Love Map Astrology

It's your blueprint.
It's your life plan.
It's your story.

I was recently interviewed in Vogue for an inspired and fun travel article about the power of the archetypes attached to our Signs!

What inspiration does your Sun Sign have for you and your next great adventure?

You’re on a quest to find the answers to questions like these:

Why am I here?
What did I come here to do?
Am I living my life purpose?
Why did my relationship end?
Will I ever find True Love?
Why do I feel I’ve lost my way?

You are not alone

I created Love Map Astrology out of my own search for the answers to questions like these.

Grounded in over 30 years of studying the planets, the zodiac signs and other celestial bodies that share immense wisdom & guidance through the language of archetypes.

The archetypes in astrology are great Storytellers.

Within the Love Map, the archetypes tell the tale about what you came here to master and how you can create the relationships, career, well-being, prosperity and impact you know you’re here to have.

Love Map Astrology

Astrology is a portal that directly communicates to your soul,
reflecting archetypal insights and intuitive guidance about your Life Plan.

There are two ways to enter.

The Love Map Session

The Destiny Sessions

The Love Map Session


You might already know that you are MUCH more fascinating than just your Sun sign.

And if you didn’t, hold on and please read on…

The Love Map Session is an intuitive reading of your astrological blueprint
based on the questions you have about your life–past, present and future.

Each Love Map Session includes a three-page summary guide of your particular astrological blueprint as well as 60-minute intuitive, multi-dimensional readings of your one-of-a-kind birth chart.

What we cover:

your PAST LIFE lessons,
your CURRENT SOUL evolutionary blueprint, your RELATIONSHIP intentions, and the PLANETARY ALLIES and TEACHERS
here to support your Life Plan.

The moment you took your first breath, you continued the soul’s journey—the Cosmic Love Story—you’ve been on for lifetimes.

A romantic, star-filled Tale, featuring many Wise and Ancient Friends such as the Sun and the Moon, Venus and Mars.

Your astrological map provides insight into how to walk this lifetime’s path through profound guidance revealed in the themes, symbols and archetypes these planets and signs represent.

A High Romance—all laid out in your birth chart—ready for us to uncover, poised to help you move towards your highest potential in love in the many relationships you have—to your inner life, a lover, your partner, your family, your body, your finances, your work, your colleagues, your community, the planet.


Prices are in Canadian dollars and your session is recorded.

My Love Map session with Jenn was a game-changer. I’ve seen counsellors, psychics, readers, and healers but the Love Map is different. The story of my lives was brought to life in a tangible way, and for the first time, I was able to see my journey with compassionate eyes. Behaviours and patterns that I had been struggling with for years suddenly made sense and a path forward began to reveal itself. Jenn provides a safe, loving space for a personal consultation. She is a gem, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Karen McCullough, Vancouver, BC

Youth Empowerment Coach & Workshop Facilitator

The Destiny Sessions

This six-session package is for you if you’re the type of person who is here for the the deep dive. You’re committed to growth and ready for some very specific answers around the questions you bring to these six sessions about love, purpose, health and abundance.

When explored in depth, your birth chart becomes a powerful tool and Ally in understanding the whys and the hows of the life you have lived so far.

The Love Map Destiny Package includes SIX individual sessions that together create a powerful field of intention that I’ve designed to radically shift not only your perspective about your life but also your beliefs about where you’re heading and what’s possible.

Through this life-changing self-awareness,  you’re able to show up fully and authentically to yourself, your loved ones and this one life you’re living.

Sessions 1 & 2

Your Past Lives
Your Life & Relationship Purpose

The Past

Session One dives into the themes of your past life history, the areas you’ve mastered & the transformation you’ve come here for.

We’ll also look at how those themes have shown up in the events, memories or feelings from early childhood, setting the stage for your soul’s evolutionary path, the types of relationships you have & the talents, gifts & natural inclinations that you are meant to share with the world

Sessions 3 & 4

Your Celestial Support
Your Dharma
Your Deep Learning

The Present

Session Two explores your intention in all your relationships, your career path and the archetypal Allies & Teachers that you enlisted to support you on your life’s path.

This information will show you how to work within the container of the relationships you have, the blessings you came here to receive & the impact you are destined to make–in the fastest, most elegant way possible.

Sessions 5 & 6

Your Home Base
Your Career
Your Legacy

The Future

Session Three maps out what the astrology in the next 6 to 12 months has in store for you, what important dates there are to work with and the major themes for your year.

Having this insight allows you to plan ahead, knowing which energies are here to amplify and support your life goals, what times are ideal to nurture ideas or to take bold action & what cycles will definitely stretch you to grow.


Prices are in Canadian dollars. 
sessions are recorded.

Thank you so much for your powerful, intuitive, insightful, beautiful astrology reading!
My heart feels full, hopeful and renewed.
You are amazing, as are the gifts you share. You’ve given me much to work with, and some radical ideas to ponder for myself, especially that of Receiving. I will be in touch again and will tell others about you.
Just know gratitude is the song in my heart for you.
Many Blessings.

Kolleen Kohlrus Seattle, Washington

LMHC | LMP | Licensed Minister | Teacher | Healer | Massage Therapist

The Love Map Forecast + Tarot Reading

You'll learn how

astrology allows for that level of understanding as we explore which planets and zodiac signs are in relationship with each other and in relationship to your individual life plan as it’s been unfolding.

While some of these major astrological transits moving through our lives are harmonious, many cause tension that will inevitably push you to evolve

Similar to astrology, tarot can be used to tap into the energetics of the forces in motion as we dialogue between your conscious and subconscious, revealing how you might best respond to what is at play. Each card offers another rich layer of insight and guidance.

The Love Map Forecast + Tarot Reading includes a 20+ page personally typed report about the main astrological transits and themes that will present themselves over the next 12 months.

You'll learn how

To explain the findings and answer any questions you may have about the ways you can best learn from and navigate these upcoming cycles, a 60-minute intuitive session is included.

When you can identify the archetypal, symbolic source of this tension at the centre of these evolutionary points in your journey, you also benefit from activating the power to move through the cycle with greater responsibility, love and understanding instead of projecting that certain people or situations are responsible.

Predictive astrology is not designed to tell you the exact events that will unfold but to show you the potential dynamics involved or the areas the crossroads (which sometimes feel like crises) are occurring.

By looking ahead, you can take advantage of the opportunity to ask some important questions and reveal some big insights about what is wanting to shift before and during those major planetary transits we will all experience.

While your birth chart reveals the exact position the planets were situated when you were born and the makeup of your energy field. Your birth gives you context and history of your Life Plan. A progressed reading examines the celestial influences that are at play RIGHT NOW and in the IMMEDIATE FUTURE


Love Map Forecast +
Tarot Reading
(12-month reading)

Prices are in Canadian dollars and your session is recorded.

A friend gifted me an intuitive astrology session with Jenn, looking at the year ahead through my Love Map. I had been seeking answers on how to take my business to the next level and how to work with the current astrological energies that are present for me in my life over the next year.

I was so inspired by my session with Jenn. I left the session feeling excited, hopeful and strong. Jenn offered me many tools to support me in getting more from my life.

Jenn is such a wonderful person and is a pleasure just to be in her company. Her knowledge and passion for the work left me feeling elevated and inspired. She is fun, sensitive, deep and so much joy! I left the session feeling incredibly empowered.

I would recommend Jenn to anybody

Sean Frey, Victoria, BC

Counsellor | Sean Frey Therapy

The Love Map for Soulmates

The Love Map for Soul Mates is designed to provide insight into your past life connection, why you two have come together in this lifetime and what you can learn to help support each other’s soul evolution.

You may be thinking…

You'll learn about

Each area of the Love Map for Soulmates provides invaluable insight into how you might cause a reaction or complement one another.

This Love Map comes with a mini-summary report, about the individuals’ and partnership astrological plan plus TWO 60-minute consultations (YES!! There is that much info!), highlighting the key features of a couple’s unique LOVE STORY.

This is a special introductory coaching package at a special price.

Sign up for some Lunar Love

Twice a month receive Jenn’s well-loved, archetypal tarot spread “The Moonrise Tarot” PLUS insights into the themes of the New and Full Moons—her offerings all designed to inspire, activate and empower you and your life.

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