Full Moon in Gemini: Goodbye, My Lover

“With our thoughts, we make the world,” Buddha once said.
Do you like what you see? 

Full Moon in Gemini

December 11 and 12

 (9:12 pm PST; 12:12 am EST)

In the 20th Degree 
of Gratitude & Choice

The Set-Up for this Lunar Love Note: A goodbye letter to a harmful relationship that Gemini, who rules our communication and our intellect, knows well. 

If you’re on the edge of saying goodbye to someone or something, please hold that sacred space you’re walking while reading this Lunar Love Note.

Dear You:

In true Storyteller fashion, I can see how you, my darling, have dominated the pages of the Love Story my heart—not my mind—was born to write.

You enthralled me with your wild stories when I was a child, teased me with your imaginative spirit as a teen and seduced me with your fierce intellect as an adult, making me believe in the power of my mind to create the world of my dreams. I loved how you made me feel. 

So I became obsessed with learning, the need to consume as much information as my brain could store. Your voice grew louder and your tales more outrageous and I started to believe that I didn’t know enough, wasn’t doing enough, that I would never be enough.

You kept me up at night, often stole hours of precious sleep with my racing thoughts and fearful forecasts that had me grasping for new information to ease this pain and anxiety.

How I believed the stories you told, the diversions you created reinforced by the structures and systems that run in full service to this tiny, under-utilized computer inside our head. 

But I’m done. Something broke inside.

I simply have no more time for the criticizing, the fence-sitting, the fearful imaginings, the false stories you create. I will no longer torture myself with the what if’s and the why not’s, the incessant replays of my personal history. I will no longer berate myself for the desires that I have.

I now know that these dreams of laughter and love, freedom and fulfillment, peace and beauty, have been placed inside me, so I’m compelled to open my arms wide enough to receive a different story.

No, I don’t hate you–I’m not even mad anymore. I want you to understand that I realize what you’ve been doing. I believe some part of you wanted to protect me from change, from getting hurt, shielding me from the shards of the glass ceilings I’ve been breaking.

And will continue to break.

Because I’m no longer enthralled by the drama of an undisciplined mind, of easy fiction, of the smell of cheap entertainment.

You see I’ve been dedicated to tuning in and tracking my dreams. In this inner exploration, I’ve found some powerful Allies who’ve kept the fire burning when I couldn’t always see the light on the path of True Love, to feel the Divine in every pore of my being.

So, my beautiful mind, the truth is the doorway is through the heart.

And because I know this, I’m releasing you and our complicated history this Full Moon.  I’ve written our story here in this letter, which I will burn in honour of this freedom I feel.

Flames. Ashes. Desire. Rebirth.

So goodbye to you, my lover. We’ll remain friends, of course.

I just gave you too much control because that’s what I learned to do.

But I know how to quiet your voice now by meditating every day, connecting to my breath, tuning in to my body, to my own beating heart, to intuit how to weave and dance in this world.

I trust my heart and am letting Her guide my decisions, for She speaks the language of my Soul. And I’m falling in love with my life more and more each day.

Look at the time. I must go.

I’m going to walk away now. Don’t ask me to stay—your words that used to dazzle, daze and confuse have lost their effect on me.

I’m being fed more these days by the Higher Mind and the fierce, loving intellect of the Divine Light.  

I just need to open the door to my heart every day and breathe in that light because when I do, I know how beautifully tender and precious this life can be. 

Love from my bursting heart,

Your Full Moon Ceremony

It’s the last Full Moon of 2019, such an opportune time to release what’s been playing on our minds that feels heavy, untrue, unkind, hard.

Ceremony is that sacred time to communicate with your heart and ask for a more loving way.

Gemini is a fresh energy that brings in clariy and new perspective–and an important reminder that we are always in choice.  

WRITING A GOODBYE LETTER: Writing a letter and burning it is a powerful, alchemical process in freeing ourselves from what is unkind and untrue so we can grow in loving awareness. 

This Full Moon, you might put pen to paper and write a letter about a relationship you are prepared to let go and the reasons for this decision.

This relationship may be with an addiction, a specific fear, a self-imposed barrier.   

This relationship could be with a person (romantic, friend, professional or spiritual) who’s negatively impacted how you view yourself, the choices you’ve made in your life, the ways you’ve held yourself back.

Often when we realize we’ve given a part of ourselves away to someone or something for too long, sadness and even shame can come in. Let that go.

Love yourself enough to release it all, feeling grateful for the Sacred Knowing you now have, realizing you came for this liberation so you can reclaim your Heart Wisdom and the Divine Mind.

Burn this letter as a symbolic act that you’re ready for something different, acknowledging and taking responsibility for your learning. 

What or whom are you ready to say goodbye to?

If you feel called, comment below. We’re all walking some edge of transformation. Let’s do so together. 

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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14 thoughts on “Full Moon in Gemini: Goodbye, My Lover”

  1. I’m not crying, you’re crying…thank you Jenn. I’m ready to release even when I thought what I was carrying was not that heavy. Sometimes we do the work and then the weight of the daily creeps in and we need to reevaluate where we are and where we are going. I will continue, love always.

    1. Haha to the first few words because I know you and how wonderfully, beautifully strong you are–and as strong as you are, how deeply you feel as part of your strength. I love you, sister. Enjoy the release–lots of tears flowing here too. You signed up for a big Gemini learning, didn’t you?

      1. Hi Jenn
        This happens upon me at a very pivotal time in my life. I have read and re-read and I am ready to say goodbye. I have given everything I know so far with no emotional return in any way, shape or form. I know I am more than what I am right now and ready to take the steps to be a better me but I’m scared.

        1. Ardelle, I can feel how ready you are to move from where you are. It is scary to be walking an edge of change as big as yours feels, especially when you aren’t sure of what happens when you take that pivotal step that catapults you to a different place. Sending you many, many blessings.

  2. That was so beautiful, so powerful and so accurate it gives me chills. You speak the language of power and love. This makes you so poetic. Thank you for sharing your gorgeous heart and your connection with spirit. The way you express yourself is so beautiful. Thank you!

    1. Your heart is so big and you also communicate with so much power and love. I’m touched and grateful that my writing had the effect it did on you and maybe it’s no surprise since your Mars is in the 3rd House of Gemini (and so is your Neptune)–you move and you love through the power of the spoken and written word. Thank you, my friend, for being here and being authentically you.

  3. The left over tears in writing a “Goodbye my Lover’ letter is breathing in the sadness and embracing the catharthis that is needed and overdue. Thank you Jenn. The old love will always be but in its rightful place. Time for the new love to enter. xxxx

    1. I know where you are coming from, friend. You are doing the love-work and I know how hard this would have been for you. I love you–and so does the knight. A new love is on its way. xo

  4. Dearest Jenn,
    Divine timing as always! You have a graceful way of articulating how we all collectively feel. Today, I am owning the decisions I have made, loving them, honoring them however at the same time releasing them. They no longer serve my Higher Story! Goodbye holding myself back and to being small. I am a powerhouse of Love time to show up and own it!!!
    Sending big Love, Cindi

    1. That’s so beautiful to hear. Thank you. I can feel the strength in your farewell message to the decisions you’ve made and have now released. And yes, you are a powerhouse of REVOLUTIONARY love!! See you in the Rubies, my friend. xo

  5. Pure poetry Jenn. Your words are just beautiful and so aligned with the last full moon of the year. What a time to be releasing, letting go and shedding all that no longer serves us. I’ve already felt relationships changing and some I’m consciously letting go of. For good now. May this full moon be one that serves us all in the way that helps propel us to our best selves!


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