What do you want? What are you living for? What do you love? What brings you joy?

Questions like these asked at the right time in conjunction with the right type of mentoring have the ability to create a profound shift in a person’s life.

Imagine for a few moments your idealized life including your ideal body, physical health, a loving partner, the type of friendships you desire, your default high-vibrational  state, the expression on your face, your home, the city (cities) in which you live, the career you love, the abundance you have, the creativity that is flowing out of you, the impact you are making. 

By the universal principles and laws of energy and desire, this version of you exists on a timeline to which your soul is longing to connect. Our work together in this life-changing program is to create the foundation to take you there.


Mentoring others has been one of the greatest gifts I have received in this lifetime–professionally and personally.

It is an honour to watch people set intentions in all areas of their lives and then through our work together remove the barriers to have their heart’s desires.

If you feel you are at a place in your life where you have dreams you know you came here to manifest or maybe you desire clarity on what you want, you may be ready for this type of support that encompasses you learning “The Foundation” plus one or more modules:

**Past life Readings

**Energy Healing (in-person only)

**Quantum Power Manifesting

**Intuitive Astrology

**Connecting with Cosmic Beings (your multidimensional mentors)

**Becoming an Intuitive Practitioner and Creating Your Own Practice

But first, if you’ve not worked with me, let’s take a little time to get to know each other.  You have options!!

You may choose to read my Love Letters or Lunar Love Notes, or check out my Jenn Kosh – Love Matters Facebook page to see what I stand for and why I am here.

If you just know you are ready for the next steps towards intuitive mastery and creating a life you love, contact me and I’ll send you an application to see if I’m the right person to help you tap into and radiate your gifts–which, by the way, the world needs more than ever.

Once we review your application, we’ll set up a time to chat to see if we both feel we are a resounding, heck-yes fit for this part of the magical, heroic human journey you are on.

You are absolutely worth the investment. Please do not hesitate to CONTACT ME with any of your questions.