You know you self-sabotage your life–often–when it comes to money.

You have a burning desire to make a difference in other people’s lives but do not have the money, the resources or the steps forward to make it happen.

You are holding yourself back by refusing to look at the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about your relationship with money.


I’ve been there, I know!


Imagine this timeline: You are consistently taking steps and making your dreams a reality by manifesting the money and the resources to have the creative opportunities, the wealth, the career and the life you have felt in your heart and pictured in your head a thousand times.

Ask yourself these questions: What would be the most profound career you could envision, one in which you are deeply tapping into your gifts and the way you came here to contribute? How much money would you make? Where would you live? Do you see yourself travelling? Who is there with you? 

What would it be worth to have the knowledge and the tools to transform permanently any limiting genetic, cultural and core beliefs that may be keeping you from living your on-fire, on-purpose success story?


In this course, you will receive six hours of personalized coaching along with the tools and the teachings to change your mindset and target the root causes of any beliefs you hold that prevent you from magnetizing, maintaining and multiplying your money and your success.

The Prosperity Sessions come with a big intention to help empower you to stop the emotionally and mentally draining cycle of lack and playing small.

These sessions will help you identify, clear and transmute your blocks, so you may manifest the resources and the money you desire, creating the career, the opportunities and the lifestyle you know you and your loved ones are meant to have.

Read the TESTIMONIALS from my clients who have manifested incredible financial abundance and opportunities in a very short time using the teachings offered in this life-changing program. 

Isn’t it time that you learned how to leverage the tool that money is
and create a life of your dreams?


Register now and be prepared for unlimited prosperity, a life of freedom and true fulfilment. Ask me for all the abundant details!

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“Jenn’s program The Prosperity Sessions is a beautiful course for anyone looking to ignite their highest self. 
Always full of loving spiritual guidance and motivational advice, she is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable.  You can feel her passion through each weekly online session.  Jenn provides you with valuable tools to keep you positively progressing towards your purpose.
These tools are priceless. She is a powerful force with a gentle, amazing soul.
All knowing in exactly what you need to hear at exactly the right time.  She is a shining light of love. Jenn instilled in me the confidence that anything is possible.
The belief to invest in yourself is forever ingrained within.  I highly recommend her Prosperity Sessions.”

~Kim Carpenter. Writer.  Artist.  Photographer. Bimberlynn | Soulworks

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