Journey to Glastonbury

Discover yourself at one of the world’s most magical and transformative lands.

Journey to Glastonbury

Discover yourself at one of the world’s most magical and transformative lands.

Postponed…for now

When the world can travel again, we will look to confirm new dates. Here is the original invite. 

Join Jacqui, Natasha and Jenn for a sacred experience, a 7-day healing retreat in Glastonbury, England.

Journey to the Sacred Heart of Somerset in Glastonbury, a place that people have been gathering for centuries to replenish themselves physically and spiritually.

Dive into the heart chakra of the world, and raise your vibration by connecting to the Michael-Mary ley lines, the most powerful ley lines on Earth.

Nourish yourself in the healing waters of the Red and White Springs and see above and beyond what the mind can understand at the top of the Glastonbury Tor.

The Story

A long time ago, we lived in a world steeped in magic that gave us great power in the many roles we assumed as the Healers and the Elders, the Artists and the Lovers, the Priestesses and the Wisdom Keepers, the Mothers and the Midwives.

But as the world changed,  people feared this power and our connection to each other.

Many of us had to hide our magic, losing a sacred part of ourselves. Literally and symbolically, we were forced to ignore our initiations, disconnect from our practices and deny our magic. Some of us lost our lives in the process.

Encoded in our cells and in the tapestry of our unfolding, a promise was made that we would travel to a time and a space in which we felt safe enough to heal and to reclaim our magic, permanently reconnecting to our power and standing in the truth of who we are. 

That time is now.

The Call to Journey

The call and response to Glastonbury this summer will deepen our awareness
to our mystical and alchemical gifts and offer our upgrade to the original human and collective grid.

This will truly be a time to remember and to choose yourself and your magic again and again.

And while pilgrimage is ultimately an inner journey of the heart,
sometimes we must step away from our
day-to-day life for a little while,
to travel to sacred places and magical spaces
to reconnect,
to do the inner work we’re ready to do in the company of like-hearted souls
and with the loving Gaze of the Goddess, the Priestess, the Sorceress, the Fey
and all the other Magical Beings
waiting for us there.

This is how we’ll do it.

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 9.58.10 PM


Specializing in Hatha yoga, we deeply believe in the healing power of our physical bodies through movement. Expect intelligent sequencing, allowing you to let your analytical mind rest, so you can breathe and feel, with plenty of space to be yourself and cultivate body awareness and acceptance. We enjoy working with a diverse range of bodies and encourage you to come as you are.


In some of the most powerful energy centres in all of England, we will travel within and without to conduct ritual and ceremony, each circle calling back to ourselves our power and our magic, piece by piece, anchoring in our individual dreams and our original blueprint.

Group Sessions

Dive in with Jenn, Natasha and Jacqui in morning and afternoon sessions designed to take you on a voyage of healing, self-acceptance and an expansion of consciousness. These experiential sessions will weave in and out of powerful guided visualizations, meditation, mantra energy and inner practices, healing the relationship to your inner Priestess, Sorceress, and Witch and writing your Practical Magic Story. 

Mala Making

Mala is a powerful symbolic tool for meditation. Together, we will create our own mala bracelet or necklace, intentionally hand-made with gemstones, which we’ll infuse with potent mantras, powerful energies and sacred meaning to infuse your practice while you are here and when you return home. You will be guided to do spiritual practices through making your own mala, and cleanse the stones in the Red Spring at Chalice Well. Truly a lifetime gift that will hold
eternal remembrance!


In a world of technology, we’ve become increasingly isolated from spending meaningful time with our like-hearted tribe. Spend 7 days eating, laughing, journeying with those on an inner exploration too, bringing your insights and experience to the group as you move in and out of individual and sharing time.  

One-on-One Healing Sessions

Included in your journey with us are personalized healing sessions with Jenn, Natasha or Jacqui to help you deepen and integrate your revelations and transformation. Not included in your retreat fees, but highly recommended, a session featuring an ancient or new healing modality with one of the skilled practitioners found in the Glastonbury area. Juliet, the founder and our hostess at Healing Waters, will guide you to the treatment most beneficial for you. 

The Retreat Details

EARLY BIRD pricing 

Single accommodation: $3,295 Canadian
Shared accommodation: $2,595-2,795 Canadian

After Early Bird is over:

Single accommodation:
$3,495 Canadian
Shared accommodation:
$2,795-2,995 Canadian
Final payment due one month before retreat begins 
A gentle three-payment plan option is available. Contact Jenn for more details HERE.


A $500 non-refundable deposit will secure your spot. Spaces are extremely limited. 

Your Retreat Includes

You will be sent an itinerary with plenty of time included for you to
rest and restore, go sightseeing and shopping around and near Glastonbury.
We have many suggestions.

Your Responsibilities

Our Venue

Healing Waters Sanctuary is a Retreat Centre, known as the place that healers go to heal, embodies the qualities of Love and Compassion. Located on the Sacred Site of Wearyhall Hill and the Saint Michael Ley Line, those who stay here speak of the powerful energy pervading this beautiful house and the stunning views of Glastonbury Tor and the Somerset Levels. The town and its many magical stores as well as many of the mystical sites we’ll be visiting are within a short walking distance.

The entire space is ours, including the Buddha Medicine Room, the garden Yurt and a sprawling veranda. Beautifully prepared vegetarian meals will be provided featuring the organic produce from the Healing Waters’ garden.  Private and shared accommodations are simple yet comfortable, providing anyone wanting to heal themselves or experience a powerful spiritual transformation an opportunity to do so in a nurturing, serene space.

The Land: Connection and Ceremonial Sites

Glastonbury Tor
Infused with ancient energies of the fairy realms, imbued with the mystical qualities of the Michael Ley Line, at the heart of Avalon and the Arthurian legends, the Glastonbury Tor holds the ruins of St. Michael’s church. To and from here, will perform a sunrise ceremony, walk the pilgrim’s path along the Fairie lanes through the Jesus Field and to the Orchards of Avalon. 

Chalice Well 
One of the most spiritual sources of water in England, the Red Spring at Chalice Well is infused with the energies of the Sacred Feminine. Here, we will find four acres of sunlit, summer gardens filled with spaces to reflect and and hold ceremony, providing the opportunity to tune in and connect to gifts of healing and transformation from Mother Earth that has renewed countless souls for centuries.

Screen Shot 2020-03-07 at 10.09.20 PM

Vesica Pisces
As we connect with the powerful life force energies, we will tune into the symbol of Vesica Pisces, a sacred geometry shape, regarded as the symbol of all symbols, the recurring pattern found in the Flower of Life, the bridge between the physical and spiritual worlds as well as our inner masculine and the feminine.

Glastonbury Abbey
We will visit the ruins of what was once the most powerful monasteries in England. Home of the famous thorn tree which is legend to have been planted from the staff of Joseph of Arimathea as he journeyed to the holy isles from Jerusalem with the holy grail. Here we will explore how this powerfully evocative place resonates with our own histories, both the comfort and the challenges.

The White Spring and Temple
We will immerse ourselves in the energy of the White Spring, where pools of water have been created through sacred geometry. In the combe caves beneath the Tor was the underworld home of the King of the Fairies and Lord of Anwnn, Gwyn ap Nudd. It is here that the Fey, once banished from the land, still exist in the Tor, having shifted to another dimension. Brigid, the Triple Goddess of the Celts, is the Guardian of the White Spring.

Avebury Stones

We will venture out for the day  to visit Avebury Hedge and Stone Circles, a powerful energy centre that has opened up people to the divine mysteries, profound insights and self-discovery. A day trip to Avebury, a historic place of three stone circles, including the largest . Here we will connect to the energies of one of the most mystical vortexes on this planet where important rituals and ceremonies have been held for thousands of years.

Your Guides

Jacqui Willcocks

Jacqui is a trained Energy Therapist and has been teaching Yoga and movement for over two decades. She believes that there are many facets to our health and well being and draws from a wealth of lived experience for her offerings. She has been formally trained in Reiki, GeoTran Energetic field psychology and has studied with teachers from many diverse spiritual paths. She has helped her clients clear energy from trauma, connect to narratives from past lives in order to let them go, rebalance chakras, and tap into wisdom from one’s ancestors to help us understand our lives today. She facilitates healing experiences that uplift and empower you to experience who yourself in a truer and kinder way. Whether in a yoga class, a retreat or a one-on-one personal session, Jacqui will help you connect more deeply to your heart, body and spirit.
Learn more at

Natasha Kuhn

From a love of ceremony and the healing power of circles, Natasha began creating her sacred malas as a symbol of peace and beauty. Born in Bosnia and a survivor of the Balkan War, she truly knows the value of peace. Natasha has spent the last 15 years studying the healing arts in Canada and the USA while raising two young children and working for a non-profit that empowers girls. She believes that we stand on the prayers of others and asks the question, “What are the prayers we will leave for our children?” To Natasha, the word “sacred” means to be deeply connected to the self and the greater world. Each stone of a mala is like a seed. Each seed, a prayer. Each prayer, an act of love and rebellion flung far and wide. Natasha is a certified Integrative Energy Healer from Langara College in Vancouver, Canada. Having relocated to Seattle several years ago, she is now in training as a Healing Conductor through the Sufi Healing Order.
Contact Natasha at 

Jenn Kosh

After a 20-year career as a teacher, Jenn knew it was time to take all of the studying and training in which she’d invested in her self-discovery to support people deeply and intimately in embracing their full potential in a way they found most beautiful. Through her business Love Matters, as an astrologer, intuitive mentor, writer and Reiki Master Teacher, Jenn is in service to Love however that may stretch her and wherever that may take her.  In her inner practice and outer work, she has been delighted and humbled by the Wonder and the Love that this Cosmos continues to reveal. A Lover of Pilgrimage, she has travelled many paths in her adventures in consciousness through countries such as Spain, India and Mexico exploring her heart with her partner Chris and with the souls who came together for these life-changing experiences. In Glastonbury, she has been called to guide those on their journey home to the Magic that’s waiting to be seen, felt and lived.

Come, Come, Come Again...

I saw myself in a wide green garden, more beautiful than I could begin to understand. In this garden was a young girl. I said to her,
“How wonderful this place is!”

“Would you like to see a place even more wonderful than this?” she asked.

“Oh yes,” I answered. Then taking me by the hand, she led me on until we came to a magnificent palace, like nothing that was ever seen by human eyes.”


Glastonbury’s true magic is in its ability to create a destination that is not so much about worshipping at a shrine or a particular energy centre, but to a pilgrimage into the heart. 

We invite you to remember your magic–that you are magic–heal your past
and leave Glastonbury renewed and inspired to live more fully you in the present. 

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