Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: Yeah, and That Too.

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Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Cancer
January 10, 2020 
11:21 am Pacific / 2:21 pm Eastern
In the 20th Degree of Gratitude & Mystical Signs

“If you want to be a preserver of love and beauty,
you’ve got to be able to look at the destruction of love and beauty
with wide-open eyes, and say,
‘Yeah, and that too.'” 
~Ram Dass

To You Who Dance in the Light:

From our last moon and solar eclipse at Christmas, the buildup to this Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse has been something else. 

Can you feel a deeper expression of You ready to emerge?

Imagine this:
You’re standing by a quiet starlit river, your body’s humming as you sense the magic of the forest around you. Your eyes light up as you gaze into the night sky to stare directly into the luminous invitation this watery Full Moon in Cancer, the Cosmic Mother, is offering. It’s as if the Goddess herself is gently waving you over to be embraced by her warmth and Unconditional Love.

Come this way, She whispers. I have what it is you’re longing for.

You allow yourself to rest here–in the arms of the Feminine for as long as you need to. 

For many, the beginning of this new decade has not felt easy–physically our bodies are purging and processing, emotions–so many emotions—and mentally our minds are scouring the landscape of our lives to find a soft place to land.

If you’ve been scrolling your favourite social media feeds, you’ve likely noticed much is being made about this SaturnPluto conjunction happening in Capricorn (the influence is exact) on Sunday, January 12th

Saturn’s role, as our planetary Guardian Angel, is to ensure that we came to experience what our soul agreed to learn, preventing us from spinning out of control in a world of great choice and distraction.

Rather, Saturn’s parental-like nature insists that we stay the course in our Love Evolution, remain sober, be realistic, lean towards simple and practical goals, so we achieve our dreams rather than just talk about them. 

After all, Saturn wants nothing more than us to explore our highest human potential. 

But if we have places in our inner and outer life that are no longer serving where our soul needs to be, Pluto, holding Kali-Ma energy, will deeply transform the parts of our life that Pluto‘s penetrating gaze is touching right now (look to the astrological house through which Pluto has been transiting to gain an even deeper understanding what areas Pluto’s been hitting). 

Yes, all that you’ve been experiencing, releasing, processing has been happening for you and your adventure here as a Soul.

Since 2008, Pluto, our celestial Roto-Rooter, has been digging around in the depths of our collective and individual psyches in the areas that Capricorn rules.

Saturn, our Karmic curator, our planet of Mastery, entered Capricorn back in 2017 and has been slowly catching up with Pluto in this sign. 

On January 12, they will rendezvous exactly at 22 degrees in Capricorn—a symbolic point in both planets’ journeys through this sign.

A reunion decades in the making, karmic in nature, intentional in its purpose.

Saturn whose orbit is faster than slow-moving Pluto will have a short visit in this precise spot before moving full-speed ahead of His Friend, the Instigator  (they won’t meet again until 2053).

Collectively, over a period of time, we’ve seen and will see with this Saturn-Pluto conjunction the destabilization and deconstruction of world orders, patriarchal governments, economic systems, inequitable laws, traditions and outworn customs that do not serve how True Love must  move in this world.

Individually, this transit activates a destabilization and deconstruction process of our own, deep inside, compelling us to remember the power of surrender to the kindness of Sacred Truths.

While your friends and family may appreciate how wonderful you are and your colleagues how well you shine at work, Pluto doesn’t really care–at all. 

If you have shut down, numbed out, gone too far away from Love, a cycle with Pluto will offer you this one promise:

To remember who you are as Starlight.  

To focus on who you desire to become, not on how much you might be frustrated, disappointed or impatient at where you are now. 

This is where Pluto and Saturn forces unite. 

Saturn builds on the ashes of what Pluto has burned down. 

Saturn in all His civility will say a polite thank you for the dark matters that Pluto has revealed because now Saturn (whose specialty is foundations, structures and systems, rules, discipline and focus) offers us a better understanding of how to proceed and build something new from this turbulent, tempestuous place of releasing, knowing, healing, forgiving, inhaling, exhaling love.

If we’ve gone inside and allowed the inner healing and transformation, we should now move forward with a little less drama and much more sobriety as we’ve become more conscious about many things:

where our priorities must lie,
how to simplify our plans,
define clear goals,
and outline our next steps,
so they are practical and true to our core.

So how does this Full Moon and Eclipse in Cancer come into play? (after all this is a Lunar Love Note)

For a few days, while we’re in the energies of the wondrous, watery world of Cancer, we rest.

We take some time to deeply nourish and nurture, to dream and connect, to move and to celebrate.

To remember that the Feminine leads the way this time until the kind, empowered-through-Love Masculine catches up.

And while a Full Moon transit in any astrological sign may have a seemingly transient effect on our lives, an eclipse always comes with the intention of deeper changes that last for months, even years.

So how we nurture and nourish ourselves matters these next few days. How we extend that care for one another is important.

Cancer, the Protector, loves who She loves, so much so that She will activate the Warrior within to provide for and defend her loved ones, becoming hyper-focused on caring for her blood, her kin, her babies, whatever and whomever she loves.

The Great Mother adores the way you love so fiercely, yet still asks you to remember that the same love and care you extend to others you must give back to yourself.

Can you stop for a while to stand as a Warrior and Nurturer for Love for YOU this time?

This Moon, this Eclipse and this Saturn-Pluto Conjunction will say:
                          you must. 

Wishing you peace, rest
and your dreams to come true,
now and always.

Love Jenn

Full Moon Ceremony

Cancer and Capricorn hold the feminine and masculine expressions of the Parent, the Homesteader, the Teacher, the Authority, the Leader—all roles that heavily shape our lives.

Those who have had bonds of trust broken with our parents or other figures responsible for our care in our early life will eventually be called to mend the love bond that broke.

If not, we may lose our way in knowing how to nourish or nurture ourselves, how to establish routine and structure in our live, how to direct our life’s experience.

What still hurts? Call it up to be released this Full Moon and then sing, dance and chant until you feel it move out of your body. When you’re done and want to have a glimpse into your future, a full moon oracle or tarot spread awaits you.  

And if you receive some insights, come back and share. I’ll be waiting to stand with you in the New Light.  

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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8 thoughts on “Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Cancer: Yeah, and That Too.”

  1. Thank you so much. I write you each Love Note because I am moved each Love Note. I saw your post on Insta and also feel this tenderness inside so I wrote love messages too. Blessings for your work.

  2. What a beautiful call to healing and transformation! The piece about feminine and masculine really spoke to me, as did the concepts of rest, rejuvenation, and recommitting to goals and dreams. A timely piece that speaks volumes to me as I continue to lay down a new path.

    With heartfelt gratitude,

    1. The balance of the feminine and masculine within. I hear that too–and even this morning during my meditation. Thank you, my friend, for being a constant light.

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