Aries Full Moon: The Search for the Sacred Masculine

Full Moon in Aries
October 1, 2020
2:06 pm Pacific, 5:06 pm Eastern

in the 9th Degree of the Crystal Gazer,
of Insight, Clarity & Awareness

When all my awareness is Yours,
what can there be to know?


Dear Friend,

The Moon is Full of Love’s luminous light in fiery Aries, sparking emotional outbursts like this one:


Day 11 of a 40-day pilgrimage into the heart, a women’s circle that I’m “leading” has melted me into a mascara-stained, sobbing puddle of Love. I put “leading” because I know who’s in charge (not me). Clearly not me (laughter, more tears). 

My life being utterly, completely, irrevocably directed by Her. She who is known as Durga, Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Saraswati, Kali, Kuan Yin, Isis, Parvati, Lalita, Lakshmi.  She has many names and faces. 

Who will we be on the other side of these 40 days? 

I ask myself the same question of this year and in this moment, this Full Moon in Aries. 

Who will we be on the other side? 

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, COVID and the other personal and collective heartbreaks have split so many of our hearts wide open. 

And now I find myself in a place where I can’t get through morning practice, writing this Lunar Love Note, even client sessions without tears rolling off my face, without bowing my head in the most profound gratitude I have for Her presence amidst this time of deconstruction and rebirth.

So the energies are strong, stronger than I’ve ever felt them.

The Moon (our emotions), Mars (our masculine energy), Chiron (our sacred wounds) all in Aries now activating the parts of our chart and the parts of our psyches they touch.

What’s been activated for you?  

The year 2020 has been a year of consistent purging and releasing of large amounts of toxic energies that have been growing, spreading, magnifiying in direct proportion to the growing, spreading, magnifying of the resurgence and reclamation of the Sacred Feminine in every facet of our lives.

Women, men
 and children placed directly in the line of fire while those of us who can and who must gather up immense reserves of courage and love to abandon what’s harming, what’s hurting in order to undergo intense purging, releasing, transforming.

So many inspiring examples of women, men and children on this planet willing to bring up and peer directly into the personal and collective shadow.

With the Sun in relationship-oriented Libra, the feminine energies of the Moon in partnership with the masculine energies of Aries (Soldier, Warrior, Defender, Pioneer, Competitor, Innovator, Activist) will be offering healing to those places where we separate from Love, the Lone Wolf looking to travel with her pack. 

All systems go for all systems not serving love must go. 

The masculine energies willing to respond to the call, taking notice, watching how the Divine Feminine moves. The Sacred Masculine showing up and moving in this world as Defenders, Activists, Protectors, Warriors, Innovators for Love.

Hearts breaking, destiny unfolding, planets colliding, tsunami-sized waves of opportunity, of change coming at a dramatic cost to our small self, egoic ways.

Love soothing the wounded warrior parts of our psyches that fight and resist because of fear, of great loss, of heart-shattering hurt. 

No more, we say to the Aries part of our personalities that choose to separate rather than be in union. Time for the Inner Masculine to be marked by the wild heart of the Sacred Feminine, letting Her imprint you so deeply and thoroughly that you have no choice but take Her hand and rise up.

What will you boldy declare this Full Moon? What emotional outburst will you make in the name of Love? 

Lay it all down, my friend, all the warring parts rest them at Her feet, surrendering over and over again to Her Love in the search, healing and embodiment of the Sacred Masculine within and without.

Rumi counsels, “Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form.” But if you do find yourself crying, may the tears you shed in the process, water the seeds of your renewal. 

Sending you all my love,

In search of the Sacred Masculine within you, what are you releasing in order to heal & embody a deeper, authentic expression of your Inner Masculine? 

1. What is the situation, story, state I’m releasing?

2. What stands in my way inside and out? 

3. What resources are available to me? 

4. How do I transform my fears, my concerns? 

5. Who can I trust to guide me? (use a deck with a goddess/angel/mentor/guide, etc. in it? 

6. What Magic of mine is ready to come to the light? 

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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5 thoughts on “Aries Full Moon: The Search for the Sacred Masculine”

  1. Hey Jenn,
    Lovely to see you in the Rubies Circle this morning (your evening). I just completed my Tarot for the Inner Masculine. Poem posted in Rubies. You will laugh. When I got to Q. 5 about who is guiding me, forgetting about the masculine I kept asking if it would by The Empress, The Priestess, Igraine, Britannia and I got Arthur which is the most apt as he is the Masculine lol. Thanks always. Love you xxxx

    1. Wow. That’s so funny–Arthur that’s perfect. And it was lovely to see you in the Rubies tonight as well. Your poems are so healing–such a gift you are.

    2. And I found your Full Moon in Aries poem I love!!

      Full Moon in Aries
      “I release the bonds of the past
      To my values, I hold fast
      Where before, my strength had wavered
      I feared what I proposed would not be favoured
      But the resources of an imaginative mind
      Created my worthy cause to find
      Although some may give a negative vibe
      I will adapt, anticipate and I will no longer hide
      With the steadfast reason of a King
      I will champion my Quest, and it to fruition bring
      The heralding of a new opportunity
      Fueled by Freedom, Hope and my destiny”

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