New Moon in Gemini: The Love Spell That Creates Your New World

May 22nd, 2020
10:38 am Pacific; 1:38 pm Eastern
In the 2nd degree of
Purity & Goodness Unseen

To You, Your Higher Mind and Your Ever-Loving Devoted Heart:

It was likely going to happen this way. 

Some mass event that would offer us a forced opportunity to slow down, reassess our priorities, shift us from our heads into our hearts, activate tremendous healing and creative response by tuning into our sacred role as the Scribe and the Storyteller, the Wordsmith and the Spell Caster who write the new story called The Beauty Way.

With the pandemic upon us for months now, the freedom to leave our homes, educate our children, nourish ourselves, see our loved ones, and make a living has been compromised. All of us impacted so wide and so deep.

How do we move from this space of the unknown and continue on with our soul-led human journey?

How do we find our True North once again?

The Magician and the Sorceress within
 ask which words do we speak? Which spells do we cast? Which way do we point our wands?

In this season of Gemini (Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and the North Node all in this intellectual, mercurial, playful energy), we will experience a profound inner mental shift—if we choose to receive it.

The Trickster that is our ego mind cannot figure out the solution to this pandemic or our place in it as we anchor ourselves into some kind of a new normal.

The prison that fear and limitation can be has never held the keys at any point to our freedom. Scarcity and isolation are unaware of how to tunnel our way through.

When the ego mind is lit up, no amount of chatter or debate, time spent worrying or anxious, hours invested in internet surfing, finger swiping, book reading, page turning will find the answers to this profound pause in which we’re cocooned.

Gemini in Her exalted form knows this. 

Still we may choose to engage in an endless struggle with debilitating thoughts and outworn beliefs. If not so obvious in our own lives, certainly we’re witnessing them clearly projected in the outer world each time we turn on the news or tune into social media.

We may mistakenly believe with all the fear that we see that only a special group of enlightened earth angels or divinely sent cosmic beings are here to pave a new freedom trail. 

But could it be that everyone who’s showed up for this incarnation is on the same path of awakening to her True Love nature, no matter how deeply distant he seems from walking where we’re wanting to go?

Just as we can choose differently at any moment—so can they. And they will—no matter how long it takes. 

In the meantime, we can choose to establish a relationship with Covid19 as an Ally, a Teacher who puts us into the position of a Student who must activate her Ph. D. Soul Mastery. 

We do this so we can shift into a courageous new way of living that allows Cosmic Streams of Light to activate new seeds in the garden of our mind that flourishes with colourful, creative response to how we walk this Beauty Way.

We can take the opportunity in this Gemini season to shift the nervous, overactive energy of the mind that doubts, mistrusts, isolates, agitates, over-thinks, over-communicates to the grounded love-wisdom of our hearts as our hearts are open wide like never before.

In this transition, with so much shifting externally, our inner ecosystems are being affected by this soul-sourced exposure to more Light and higher vibrations of Love, Truth, Creativity and Flow, all of which provide us with the knowing that it’s time to deeply acknowledge, honour and live from the magic and the wisdom of our multidimensional selves.

Gemini’s potent energy has the ability to wash away negativity and stagnation when it arises, allowing fresh energies of divine magic, clarity and wisdom to combine, becoming the dominant vibration we live from. 

You may see it as essential then to connect and commit to the stillness of this revolutionary time and allow yourself to actively and consciously choose to use and engage your Higher Mind moment by moment, step by step.

Listening to and responding to the language of our Sacred Heart may be our most important work we do. 

With Venus having gone retrograde last week in Gemini, the Messenger, the Muse and the Student of Love pairs up with this planet of the Goddess, our Divine Feminine, our Values and our Self-Esteem to show us truths about the way we love others and ourselves, what our heart is healing and what our heart is opening up to at this time.

Invoke your Muse and ask her to open the doors of clarity and purpose, connection and love, to fling any closed doors wide open, so you can breathe in the air of magic, allowing possibility to nourish and heal your lungs and every cell of your being.

Let your Heart and the immense creativity of the Higher Mind change your life. Let the Magical Wordsmith that you are cast spells of loving expansion that lead to this brave new compassionate world.

We need new doors to be open and fresh angel-kissed air to come in.

Blessings to you and your loved ones today and always.  May we all be a healing force for love. 

With doors wide open,
wand pointing True Love North
your Gemini-Rising Friend,


Take the steps to anchor these light and love energies by engaging in simple practices that activate the heart—especially when you have moments of fear and limitation. There are many ways:

BREATH PRACTICE (pranayama):
Gemini rules the lungs and the breath. By doing a simple 4-breath count on the inhale, holding that breath for 4 counts and exhaling for another 4 counts is a strong action of self-love and self-care that offers healing and compassion not only for your lungs and your heart but also your Warrior for Love nervous system. Be kind and breathe with intent. 

Our words create our worlds, the archetype of the Wordsmith and Spellcaster know. Find a mantra that you love and say it—over and over again. Choose an affirmation that delights you and makes you feel expansive and connected. Deliberately say it in those moments where a program of fear or a wave of negativity washes over you. Don’t stop until you feel a shift in your energy. Over time, the mantra or affirmation automatically runs in the subtle realms of your awareness, creating more space for higher vibrational thoughts. 

Shift the energy, access portals of high consciousness by pulling a tarot or oracle card at any point in the day to see what support there is for you in a timely message, a moment of higher consciousness, a healing activation all received from the card. (There’s a reading for you below)

YES!! Absolutely write out your love-based, awareness-expanding intentions while soaking in the positive energy of this New Moon. And how about expanding this ritual to a daily one?

One of the best things I’ve done for myself in terms of a conscious practice this past year is to write down my intentions each and every day, allowing myself to see what I value, what I’m prioritizing (or not), and where I my thoughts and my energy to go. Even more effective is posting them, so you can see these statements, allowing you to send messages to your subconscious that what you’ve written is important to you. And the subconscious is faithful and consistent in giving you exactly what the dominant desire is in that garden of yours that holds all possibilities.

Let your intuition guide you to choose one or more oracle or tarot cards decks to complete your New Moon spread.
1. The Gemini medicine of this New Moon.

2. What thoughts keep me stuck in fear and limitation?

3. What shifts me into the Higher Mind and the Sacred 

4. What doors of possibility are opening for me? 

5. Which multidimensional mentor (Goddess, angel, archangel, master) is with me at this time? Who is my Muse of inspiration?

6. Who will I have become on the other side of this time in my soul-led human journey? 

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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6 thoughts on “New Moon in Gemini: The Love Spell That Creates Your New World”

  1. Thank you for the practices and the tarot spread. Your messages always leave me feeling better about my life especially when it’s hard to see the Beauty Way as you write.

    1. Shauna, you are so welcome. Thanks for being here. You know how the saying goes that you offer what you are learning yourself. I write about the Beauty Way as a way to remind myself that’s the path I want to walk and inspire others to walk too if they feel the call. Let’s walk together!!!

  2. Your words, thank you so much. I feel blessed to read them. I don’t know you but I feel like I do on some level. Your Goddess Beautiful offering is gorgeous too. So much beauty. Have a wonderful New Moon Day.

    1. Jill, thank you so much!! I appreciate you and any other soul who is on here reading. And YES the Goddess Beautiful movement I’m calling it–you are so welcome to join. We are living in tender yet such beautiful times. Have a wonderful New Moon Day as well.

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