Full Moon in Virgo: The Call from the Goddess

To the Goddess in All of Us,

The call of the Super Full Moon in Virgo on February 19 at 8:53 am MST is the call of the Goddess, one of Virgo’s many loving, powerhouse archetypes.

Likely, most of us didn’t grow up intimately knowing the sacred feminine principle through Her many names and faces.

But before we get to the Goddess (in life and in this article), some of Virgo’s shadow programs and archetypes are calling on us, too.

While I learned about Sun Signs when I was 10, I was, of course, unaware at that tender age how important the South Node is in decoding our birth charts.

The South Node is the aspect in everyone’s astrology chart that shows themes around past life karma, deeply rooted patterns and unconscious blocks that we came here to work with during this lifetime

Often the South Node “lessons” will be activated in childhood so that we can use our lives to understand and heal them.

My South Node, ruled by Virgo, is a Giver sign which embodies archetypal themes and learning related to discernment, organization, preparation, practice, service and discipline. Virgo loves the Earth, order, ritual, routine and feeling confident and capable in whatever she does.

However, Virgo’s dedication to service and her great work has been corrupted with the universal programs of “not enough” and “I’m not worthy,” blocking many from remembering the essence of Love we are.

For most of us, these destructive programs were activated early on. 

When I was a little girl, my childhood often felt out of control as my father, known as a big presence and a loving soul to many, lived his life with an undiagnosed mental illness, which created terrifying experiences for his family who didn’t understand his pain or how unwell he was.

I created a belief the world was a dangerous place as the man who was supposed to love and protect me actually did the opposite.

So how does a child create safety in what appears to be an unsafe world?

For me, I tried to control whatever I could.

I started off innocently enough at a young age creating a schedule for my morning routine. Up at 6 am, in the shower at 6:05, dressed by 6:15, and so on. I would obsess over each minute and how fast and well I could carry out each activity.

The seemingly harmless schedule-making became crazy-making as I amped up the control factor entering my teen years.

More focused on my self-image as a teen, I went straight for the body, weighing myself several times a day, meticulously monitoring the calories I consumed and the minutes I exercised. Intellectually, I drove myself hard to get straight A’s until I burned out from the self-inflicted pressure. I read teen self-help books to learn how to be perfect in every way, even finding a pink-covered book called “The Perfect Girl” with a sparkly, gold crown looming above the title to show me the way.

The result: underweight, over-anxious, nervous, compulsive—even suicidal at different times in my teenage life.

Bless that scared girl—bless all children who feel so scared in their life that they learn ways to self-soothe that actually self-harm.

But with some distance and a lot of healing, I can say I love the part of me that was so hyper-focused on her performance because those were My.Survival.Tools that I kept around until I learned and consistently used more loving ways to heal and feel safe.

Enter the Goddess.

I sure do love Her.

Do you know Her?  

Mother Mary, Isis, Oya, Durga, White Buffalo Woman, Kuan Yin, Brigid, Matangi, Green Tara, Mary Magdalene.

Hundreds of emanations to work with, to learn from, to be held by.

The Goddess is always with us looking to soothe those hurting parts that we’ve hidden, those places where we try to manage our feelings, control our thoughts, and direct our outcomes.

She understands that many-a-time we forget to call on Her or any other source of Divine Love—that She is a prayer away, a breath away, waiting to lift us up to where She is.

And on this Full Moon, She is stirring inside of us now more than ever helping us to remember and to live the principles of the sacred feminine, Her Creativity, Compassion, Healing, Wisdom, Intuition, Beauty and Power witnessed in the bright light of every, single day.

The Goddess in her Virgo emanation has a deep relationship with the quality of Purity, which is connected to our Divine Innocence and Perfection. 

We tarnish the Purity within each time we judge ourselves, criticize others, allow others to judge or criticize us, deplete ourselves with over-giving and overworking, or self-harm in the various ways humans do and the Virgo knows.

If there’s a part of you that feels unworthy or that you are not enough in any way, that part needs to be healed. Right now. 

Because when that part of our wounded selves doesn’t heal, we can become caught in a debilitating cycle in which we create crises of various degrees that seemingly prove that we are not enough or unworthy, feeling like victims and failures.

And when we’re not targeting ourselves with negative self-talk or critical self-appraisal, we will create relationships with others who carry our unloving projections of “I’m not enough” and “I’m not worthy.”

We no longer have the luxury of playing with these mean, small-minded programs. 

Connecting with the Goddess part of our sacred selves reminds us of the pure, kind and playful heart of the Eternal Child that dwells within.

If you’ve forgotten how breathtaking you are, use this Full Moon to reconnect to your own inner Goddess in a practical and palpable way. 

You might write a letter to your younger self telling her how beautiful she is, that she is safe, that she never did anything wrong and that you are here to protect her. Then write that same letter to yourself now saying the same things.

You are beautiful. You are safe. You have never done anything wrong. 

You could call on a Goddess such as Kali or Pele to help transmute ONE belief, behaviour or situation that feels out of control (any compulsions, negative beliefs, unforgiveness, loneliness, old stories). Write out the entire history of that compulsion, belief or story you tell and burn the letter, asking for Love to create space inside for healing to occur. Let the Universe sort out the details by opening yourself up to the greater power and forces of Love.

You might choose a Goddess to start or deepen a relationship with for this Full Moon until the New Moon in Pisces on March 6.  You could create a meaningful, personal ritual of dancing, meditation, writing or chanting in which you honour the essence of that Goddess and embody the qualities you are seeking to express (Durga for focus, Kuan Yin for compassion, and so on).

The ironic part of our relationship with the Virgo aspect of our souls is that as you heal the programs of over-giving, failure, imperfection and I’m not enough, a loving expression of the Virgo energy will pull the blanket off the critical self and create a deep desire to fulfil your heart’s call that will naturally and profoundly impact others. 

We have to find more loving ways to live and learn.

This Virgo Full Moon lights up the path of the Goddess as one of those ways, calling us to remember we come from Love and towards Love, we will always return.


Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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4 thoughts on “Full Moon in Virgo: The Call from the Goddess”

  1. Beautiful Jenn! I love the Goddesses and really feel the shift when I call on specific ones during different times in my life. Love you and your knowledge sharing! Happy full moon! May it be a blessed one for you! xo

    1. Oh yes, the Goddesses–you do have a special relationship with them. Love you sister. Happy Full Moon. Sending you all the love and all the blessings for your work with the kiddos. xo

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