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Praise for High Priestess Healing

Dr. Amanda is one of the most kind, intellectual, intuitive, down-to-earth, and expansive people I have ever worked with. Her distanced healings are truly one of kind and have helped me through physical pain, internal imbalances, and emotional stress. She was able to help ease my back pain as well as educate me on how that pain was related to other imbalances that I could not see within my body. When talking to her, I feel like I’m talking to an old friend and so it is very easy to be honest and vulnerable with her. During the actual healing work, I could feel the adjustments being made and how they were bringing about immediate comfort and alignment. She is such a genuine woman with a heart of gold and skill like no other. I’m extremely grateful to have crossed paths with her and know I will be seeing her again and again in the future! Cannot recommend enough!

Rachel, Northern California

My High Priestess Healing session with Dr. Amanda went very well. I appreciate that she is holding virtual appointments and also that she has so much compassion for the emotional wounds & burdens that the BIPOC community has been experiencing lately. Dr. Amanda was very attentive and listened to me explain the things that were ailing me physically and emotionally. I had no idea that I would also receive nutritional advice during this appointment. That was a very pleasant surprise. She clearly knows her stuff! Everything was explained to me very clearly in regards to how the acupuncture/reiki session would go… In all, I am so grateful that I made an appointment for the High Priestess Healing and I’m excited to book again as I continue on this path.

Kia, California

At a time when the world around us presents unprecedented turmoil and unpredictability, it is more essential than ever to find calm within. I booked a session with Amanda to try long distance acupuncture and reiki healing because I was grappling with debilitating bouts of insomnia and had experienced tremendous benefits from in-person treatments. My only clear expectation was a 30-minute window away from my children, but the gift I received was astonishingly textured. Not only could I feel Amanda bring balance to my body in real-time, she also offered intuition and insights about what was going on in my internal world and how I could support my body and psyche moving forward. I slept 10 hours after our distance session, and after incorporating her wise suggestions there’s a level of fluidity and freedom in my body and life I haven’t experienced in weeks. I highly recommend nurturing yourself with a session with Amanda. She’s a rare gem!

Shauna, Los Angeles

I’ve been seeing Doctor Amanda Cohen for a few years now and it’s changed my life. She’s the first person to diagnose my immunity deficiency and under her care of acupuncture, Chinese herbs and the occasional magical crystal, I’m stronger than ever. Even in these trying times. She recently told me about long distance Reiki she’s doing where she adds in acu points as well [High Priestess Healing}. Our first session, she knew what I was feeling before I even told her and when the session was over, I felt oxygen in my blood and energy flowing through entire body. The rest of the day I felt calm, grounded and at ease. I’ve been familiar with long distance reiki and it’s healing power for a quite a while, but what’s so great about her High Priestess Healing method is it’s powerful, efficient and even quicker than Reiki. The acu points she’s infusing with Reiki open up the channels and get things flowing immediately. I had no idea this kind of healing was possible and now I support it completely!

A.K., Actress & Producer,
New York

Photo of Dr. Amanda Cohen by Diana Zalucky.
Goddess images by Melora Walters.

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