Full Moon in Taurus: The Shadow Relationship of Love and Money

November 12, 2019 
5:34 am PST/8:34 am EST

While we’re clearly here for the Love, money just happens to be one of the great teachers of our time.

With the Full Moon in Taurus opposite the alchemical powers of the Scorpio Sun, we’ve been gifted a potent opportunity to tune into the stories we’re living in the areas of Wealth Creation, Dream-Building and Love-Making.

Yes, this Taurus Full Moon comes to you with an important message about your love and your money.

With so much focus on how to manifest, sometimes what we glean from social media’s depiction of Universal Laws of Attraction, Vibration and Inspired Action can land as overused catchphrases and outworn memes.

But manifesting what our soul is calling us to is anything but trite.

Exploring the landscape of our most sacred dreams is holy work, requiring deep nourishment rooted in self-love and self-acceptance and a clear recognition of soul-aligned values.

Taurus stands in all its fixed, Earthy Essence as an energtic Ally that
           fortifies our values and beliefs, 
           connects us literally to the stuff our dreams are made of 
           and provides the resources to make those dreams comes true.

Archetypes often assigned to Taurus ideals of love and money such as the Prostitute, the Romantic, the Lover, the Laborer, the Builder (of dreams), the Accumulator and the Miser are powerful energetic forces we experience inside and out that show us when our relationship to love and money becomes imbalanced.

While Love is the foundation of all physical matter on this planet, money itself is a neutral energy.

That is, until we become imprinted by the economic systems we’re born into, the generational stories we’re evolving from, the societal influences we’re bombarded with, the beliefs we cling to.  

Our human-crafted realities in contrast to an ancient, buried knowing of our inherent divine worth trigger an inner tension that will eventually demand we regain a balanced relationship between love and money, ensuring we get our priorites aligned.

When I was 27 years old, I thought Love ruled my life until I had my first conscious encounter with my Angelic Guides, my Multidimensional Mentors as I call them now, who showed up to deliver a life-altering experience in a used bookstore.

A book sandwiched in a tightknit row of other titles inexplicably dislodged itself and impossibly moved to my outstretched hands. 

I watched the book ever so slightly rock back and forth, vibrating as if the book’s atoms were being broken down and rearranged so it could float to the place I could physically touch it. 

And as amazing as “The Mircale of the Moving Book” was, a second book-moving miracle occurred later that week at a different store. 

After this second book inched its way into my life, I cancelled all my work for the next several days, devouring the contents of these magical books–one about money, the other about love. 

And although I’ve always held an unwavering belief that the reason for our existence is love, the book about manifesting money became my holy text for several years. 

Having lived much of my childhood in financial scarcity, I felt the words on each page of the money book like electrical switches firing inside, activating and aligning me to this secret that the Universe wanted to give me everything I desired. 

And what I wanted most at 27 was money–which to me would keep me safe and provide me security in a world that hadn’t felt that way since I was a child.

With my Beginner’s Mind and an “anything is possible” mentality, I easily manifested through affirmations and creative visualizations a thriving educational business, building my client base to a place where I stopped adding names to a waitlist that had grown to three years long. 

On the money and career front, it was a liberating, empowering time, realizing that I could send a request to the Universe about the support I was seeking–financial and otherwise–and often in as little as two hours, I’d receive. 

I had that much faith in and evidence of the Law of Attraction in action. 

On the homefront, however, the weak foundation I’d built over several years was crumbling. 

While growing my business and serving the children I was working with continued to consume most of my time, I saw the imbalance in my priorities had caught up in my life–to the point of negligence. 

And my body was letting me know.


I know the Prostitute well, starting as a child who worked for money at the tender age of 10, enjoying the ability to buy the litre of milk that sometimes her parents could not afford to buy. 

The Prostitute’s been good to mealways a powerful archetypal Teacher, a loyal Advisor, who shows me what and how much I value my gifts and my worth by what I’m receiving in exchange, not just in my relationship to money but also in love. 

Whether we like it or not, we’re all engaging with the energy of the Prostitute at some level when we exchange our time, energy, gifts and talents for some form of payment—typically money, but not always.

We can give to receive things such as information, mentorship, attention, praise, status, companionship, comfort or security. 

In my first business, I knew I was impacting kids’ lives with what I was teaching them and the sweet relationships we were creating and I was being compensated well financially, but my soul knew that I had more to do and be in this lifetime.

I had to ask myself: Was I being greedy? Was it wrong to want a richer experience of a purpose-driven life?

My body didn’t think so, as different parts of my physical being started to rebel, acting up and then shutting down with complaint after physical complaint until I could no longer ignore my tired, aching, sick body which was telling me I’d sacrificed my inner being, barely feeding Her spiritual nourishment, artistic expression, emotional fulfillment and intimate human love.

I longed for a different experience of life and when I my levels of self-love and worth increased, I asked for it and over time I received.   


What if your ability to manifest the life you’re dreaming about has everything to do with what you stand for?

What if creating a life of spiritual, intellectual, creative, emotional and physical wealth is based on your alignment to your values and them becoming a living, breathing, EXPANDING part of your reality that does not sacrifice or undervalue LOVE in the process?

In answering those questions, you might need to develop a relationship with your core values, your pillars for loving and creating as a sacred act of awareness, a living inner practice.

This Full Moon might be your time to make your values clear to yourself.

Write them down. Post them. Collage them. Talk about them every day, so you’ll know when you’re off the mark, when you’re unintentionally living in direct opposition to what it is your soul is seeking, what your heart is truly beating for. 

Once we can discern between our ego’s temporary desires and our soul’s need for lasting nourishment, we fall naturally into alignment with core values that stand as Gatekeepers for our dreams.

Let your goals of love and money (and all that money will bring to you) be in balance and in support of your the dreams that come from your soul. 

For it is in your fulfillment of these dreams, you live in great service to those dear humans who need to believe that the Universe wants them to love and prosper too. 

In love, creation and community
in the light of this Taurus Full Moon,


We all have inner work to do. Tarot is a potent tool in excavating the shadow material that lies below the surface of our conscious thoughts, the subconscious material that is at the root of much of what we are manifesting–what we want to and often what we don’t.   

Choose your favourite oracle or tarot card deck, connect to the dreams you’re holding right now and pull five cards for this “Love and Wealth Creation” spread. 

A CALL FOR ACCOUNTABILITY – Would you like some support? 
You often hear people like me write at the end of a post that sharing is caring and most of the time we’re talking about your generosity in sharing the post, an opinion or your reaction as an act of caring for those in our community who long to know what others are thinking and feeling.

But what about sharing as an act of self-love? Sharing as a way to have others acknowledge you and your journey? 

In that light, cast the cards and if you feel called, come back here and share below what it is you learned about your dreams, your blocks or your call to action in your “Love and Wealth Creation” spread. 


Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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17 thoughts on “Full Moon in Taurus: The Shadow Relationship of Love and Money”

  1. Happy Full Moon Jenn! This is a beautiful self-reflective article. I will delve into the oracle card spread after work when I can spend the time focused on these deep transformation questions you have offered us.

    Thank you again for your wisdom and guidance!

    Jacquie xo

    1. Happy Full Moon to you, Jacquie! Thank you, lady. I’m just about to do my ceremony and spread now. I’ll post here with what the cards revealed. Have a beautiful day at work.

    2. Jacquie–an update: The Cards have spoken!!

      For the 2nd question…the Tower flipped out fast and furious!! Lol. I’ve become good friends with that card as another Gatekeeper to my dreams. The Four of Wands also came out at the same time (thankfully!!!), so there’s the reminder to tap into greater joy, one of my core values, that comes with creating rituals to celebrate certain rites of passage (like our move, my 50th birthday and so on!!).

      I’m well aware that if I’m moving forward and my intentions and actions are not aligned to Big Love, all false structures will come tumbling down. Overall though, I saw how the cards created a clear message to be in the present moment (with joy and gratitude), connect to my dreams regularly and continue to take consistent action while I await Divine Order and Timing to bring the dreams I’m holding in concrete form.

      Let me know what insights you received!

  2. Wow!!! Jenn does it again! Connecting the physical with the metaphysical! I love that you created a special spread for this full moon! I will share with my followers and can’t wait to do the spread today!

    I woke up, made some tea and went on a little easy hike this morning. Read this post over little breakfast treats among the trees! Thank you Jenn. Love you! 💞🪐

    1. Awww, thanks Diana!! That’s really the beautiful part of Taurus energy–connecting the physical with the metaphysical. Case in point – Healer Dealer (which is Diana’s podcast on iTunes/Spotify for anyone reading this and hasn’t listened to her interviews with so many amazing healers???).

      And I must say–what a beautiful way you started the morning–treats and trees!!!

      We love our tarot, don’t we? I drew the Empress Card (a little Venus/Taurus/Libra energy) for question #1 followed right away by the Tower card for question #2!! Ahhh, such is life!! I can’t wait to hear your insights!! Happy Full Moon, lovely!

  3. I love how you weave together your personal stories, with teachings and “take-home” practices Jenn.

    I had a similar “book-moving miracle” at Bolen Books many years (and lifetimes) ago. Lynn Grabhorn’s book wiggled its way into my life at exactly the right time, providing me with the information I needed to reignite my booster rockets and heart-light.

    I’m forever grateful you wiggled into my life 🙂

    1. Awww, thank you, Casper!! The feelings are definitely mutual. xxoo

      That’s so cool about your book-moving miracle. We’ll have to have a discussion about what it was in that book that got your gorgeous heart-light ticking so brightly. The two book titles btw (thanks for mentioning your author) were Make Way for Love and Tantra for the West–neither of them were in print the last time I checked (the book-moving miracles happened 23 years ago!!)

  4. You have such a loving magical way of gently guiding us/me into finding what is needed to nourish my/our souls. Beautifully written Jenn! Thank you for the opportunity to share & grow amongst other keepers of the light.

    Your tarot spread questions are wonderful. Sitting in prayer with a rose crystal, I used the Rider-Waite Tarot for the following reading. starting with question 1–The Hermit appeared as a gentle reminder to go within & quiet the mind to find solutions of where I might be misaligned. It’s okay to embrace solitude.

    The Chariot appeared secondly as a gentle reminder that the internal chaos may continue if I don’t persevere and venture forth into living my dreams. The time is now for discipline & courage.

    The King of Wands in the third position is a gentle reminder that strength & self-confidence are needed to succeed with financial goals. Be fiery! It’s okay to let go of any well-worn beliefs surrounding females & money.

    The Eight of Cups appears in fourth position with the message that it’s okay to face these fears. Nature is a good place, a safe place, to find strength and process emotions.

    In the fifth position was The Fool saying that if these soul lessons are embraced & fear is gone, it’s time to leap & make a move! Ignore judgment and push forward into living your soul’s purpose.

    I drew a 6th card (just because all the major arcana in this reading). It was the Nine of Pentacles, which reinforces the card messages above about practicing self-discipline and to not hide my talents behind the fear of being judged. For when I offer them to the world, financial stability emerges & prospers!

    Thank you again Jenn! Much peace, love & happiness always,

    1. Kim!! I love the cards you drew. Your messages about releasing well-worn beliefs surrounding money and females and calling for greater discipline and courage to be the remedy for inner chaos–powerful.

      And that is exactly what I believe–when we’re in alignment and integrity with our values, we will be engaged in our great work and we will prosper on all levels.

      Sending you much peace, love and happiness in return–always. Thank you for sharing. It is indeed time to make “the move”!! xo

  5. Love your story Jenn and great questions to reflect on as always.

    I may not have the same kind of tarot deck but pulled a few cards based on the questions and interesting what came up!

    1. Star Mother – how can I mother myself
    2. Don’t dim to fit in!
    3. Awakening – energetic upgrades. A new way of being. Integration.
    4. Lemuria – creating heaven on earth. Its happening.
    5. Inner temple – devotion. Tune in to the portal of your heart

    I got awakening twice this morning as I did my own pull earlier :).

    Thank you as always for sharing your light and beautiful words. 🙏

    1. You are so welcome!!

      What a great reading you had. Such an important question around how to mother oneself–I was just speaking about that with a friend earlier this morning. And heck yes–don’t dim to fit in! Lol. I love that one.

      Your Lemuria card with the message–creating heaven on earth–that is the Taurus anthem–Taurus’s specialty is learning how to draw the ideas and support from the heavenly realms and then building her “heaven” here on earth.

      And I’d say awakening for you lovely Lisa–110%–in the inner temple. My favourite place to be. Thanks so much for sharing.

  6. Hi Jenn,
    Another beautiful gift! Have been feeling the energy right now trying to gently rip out what doesn’t belong anymore and get me ready for what is coming. After sharing with a client today about, “you know how people can get all the “things that make us feel spiritual” and yet not be doing the real work. Well, as those words came out of my mouth, I felt a thank you! there it is! I headed into the oracle reading which gave me some great info AND then what was really up was going back to the beginning and looking at the things I said I wanted when we started, the pillars/core values, what I want and all of the other questions and feel like I am at a whole different place so will be going in, and this feeling isn’t necessarily about being more spiritual, its really about going deeper and getting to the depths of what is there and going in like a miner and a detective!!!!!
    In the oracle reading, I got some tips for my website and what I want to be doing for work, so, doing the work, well, yes, its really about doing the work!
    big hugs!!

    1. Wow–great realization about the words you shared with your client and how they landed for you. I can feel them too–goosebumps. You are so reflective–I love that.

      And YES to diving into the support and guidance of the Miner and Detective energies. What a great shift–such a loving perspective to go deeper in the way that you stated. Oh my goodness!! I can’t wait to hear about the website and I LOL-ed about your last comment, “Yes, it’s really about doing the work!” It really is. Big hugs back! xo

    1. Yes creating prosperity from our even increasing self-love and worth–I’m all for it. Btw, the tarot spread for today came as a result of your feedback around missing the tarot spread in the last Lunar Love Note (you weren’t the only one), so voilá!! Love you too!. oxox

  7. Jenn – this was a powerful piece! Thank you for writing about a tough topic with such joy and love.

    I am convinced now that it will be worth my time/energy to invest in some beginner tarot cards. In the meantime, I am committed to sitting with the question of how both my personal and professional pillars can integrate greater love–move from labouring to thriving with a fluid ease lit up with joy.


    1. I can’t wait to see which deck you’ll be drawn to!! I feel blessed that you felt the joy and the love in the message–because that’s where I’m at. I so believe we as souls have come for those tough times so we can stretch, grow and then thrive as you wrote–with as much ease, flow and grace as we will let in. Thanks for being here–always.

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