Business Coaching and Copy Services

How My Story Could Impact Your Business and Your Life

Although I jumped out of the academic gate with a Bachelor of Education so I could be a classroom teacher, I quickly realized by age 25 that the work I came here to do would have to provide more freedom to impact people in ways that were aligned to my values, my passions and my purpose. Self-employment was the clear choice. 

For over two decades now, I have enjoyed running my own businesses, including my first business that involved tutoring and mentoring students for some of the most prestigious schools in the world as well as collaborating on numerous types of creative, academic and marketing projects including movie scripts, novels, dissertations, advertising and website copy.

At the center of each relationship—whether it has been a student or a client—is my desire and my skill in bringing into awareness what actions people might take in order to step into the greater vision they have for their lives. 

In 2015, I levelled up my own vision, calling on the Universe to use me in ways that would help others shine their light as bright, as far and as wide as possible.

My second business, Love Matters, was born as a result, created so that I could work with clients on a vertical, multi-dimensional level through mapping, mentoring and manifesting the High Story of their lives—including the riveting part of this real-life Tale where the world experiences the impact their joy-filled, successful business makes.

My intention in any collaboration into which we enter is ensuring that your message and your great work do not go unnoticed and are crafted in a way that is undeniably you and ultimately impactful. 

Below are some of the ways we might collaborate:    

Starting from Scratch
You’re excited about your brand new business. You have a ton of ideas, but you can’t seem to get them on paper or written in a way that reflects just how fantastic you are and how amazing your mission is behind the services and products you want to offer. I can help.

*5 pages of copy and minor tweaks for one month after your site is launched.
*1 customized opt-in offer or landing page.
*6 information and inspiration-packed one-hour business/website coaching sessions.
*One check-in email a week for the duration of our collaboration.
*You’ll also receive PDF documents as needed that guide you in how you can craft your message about you, your services and your products.

Your copy is your mission, your voice, your heart.

Lots of extras and goodies with this package and an option to have a free reading of your Love Map (the astrology chart I’ve created that looks at your Life Plan based on an archetypal and intuitive reading of that plan!).

Investment: $1300 (Canadian clients add 5% GST)

Polish Your Prose
You have some ideas. I have some ideas. Your web content is ready, set and nearly a go. You’ve written most of the copy yourself, but you’d like some input and editing. 

*5 pages of copy and minor tweaks for one month after your site is launched.
*1 customized opt-in offer or landing page.
*1 check-in email a week.
*2 one-hour business coaching sessions to ensure you’re in alignment with your vision and love the words on the page as much as your potential customers will.

Investment: $500 (Canadian clients add 5% GST)

Straight-up Editing
You don’t need my input. You’re just looking for an editor to ensure coherence and clarity in your copy and corrections for any grammar or punctuation mistakes that might have slipped in. My 20+ years of professional editing experience are here to assist you.

Investment: 3 hours for $225; 6 hours for $400 (Canadian clients add 5% GST)

Please feel free to contact me at to set up a Discovery Session and see how we can make your business and copy dreams an earth-bound reality.