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When I was 10 years old and opened up my very first book on astrology called Sun Signs, there was no way that I could have known that the excitement I felt throughout my entire being through the lines that described by Libra soul would have opened a door of consciousness and purpose that I could not put away.

It’s been a love affair ever sense. 

The Sun, the Moon and me. 

The birth chart and the movement of the energies within me.

The astrological wheel is a symbolic representation of where a set of planets and celestial bodies were in the sky when a person was born.

The energy encoded within each planet-sign-house combination above is imprinted not only for us to see in a traditional birth chart but also for us to experience in our mental, emotional and physical body below.

If you can interpret the symbols of an astrological chart, you can understand in the present, a person’s past and their potential in this incarnation.

Could it be that simple? Yes.

And no.

The birth chart is a wonder, which takes time and devotion to understand the different celestial and astrological symbols and synthesize them.

For this reason, when you’re reading a chart, you step into the role of an Interpreter. A Synthesizer. A Storyteller. A Channel.

To start you on this star-studded, story-telling path, I created a program that blends a psycho-spiritual approach within an archetypal astrological framework, all of which go hand-in-hand with developing your intuitive channel.

Because relaying astrological insight to someone about their Life Purpose is a sacred act and an intuitive art.

Developing your intuitive channel will help you skillfully and powerfully read a birth chart—yours and other people’s.

More about that later.

In 2007, I created the Love Map, my interpretation of a birth chart, as a way of making sense of the multifaceted, multidimensional story that the birth chart tells.

I had come to a point in my own inner and outer awareness that it was and is important to move away from modern astrology’s singular focus on the Sun Sign.

Because the information available to you in a person’s natal chart is VAST.

It’s one of the reasons I divided the Love Map into a six-part storytelling blueprint, making it easier for people to understand the different aspects of their Life Blueprint.

Past lives.
Relationship Intentions.
Sacred Partnership.
Career Path.
Health & Wellness.
Prosperity Consciousness.
The Great Work.

Below is a multi-month/20-session training and mentoring opportunity that details what I’ve seen are some key pieces in reading a person’s chart—their Love Map—and relaying that information to them.

While you’ll be soaking in a lot of information to be sure, this intuitive astrological experience has been designed to be a dynamic and profound path of personal discovery for you.

You have to learn to receive before you can give.

With that in mind, you’ll be able to look at relevant aspects of your own Life Story through the astrological lens of your birth chart (outlined in the six sections of the Love Map) to see why you’ve made the choices you have in love and in work, why you are drawn to some people and places and not to others, why you have challenges in one area of your life and ease in the other.

It’s all there, encoded in the astrology chart.

You just have to be able to know what you’re looking for.

Part One: Past Lives

We start off with exploring the past.

The planets you’ll study will give you context of your Past Lives, giving you important keys about the lifetimes you lived and what you were learning about life and love—major themes and lessons you were working with and even mastered.

You’ll also learn where and how the karma and the soul lessons originated and the learning path your soul is taking in this lifetime.

Because you’ll be simultaneously studying other people’s charts (such as friends and family), you’ll be able to see how their Past Life learning and karma have set up certain learning opportunities in this lifetime—some of those with you.

You’ll also spend time in this first section looking at the meaning and importance of the Houses in astrology.

Most people just focus on their Sun Sign (not considering there are so many other astrological pieces of the puzzle).

Not only do they fail to move past learning about their Sun Sign, they also don’t look at the Houses that the planets are in. The Houses play an integral part of someone’s Life Purpose and their Overall Story—the Past, Present and Future. There is so much information here in regard to relationships, money, health, work, purpose.

Part Two: This Lifetime’s New Training

One of my most influential astrology mentors says this part of the chart is the most important in understanding why we chose to come into this incarnation.

Within these sessions, you will explore the planets and the signs and houses they’re in that make up your Inner Purpose or your Inner Marriage, the new training and what that means for your outer life purpose and the Outer Marriagethe hieros gamos.

One planet shows the archetypal foundation of your love language (giving and receiving), your priorities, your values, money matters.

Another planet points you to how you came to create and move in this world. What you’re learning about brining your ideas and inspiration into form. How you move away and/or transcend conflict in your life.

Both show what and who you’re attracted to in relationship and why.

You’ll also start looking at the positive relationship between planets called “aspects” through the angles that certain planets formed when you were born. Aspects help give us more precise information about the nature of what we’re learning and how we can best use the energy of these planets “coming together.”

Part Three: Your Relationship Story

This deeply meaningful section focuses on your evolutionary intention for relationship: the relationship you have with yourself but also the type of intimate relationship you are here to have and best serves your overall soul growth.

Within this Section, you will connect with the related Goddess archetypes for each type of relationship axis (there’s six in all), helping you transform and direct the energy and evolution of these relationships that come into your life.

The information in this section is designed to change how people see themselves in relationship. My intention is that you will feel enlightened and inspired about how to cultivate the best relationship for you based on the relationship blueprint of your birth chart.

We’ll also continue looking at aspects in astrology—this time the “hard” or challenging aspects, the ones that create the tension that compels us to learn and grow, so we can neutralize or transcend the tension that the energies inherent in the planets above are gifting us. As one of my teachers pointed out…the aspects are the raw material that we build our lives upon. Worthy of studying I’d say.

Part Fours: The Guides

In the Heroine’s Journey, a magical, mystical, and wise Guide appears to give the heroine many gifts in the journey of realizing who you are and what you came here to do—and all the challenges and learning opportunities that lead you to that insight.

There is a special group of planets that act as this type of invaluable Guides, activating all sorts of support and healing as well as providing the most direct path to having the type of relationship and type of life you’ve always envisioned.

Like the planet who takes on the role as the Guide who shows you the Essence of your Soul and how it is reflected out into the world.

The Planetary Guide that shows you why you think, feel and communicate the way you do and how you came here to evolve.

The Guide that shows you why any of your life experience matters and how to become magnetic to what you desire.

The Celestial Guide that provides the Soul Medicine that heals while offering insights into your relationship destiny and points you towards your evolution.

These planets along with the signs and houses that they’re in show you the clearest, most direct path to revealing and healing the karma from what you discovered about yourself in Part One (your Past Lives) and the evolution in your purpose and in your relationships.

Part Five: The Wise Teachers

Several planets are considered “Teacher” planets.

This area of study is often a favourite of my students to learn about as you’ll understand the deeper potential in how you came here to love, who you will attract in relationships and what you will attract as opportunities to grow from.

These four teacher planets are considered the Higher Octave of your Life and Relationship Purpose.

You’ll also dive into learning about Transits. We experience them all the time and yet there are some noteworthy ones to learn about.

For this reason, you’ll explore significant transits that happen for everyone in their 30s, 40s and 50s designed to alchemize the karmic and traumatic imprinting of experiences you’ve had in past relationships, work, health, financial and creative pursuits. If you ever wondered why the lives of your friends and family seem to be falling apart, they are likely going through one of the big transits.

These transits are so important to the evolution of our lives that people who are aware of them often book sessions well in advance to understand these sacred cycles as completely as they can so that they can make the most out of each one and make the right decisions at the right time.

Part Six: Your Foundational Axis

This last section explores the tension organically created between your public and personal life by asking first: 

What is your professional and lifetime purpose and legacy? 

What type of home is best for you to create for you and your loved ones? 

What are you here to learn in how you can balance your most intimate relationships while serving at the highest level as a Creative and in your public life?

These sessions will teach you how to answer these questions for yourself and for others and are an important piece of aligning to the truest version of your Life and Relationship Purpose.

Part Seven: The Integration

We close this journey with some space to dialogue about what’s important to you, look at how you might craft your own type of session and how you will establish an ongoing, intimate dialogue with the lessons in love and life that your astrology chart will continue to show you.

**Specialized Topics of Interest

This is a 20-session training that has much room for special topics of interest such as Mercury Retrogrades (or retrogrades in general), How to Track Transits, Astrology and Prosperity Consciousness, and the Significance of Solar/Lunar Eclipses. Over the years I’ve taught many workshops and classes on these topics. Some of these topics will come up for you in real time and we can weave them in. More details will be given to you as we progress through the first two sections of the training.

My Gift to You

I offer Reiki in any intuitive program I do (including this one) because as I’ve already explained, by the very nature of looking at someone’s chart you are developing your intuitive channel.

Being attuned (or re-attuned) to Reiki not only helps clear you and expands your channel to receive information, Reiki also helps you become a stronger Oracle and Messenger in delivering the information.

Because at its core, Intuitive Astrology and reading someone’s chart comes down to the art of deep listening

It’s a deep attuning to the Living Story of a person’s chart, which is filled with multiple plot lines (and plot twists), characters, themes, symbols and metaphors, but which ones to focus on?

This is where intuition comes in. The ability of reading a person’s chart and then delivering that information…the information they need to hear…is some of the most important work I do.

To move words from the mental to the mystical. From the mind to the heart.

The power of what you have to share can change people’s lives. It was meant to.

Here’s a summary of some of the finer details of this program.

Time and Financial Investment

The 20 sessions are to completed within one year from your start date with up to an extension of 6 months.

20-session Mentoring Program, access to all modules  + one-on-on session support:
$4,995 CAD.

Payment Plans:
Option A: $950 CAD for 6 months.

Option B: $565 CAD for 9 months.

Option C: $425 CAD for 12 months.

Self-Study Option – All Modules + access to Office Hours (twice a month):
$2,495 CAD

Payment Plans:
Option A: $430 for 6 months.

Option B: $295 for 9 months.

Option C: $225 for 12 months.


Extra costs for books. After some discussion and an assessment of what reading you have already done, I will make some recommendations of material that will support your learning journey.

Practicum & Certification. There is an art to this type of reading, yet keeping in mind that you’ll be reading others’ charts naturally through the 20 sessions, we can set that up at with an additional time and financial commitment after you’ve reached and completed Session 18.

Next Steps

Once you have felt your HECK YES for this life-changing journey and have chosen an option, please introduce yourself to me and let me know a little about your hopes and dreams for this training by emailing me at 

For over 40 years now, the connection I’ve created with the planets and the zodiac family has been a profound one of love and discovery about life purpose and relationship—the depth of learning, understanding and relating continues.

One of the biggest joys and supports of my life and I’m deeply honored and excited to share this training with you.

For you.

Love Jenn

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