Individual Sessions. Calgary, Alberta – $90/hour
Step into the realm of a natural body of energy work through the doorway of Reiki, a beautiful energy healing used to calm and harmonize the body, mind and spirit. Reiki is also used to reduce the symptoms of many physical, mental and emotional issues as well as help you achieve a higher level of spiritual awareness, connecting you to your Higher Self.  

If you’re open to contact from angels, guides and loved ones on the other side, clients often receive loving messages of hope and healing. (You can read my blog Love Letter #13 for more detail!)  Sessions are done in the comfort of your home in the Calgary area. Book your Reiki session here for a deeply restorative and healing experience.

Long-Distance Healing – $40/half-hour
Experience energy healing from anywhere you are in the world and achieve powerful results equivalent to an in-person session. The incredibly powerful Connection Symbol allows me to connect to any place at any time in order to carry out a full Reiki treatment, potentially transforming your life as this healing energy can ignite personal and spiritual growth, amplify inspiration and intuition, and create a container for clarity, wisdom and joy to grow.  Yes, it is indeed possible to send a complete Reiki session to you as if you were right there with me. Book a 30-minute session (equivalent to over 90 minutes of in-person Reiki) and experience improved well-being for a higher quality of life.

“Never lose hope, my dear heart.
Miracles dwell in the invisible.”



Reiki is an ancient healing modality that works by rebalancing the body’s energy flow and promoting healing. This hands-on, non-invasive practice removes blockages within the body that may have been built up for years (and maybe even lifetimes) that have resulted in physical pain, stress, emotional worries and an inability to move forward.

Reiki lovingly goes to anything within our consciousness—physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually—that is out of balance. It, therefore, goes right to the core of issues and conditions. It also expands consciousness, changing how we see and understand things on many levels.

In my own journey with Reiki, I have been gifted with the ability to connect my clients to the messages and healing activations of many Angels and Ascended Masters who are here to mentor us for our highest human potential.

With this love and this intention in mind, I offer to support you in activating and deepening your relationship with these loving energies who desire to uplift your spirits, embody your own sacredness and guide you to claim and integrate your many gifts and talents in order to give joyful service to others in this lifetime. Reiki is a beautiful and harmonious complement to working with these multidimensional masters.

Reiki is taught in three degrees followed by the Master Teacher training.


Usui Reiki I Certification – $250

In this course, you will

  • learn the history and ethics of Reiki as well as the universal principles of self-healing
  • learn the Five Reiki Precepts
  • receive the Usui Reiki First Degree Attunement
  • learn hand positions for self-healing and treatment
  • be given a meditation and gentle breathing practices to enhance the flow of Reiki
  • learn how to set up and give a treatment for others including scanning and beaming
  • learn how to use Reiki to enhance the energy of food and plants as well as an introduction in how transmit Reiki to animals
  • learn hand placements targeting all major chakras to diagnose blocks and provide a steady flow of energy to these areas to align and balance
  • be attuned to your personal team of Angels and Ascended Masters providing you a sacred space to connect with the most powerful energies available to you at this time for your healing journey (optional)
  • receive a Reiki First Degree Certificate indicating completion of this level
  • receive a professional Reiki manual used for Level I and II (additional charge)

Usui Reiki II Certification – $275

In addition to reviewing the material in the Reiki First Degree Class, you will be given the Second Degree attunement that includes learning three symbols that increase your ability to transmit the Reiki energy. In addition, you will be given three other symbols that have been taught to Jennifer by her Reiki Master teachers. These symbols are doorways in consciousness and stretch through time and space so healing and transformation can happen very quickly.

With the three main symbols, the Power symbol, the Mental/Emotional symbol and the Distant symbol, you will learn to

  • boost the flow of energy through your hands
  • increase your ability to direct energy for physical healing
  • increase your intuition, psychic ability, and mental focus
  • learn the “many hands” healing technique
  • create a state of mind of “oneness” in order to do distant healing for others and send Reiki into the past to heal traumas for yourself and others
  • invoke energies of protection and empowerment
  • learn how to empower intentions and goals for rapid manifestation

With the three additional symbols, you will learn to

  • help heal relationships
  • ground and connect yourself to Mother Earth (ideal for people who have an issue staying present or feeling rooted in their bodies)
  • increase your psychic energy
  • work with past life and karmic issues, healing the imprints carried in our energy fields
  • heal addictions and develop good habits
  • develop compassionate action
  • learn how to develop your own Reiki Practice with clients if you so desire
  • deepen your connection to the Angels and Ascended Masters who are here to work with you (optional)

Come with your beautiful intentions for love and learn how to deepen your healing evolution.

Are you ready to lean in and live a life inspired by who you truly are and what you truly love?

This is how we begin. 

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