Love Story:
Your Quantum Human Design
Love Story

Your Quantum Human Design

Coming soon: An invite to a group coaching experience rooted in Quantum Human Design, storytelling and spirituality starting in Spring 2024.

When you read this and would like to take this as an individual journey,
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Email sent that Sunday morning.

I was in awe as the first group filled up within a couple of hours. More registrations and excited emails followed that day and over the next few weeks.

So the Circle of 8 multiplied to three circles of 15.

And for two years, dozens of us met twice a month in our groups to support us through the fears and the realizations that came from the pandemic and the next wave of social justice that was hitting every level of society.

Before we did the healing process that the Sunrise Rubies circles offered, we listened to what was going on in each other’s lives. We asked the person in the center of the circle:

What was it they needed?

How were they being called to rise through what was unfolding in their lives?

I’d say for most of us we all left feeling held and healed, supported and seen. We also had a lot of laughs and experienced much beauty and encouragement in the messages we received or delivered depending on what our role was in the circle each time.

And one of the best parts? Not only did the person in the middle receive—all of us did.

Mystically, magically, miraculously, the people who showed up served as mirrors for our own lives and the healing we were asking for to.

Once the pandemic subsided, these groups came to a natural close, the final meeting taking place on January 6, 2022.

I saw in those final weeks leading up to our last gathering that in our own small way, each of us had raised the frequency of the fractal of love that we are, this frequency entraining our genetic line, the structure of our communities and the story of world.

As Mother Teresa used to say, “There are no great things, only small things with great love.”

We had that. We did that. I remember.

It’s been over two years since that last gathering.

For months now, I’ve had this deep call to form another Circle of 8, molded by a constellation of inner and outer forces.  Some different. Some the same.

The Shape of This Circle of 8

Last spring, I had a three-day mystical experience that I can’t entirely explain the timing of or even fully know the consequences of it happening.

But what I can tell you is that a Divine Force of Love flowed through me, opening me up to the intelligence of a life purpose system called Human Design—a synthesis of many sacred, ancient systems such as the I-Ching, the Hindu Chakra System and Astrology as well as Quantum Physics.

Some of you reading know that this evolutionary birth chart is a symbolic representation of the archetypal codes that make up your deep purpose—your Love Story—on this planet.

That the day, time, year and place of your birth was no accident.

And while my head is telling me that part of this invite to this Circle of 8 should be making it clear to you what Human Design is.

My heart is wanting to directly speak to yours.

This Circle of 8 is an intimate conversation with your Human Design around who, what and how you came here to love—your unique Love Story.

This Circle of 8 is also a deep call to Inner Practices that are about Devotion to Divine Love, Light and Life Purpose.

This Circle of 8 I’m calling Love Story is about calling forth the highest expression of your Purpose in your work and in your relationships, through the movement and power of your Storyteller, freed to write the story based on the outline of your Human Design.

Channelled through a Canadian man Ra Uru Hu in the 1990s, the Human Design System radically transformed his life as he received massive amounts of life changing information that he spent the rest of his life assimilating, sharing and teaching. Since his death in 2011, Human Design has evolved and deeper **missing text**.

What a vision it shared with me as I was given insight to how this evolutionary form of a birth chart of exploring our reason for being here.

And it would seem that the most pressing part of the work we’re here to do at this time is to shift our human family from destructive collective and personal beliefs rooted in lack and limitation to the highest potential expression of humanity sourced in love.

But we can’t do that if we are not holding a story that creates a powerful loving identity and storyline, one that believes in the possibility of an equitable, sustainable and just peace.

And while this is not a strictly instructional, technical class about your Human Design, you will walk away having an intimate knowledge of the Human Design system and your unique Story.

This container is first and foremost about Devotion to Love.

And to the realization that your life was always designed to be a Love Story.

In our six months together, you’ll see that you were given an encoded map to your Life Purpose and Soul Purpose found within the blueprint of your Design, one that aligns you to a Divine Vision.

But the conditioning field of our pain and our past, individually and collectively, will limit our Love Story unless we consciously (and regularly) explore who we are and what stories are playing out.

Take an inventory right now.  What are you living?
What are you learning? What is your edge of growth right now? Where are you in a place of transition?

I bet that many of your stories in love and in live have been amazing. Mind-blowing. Heart-opening. I pray they have been.

But some stories by the nature of us being human have kept us stuck. Or we haven’t taken the time to explore the layers of meaning of the experiences, the relationships and the opportunities we’ve had.

There’s a reason we’re seeing the both the destruction and deconstruction of our personal and global story. It’s not just the Holy Ones who have chosen the moment of their birth.

We are here to consciously create, creatively explore our personal love stories as a contribution the healing and elevation of the whole.

I’d imagine that even without you totally understanding what this Circle of 8 entails (details are below), I’d hope that being a part of this experience, you’d begin to feel a call to be immersed in a container of revelation and transformation that will happen through understanding and writing about the higher purpose of your Life Plan.

How we work with the intelligence of our Human Design comes with how well we understand the codes of that design, which part of the field of our knowing is translating the ideas and inspirations that we are a channel for.

That you’re a conscious Human Being living on this planet right now who knows that making Love your greatest Life Practice will align you to clarity of intention and purpose,

…will guide you into the romantic relationship and the true collaborations you’re here to form

…will show you how the life you’ve already lived has the ingredients for the remedy for the injustice and the imbalance in your world as well as the world of this Earth-bound family.

As a Mystic yourself devoted to love, this six-month Circle may be an important container for your reflection, your illumination, your contribution, your devotion.

The Details
The Commitment

If you close your eyes and imagine a circle of light around the 8 of us coming together, you may start the process of imagining the stories we have to craft from our Human Design, but also we’re building the outline and foundation of a bigger story.

That we will receive our own medicine as a result of our story-crafting ways through decoding the themes of our particular Human Design, but that the medicine of our story is a balm for the rest of the world too.

To be part of this container, you don’t have to be a writer.

Because we were born storytellers.

Multimodal, multifaceted, multidimensional storytellers.

Wired for storytelling.

Some of the stories we’re witnessing in the world and within our own lives are creating such friction that we can no longer ignore what we’ve created.

So we have to take a stand.

This life cannot be just about the money in our bank account or the beautiful vacation we took or the new renovation of our home. Not with so much intense suffering be shown to us around the world.

There’s a reason we’re seeing what we’re seeing on this planet. There’s a reason we live in the age of 24/7 streaming and social media.

Because we weren’t meant to ignore what’s going on.

This container are the seeds of a story-crafting movement designed to align you to the deeper call of what is being asked of you as a Human Being living on this planet.

The Investment

The investment of this 6-month intimate container is $1,444 Canadian.

There are 4-, 6- and 10-month payment plans for you who directly managing your money. All pricing is in Canadian currency.

There are also three payment plans.

$369 for 4 months.
($1,476 CAD total)

$249 for 6 months.
($1,494 CAD total)

$169 for 9 months.
($1,521 CAD total)

If you decide this container is for you and that one of these options is right for you, after signing up you’ll receive a confirmation email. In it, you’ll see a multi-letter/number code that you can click on for you to begin.

Please book your first 4 sessions within a two-month time period (ideally spaced 2 weeks apart but there may be times where we have to do three weeks because of our schedules

So if you feel called, we’d love to have you come and be a part of this group, to explore the elements of your Human Design, connecting with your Divine Purpose, strengthen the flow of love pouring through your devotion to becoming the living embodiment of your Great Love Story.

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