royal tent inside of you,

so I will always lean my heart
as close to your soul
as I can. 

I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to write this lunar love note for the New Moon in Virgo (September 9, 12:01 pm MST), but I heard Her call and followed Her footsteps this morning.

Last week, I flew home to be with my stepdad who’s in the hospital at a devastating time in this relationship he’s had with lung cancer for over a year now.

We were told last summer when he was diagnosed he did not have much time—a few weeks, a few months at best.

Fortunately, the treatment he did receive has allowed him to be with us for 13 more moons.

At this moment, I can’t touch with words the grief I’m feeling in seeing his struggle to breathe and his desire to live while witnessing my mom’s fierce love in making sure they wake up each morning to the adoring gaze of the other for many moons to come. 

Nor can I write at this time about the profound honor I feel witnessing the soul’s work he is doing right now.

But what I can feel and need to write to you is that this New Moon in Virgo calls us to remember we are people of great medicine.

Each word, each touch, each act of grace—we hold medicine inside that heals and transforms.

As part of our DNA, when acknowledged and invoked, these living energies of Virgo Allies such as the Goddess, the Medicine Woman, the Shaman, the Priest and Priestess are activated, giving us unique medicine, helping us make courageous choices, discovering who we are, daring us to love through the pain, to rest in truth, carrying out and carrying on our great work.

Living. Learning. Loving. Forgiving. Giving and receiving grace. Keeping our hurting, bursting hearts open at all costs, at all times.

In ritual and in ceremony, we remember to make space to rest inside, gently, powerfully touching who we really are.

We remember what it means to be walking on the holy ground of Mother Earth, carrying our medicine in our hearts but reaching inside our well-used pouches to give to our brothers and sisters the medicine they need until they realize they have their own too.

May your heart and your medicine be as full, as rich, as wide and as deep as the Mother’s Earth.

Staying present to Love at all costs,


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