In many traditions, winter is known as the season of storytelling,
people sitting around the fire and sharing during the long, cold nights.

I designed this season’s offerings to support your story
of how 2018 was the year in which your vision to love, inspire and impact
others became a reality
and the tale of that story of yours others will soon tell.

“Request Jenn’s services If you are seeking an empath with solid intuition, understanding and amazing energy.
Her words reflect both sides of the coin so you can see the world in a new way.
She delivers a fresh perspective on the past, with hope and understanding for the future.
The Love Map’s translation is an understanding of yourself and how you fit into the larger picture of the universe.
The takeaways are the supporting materials that are of the gift of conscious awareness to be utilized when my busy life has my soul adrift.
Listening to Jenn’s insight has helped me manifest new possibilities and planted the seeds of what I want to achieve and share with the world.

BEE KAPITAN, Vancouver, BC


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