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The Great Game
Search, above all, for a game worth playing.
The Venus Codes
Reason is powerless in the expression of Love. ~Rumi
Love Story

Program coming in 2024.

I was a hidden treasure and I longed to be known.
~ Rumi

The answers to the questions we have about our lives and the global issues we face cannot be found in the old way in the old land, not with what’s stored in our subconscious and within our current level of consciousness.

We need to move forward through doorways of awareness & find new harmonious paths.

We could continue to live in this world of Fear, of What Ifs, of Half-lived dreams and of Half-tapped potential while skirting the edges of our Soul Country. 

Many will.

The thought of putting a stake in the ground while declaring “I now surrender to the greatest love story that can and will be expressed through me“can rain down freedom for some while for others, this type of boldness calls up a violent storm of old fears of disappointment, heartbreak, failure, rejection, humiliation.

But when you move past the barriers of the mind and into the heart of your own; Soul’s Country, the grass is actually greener on the other side.

You’ll see.

On your personal Quest, you’ll walk through your own doorways of potential realities, travelling through realms to meet with the Seers, the Sages, the Triple Goddess in her Maiden-Great Mother-Medicine Woman forms, Angels, Record Keepers, an entire Cosmos of Characters to find…

Words. Images. Symbols. Codes. Myths. Archetypes. Gods. Goddesses.

All True Paths are open to you to collect teachings, practices, keys, gifts—each one holding a wealth of knowledge and power that will weave together a Multidimensional Map for you to find the Doorways you may choose to walk through…and how to navigate what’s on the other side.

The Finer Details 

We’ll take a look at what’s going on in the Stars (The Universal Law of As Above, So Below) and how that relates to your journey.

Through reflection and visualization, you’ll receive the next set of symbols and instructions as you move into a deeper exploration of one or more aspects of your path—within your soul country.

This is your journey. Silently, beautifully supported by the other souls arriving to have their own journeys too. Each gathering will include time to write, to contemplate, to “travel,” to communicate with Guides, to receive energy healing and activations designed to enrich your experience and capacity to travel within these inner realms.

While I know that most of our biggest revelations happen on our own, the Quest is richer, deeper and wider when it is shared with like-hearted Friends. 


The Love-Work.

This is where the joy, the discovery, and the play continue.

Suggestions for practice such as breath work, journal prompts, creative play, quantum field work, tarot card spreads, astrological guides will be offered for you to support your exploration of an area of your Soul Country.

Travel Guides

As needed, you’ll receive PDFs and extra videos or audios for the suggested practices in which you can explore, reflect, learn and grow.

I remember many years ago first hearing Abraham (channelling through Esther Hicks) speaking of how we’re constantly shooting out rockets of desire.

Every day, intuitive hits and insights respond back with the message…”We’re coming….”

Sometimes we receive those messages.

A vision comes. A revelation. An opportunity. A chance meeting that shifts our life as we know it.

But life happens.

We live in a world of obligation, of hunger, of fear, often leaving us unable to interpret what the message was or piece together the shards of insight that momentarily pierced our consciousness.

Pile on distraction after distraction and soon momentum and focus are lost.

The meaning of the original inspiration diminishes. We become confused about what it was that we actually saw, heard, felt…and what we were supposed to do with the information.

But not in an intentional container and certainly not on your Quest within your own Soul Country. 

“You know the Soul Country that we built in The Quest has resonated deeply with me. It was something I was searching for that I didn’t know that I needed. I go to it all the time now for reflection, healing and answers.

Thank you for guiding me to that magic.
It’s like finding the home for your soul.

Is it your time? 


Your top questions answered!

Your top questions answered!

The short answer: No. Everything is recorded.

Longer but perhaps more interesting answer: In the year we trekked the 780km of the Camino across Spain, over 277,000 people began that journey, most of them from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port on the French side of the Pyrenees. On Day 2, we met an amazing group of fellow travellers who’d met each other just the day before. We forged a deep connection in blood, sweat and blisters but from Day 3 on, most of us walked at our own pace, walking the path alone. Some of us would meet up in cities along the way. 

The point is that you know your life and you know yourself best.

You may be an introvert or like to have more time to explore the practices, to deeply process, to hear your own voice, so your visit into Soul Country may be a Sole Quest.

Know you can walk in and out of Soul Country as you need to. Live or in the early hours of the morning, the quiet hours of the night.

It’s up to you to decide. You may wish to go through each quest one after another or you may choose to take your time, moving through the material slowly and intentionally. The most important thing to remember is you can’t fall behind. You will have access to the videos, audios, handouts, meditations and workshops until the end of December 2024, so you can work with whatever time you can devote to these journeys. 


Moving into the Mother-Creatrix and Crone years of our lives, we realize how precious the time is here on this earth. 

Not one more day is guaranteed. 

We come in this life with a blueprint for our life, encoded with certain talents and gifts, destined to meet specific people and learn the many things that a soul comes to do. 

Somewhere along the journey, however, the dreams are set aside, living in a world of distraction and dilution, living through some undeniably tough times where we’ve had to take time to pause and heal.

In fact, this is part of our journey too. 

However, when you can carve out sacred moments for yourself to dive into your inner world, you can access the healing and the consistent help while recalling and rebuilding the desires and dreams also meant for you.

And I have to be honest.

Your Soul Country is a place for Self-Initiation into an alchemical healing that cannot be undone. 

But that’s the point: to have wide-awake access to the authentic, the mystical, the true

As your Friend and Guide, I hope to meet you on this path.

If there’s something you need to know before confidently jumping in, you know I’m here to answer.

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