Sagittarius represents the archetypes of the Pilgrim, the Explorer and the Quester, so let’s do some travelling together, one trail mate to another on your individual path and our collective pursuit of knowing Truth.

What’s the biggest lie you’ve ever told yourself?

I remember many years ago being in a relationship with someone I knew I shouldn’t be. He had just returned from a failed work expedition out of the country and I’d invited him to come live with me while he was figuring his life out.

An hour after picking him up from the airport, I uncharacteristically asked him if he loved me. He said “yes,” and on some level, I’m sure he did.

However, upon hearing his “yes,” I felt every cell in my being contract, the more awake parts of me knowing that it wasn’t the type of love my soul was seeking, but I silenced the lie by placing a weighted blanket on those trillions of clamouring, wise, truth-telling cells.

We finished our lunch and left the restaurant to begin creating a home and a life together on a highly unstable, porous foundation.

A year later, I left that relationship because I couldn’t bear the lie I had listened to and the lies I had created to cover it up.

On Dec. 17/18, the New Moon in Sagittarius (as well as four other planets currently in Sag, including Mercury that’s Retrograde until the 22nd) activates the Truth-Seeker and the Truth-Teller archetypes who show us where our lives would benefit from an awakening to the light and the freedom of truth where we have chosen (intentionally or not) to stay in the dark and the trap of a lie.

In fact, each New Moon is a grand opportunity to receive a transmission of energy designed to serve truth in our individual and collective consciousness.

Why being able to recognize truth and telling the truth might be important to your life mission:

…to call out the fake news you are telling yourself, telling others and listening to (not just in the media).

…to acknowledge your hunger for support in the areas you have felt powerless to change.

…to recognize it is time to find your right place and serve in new jobs and new communities with a tribe that loves you and honours your gifts.

…to free yourself from living any other way but according to what allows you to serve love, what makes you feel free, and what draws you closer to joy and your knowledge of your inherent worth.

…to break the silence that is doing harm when it could be serving the greater good.

…to become more aligned with your beliefs and values in your everyday life.

…to realize that you are not prepared or willing to receive what it is you desire.

…to end a relationship or change the rules of engagement.

…to admit why you’re afraid to start a new one or be on your own for a while (shout out to some universal truth here: #weareneveralone).

…to open the door to the Sag archetype of the Optimist who wants to show you the abundance of things you have to be grateful for compared to the short list of what you’ve been complaining about.

…to acknowledge that your people-pleasing ways may be causing more negativity than joy.

…to accept that your life is meant to unfold with much greater ease, happiness and grace than it might currently be.

…to discern what choices you’ve made based on fear and the ones you’ve made from love.

…to be honest about what you are denying that is preventing you from healing or moving forward on multiple levels.

…to see that your whole life has been happening for you, not to you.

“If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading.”
~Lao Tzu

When we stay in a lie, the low vibration of that false claim creates thoughts, feelings, relationships and experiences that reflect the guilt, the shame, the sadness and the fear until the discomfort causes such pain that the only balm that will promote healing is the truth.

So why hide out in a lie if all this truth-telling has the potential to be so great for us?

For some of us, we are unaware we’re even living a lie because we’ve become so hooked into our own personal stories of truth, embodying the archetypal Evangelist as we passionately tell our stories of come hell or high water.

But this is what activations like the New Moon have to offer us—an injection of new energy that can create fresh pages of our life stories, leaving behind twisted plot lines that may have been entertaining for our egos but death to our souls.

The scariest part for some of us peering around the corners of truth is that speaking our truth does open us up to new roads with sometimes unfamiliar faces and places without any guarantees of worldly success.

But Sufi teacher and mystic Hazrat Inayat Khan says, “Truth alone is success, and real success is truth.

In fact, change is part of a sacred process intended to wake you up to the truth of who you are—an aspect of creator energy/Source Energy.

And once you know who you are, when your ego or someone else’s ego tells you something you are not, you can instantly feel the lie, the assumption, the prejudice, the projection, or the bias.

You can then dress yourself up in your fanciest co-creator duds for a night on the town (and the rest of your life) celebrating that you know the truth of who you are.

This New Moon, find ten minutes to breathe in the courage that it will take to seek out the lies hiding in the shadows right now. On the exhale, surrender to learning some new truths about yourself that will dismantle any lies unconsciously running your life.

Pay attention to what seeds you plant in your intention-setting and be prepared to take consistent, wise action–you have to water those seeds!  Call on your Inner Guru to show you the way and the Optimist to give you the faith and trust that all will be shown according to the divine timing and order already written into the script of the Big Picture that is your Life Plan.

Letting the truth set you free is not a trite maxim, for when the heart awakens and the spirit has more space to love, in the end, truth is always the best kind of medicine for what ails a heart that’s heard one too many lies.

Love a Fellow Truth-Swinging Trail Mate,

P.S. We are in the season of many other SAGITTARIUS ARCHETYPES, some of which need to be riding up front while others in their shadow forms may need to take a permanent back seat:

The Gypsy, The Wanderer, The Scholar, The Teacher, The Philosopher, The Optimist, Sophia, The Fool (for Love), The Spiritualist, The Faithful, The Fanatic, The Evangelist


January 16, 9:17 pm (Capricorn)
February 15, 4:06 pm (Partial Aquarius Solar Eclipse)

January 1, 9:24 pm (Cancer)
January 31, 8:27 am (Total Leo Lunar Eclipse)

December 3 – 22 (Sagittarius)

December 21, 11:28 am

*Times are in Eastern Standard Time

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