Full Moon in Pisces: The Call of the Mystic

Stay close to those who know about the heart.
Choose the shade of a tree
That is in constant bloom.
Don’t meander aimlessly

Among the herb sellers and potion vendors.
Go directly to the shop
That sells nothing but sweets.

Full Moon in Pisces: Sept 13, 9:32 PM PST/Sept 14, 12:32 AM EST

Have you ever seen an Angel before? 

I did. Just the other day.

He took the shape of a disheveled man in his 30s slumped down on a church’s faded brick wall at the corner of two city streets. I saw the aura around this light-filled being as he rolled up his wrinkled red shorts, placed a needle in one shaky hand while stretching and steadying himself to shoot into his veins whatever concoction was in that needle.

The traffic light turned green and as we drove away, the Addict in me recognized the Addict in him at the same time his Light activated my Heart-Light.  

As I saw a security guard approach, I prayed for his safekeeping, silently acknowledging the journey this Divine Being is on.

I then thanked this Angel of the reminder to infuse in every vein, every cell, every fiber of my being a Divine Sweetness, for I know that at times, I too, have forgotten who I am that I AM, heading to those darker places where I’ve numbed–not like my Friend on the street–but in the myriad ways we humans escape what is hurting. 

If you’ve tasted that highly refined Divine Sweetness enough times and realize there’s an endless supply, the only thing to do is to frequent those Shops that offer nothing but that type of goodness. 

Pisces, as all water signs do, knows the program of the Addict well because Pisces has the ability to empath and tune into the pleasure and the pain of all sentient beings on this planet in their archetypal role as the Sensitive, the Healer, the Psychic, the Dreamer, the Artist, the Lover, the Giver and the Troubadour, experiencing both the ecstasy and the heartbreak of being human, His and Her sensitivity to the pain often giving birth to great acts of Love through the Great Work they do–inside and out. 

Sometimes in Pisces’ well-meaning desire to conjure up the Salve in the form of their love they believe will save so many from what ails them, the Martyr program becomes activated, casting a heavy veil of naivety that does little to protect the sensitive soul.

This Full Moon could call up where you may have felt powerless or victimized in offering your love to who or what moves you, a love that might not have been fully returned.

Pisces shows us that we should not despair about this because we’re here for Big Love, just not at the mercy of unrequited love, over-giving, abusive relationships or secret affairs that cause us to lose our voice, give our power away, or fall into the debilitating traps of self-harm, depression, anxiety or addiction.

How do we find the doorway to a higher level of knowing, a more loving way of loving then?

The Mystic steps forward this Full Moon, center stage—and that part of you who knows this archetypal energy is being called forth to join Her—yes, center stage.


Maybe you’ve already activated her within your heart, the Inner Mystic who always has her luminous, outstretched Hand ready to lift you higher in your growing consciousness. 

Maybe you feel the Mystic now more than ever, showing you the everyday grace of transcendental moments that fill you with awe, wonder and connection to the great mysteries of Love. 

Frankly, the Mystic is not all that concerned with seeing angels and directly communicating with higher sources of love and light—although She is grateful when that does happen—for She longs to have experiences of expanded states of awareness to fortify her faith, yes, but also to help transform people’s perceptions of a 3D world, offering hope to those who are unsure or unaware of their divine purpose for being here.

As the Mystic opens doors to higher levels of consciousness, the cruel programs from which we humans can operate–blame, fear, silence, judge, envy, greed, hopelessness, hate and rage–begin to melt, opening the flood-gates for greater service, for fiercer boundaries, for compassionate understanding, for kind-hearted listening, for True Love to take root and GROW.

When working with a Full Moon in Pisces, we take our consciousness and tune into what the world needs now. However, the Dreamer must look inside at their inner being to see where the prejudice, addiction, trauma, divisiveness, separation and suffering still live within.

To see our individual Dream come to life within the collective Dream, we must increase our mystical intelligence as Caroline Myss writes. We’re still developing the capacity to feel, to tell the truth, to operate from inner knowing and the higher calling of heart-aligned decisions and action.

As our mystical intelligence grows, we intuitively know which kind word to offer, which relationships to end, which ones to begin, what questions to ask, what actions to take, when to offer our experience and when to offer a compassionate ear. 

We experience less fear as we know we can receive clear information and higher guidance that allows us to trust divine timing and order, giving us the patience to let a situation unfold so we can make decisions big and small around completing a creative project, writing a memoir, starting a new business, healing a broken relationship or planning a big move. 

When we see life through the eyes of the Mystic, when we’re tuned in to higher frequencies of Love, the gift is seeing the unseen along with the gift of standing as the Witness, present to what’s going on around us with a higher and expanded view.

Your Full Moon Ceremony

The Moon acts as a symbolic key to unlocking mysteries and secrets when we take the time go within. 

Full Moons are also about release. The Light illuminates what is standing in our way of manifesting our dreams and living our True Calling. 

If you receive these Love Notes in your Inbox (if not, please do me the honour and sign up below), a Tarot Spread is waiting for you, designed to help you tune into your intuition and the messages ready to be downloaded right now for your Higher Plan. 

No matter how you mark this powerful Full Moon, do something (big or small) that calls forth the Mystic from a place of True Love. 

When your vibration rises, so does your experience of life. Tremendous healing can occur on all levels and access to your higher self becomes available, leading you from What’s in this life for me? to How can I serve within this Dream I’m dreaming?—which is Pisces’ intent ultimately and an important reminder this Full Moon.

Former Muggle to aspiring Mystic,
in the unfolding
of this Great Sacred Mystery,

P.S. If you’ve had a mystical experience that you think one of us needs to read, please share. Because when one Mystic shares Her story with another, we both heal. xo 

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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13 thoughts on “Full Moon in Pisces: The Call of the Mystic”

  1. Feeling sad and hopeful at the same time. Thank you for shedding some light on how we are all of it. The addict and the light.

    1. Happy Full Moon…and yes we are all of archetypes at any time. Some we activate and some we need to unplug from. I’m glad you are feeling your feelings–even the sad ones, but still feel hopeful because there is always hope, Josie. Always.

    2. Love this Jenn!! I think you described me as a ♓ Pisces 🙋❤

      While the Full Moon has now passed, I’ve already been steady and enjoying cultivating and developing my intuition and can feel the growth happening. 🙏

      1. Lisa!! You sure are. These Moons are sweet check-ins for me, feeling into the energies to see what’s being called forth and what’s being called to be released. Developing my intuition has been a journey just like yours. xo

  2. I’m currently in Rome, Italy and woke at 3:30am which I believe aligns with this new moon. The idea of mystical intelligence intrigues me as I struggle to understand and accept what I would consider to be ‘roadblocks’ to what I want to do/who I long to be. My thoughts return to the pillars I wish to live by and the thought of releasing ego based desires in favour of ‘right timing’ and helping build communities from a different place. It is indeed humbling. Thank you for posing this beautiful invitation Jenn!


    1. Yes, you are currently in Rome, Italy!!! Your journey is an amazing one to witness–and it feels as if you are in the flow of divine timing and order for all the great things you are already doing and the great things yet to come. You have a big heart and such a huge desire to serve so with that powerhouse combination, so much will be given. Namaste, dear friend.

  3. What a perfect read for my Venus in Pisces’s heart. I have written out “how can I serve within the dream I’m dreaming?” In bold letters and will put it in a place I can see it and work with it. I also did the card layout spread and it was incredibly kind and insightful. Thank you Jen!

    1. Hmmm, I love that!! I’m going to do that too! Lol. I did the spread this morning and am always amazed how the Tarot reflects the perfect message for the intention/question. Glad yours was kind and insightful. And yes, let’s give a sweet shout out to your beautiful, watery, intuitive, lovely Venus in Pisces’s heart. xxoo

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