New Moon in Pisces: The Moon, the Mystic, the Dreamer and You


Take a deep breath, maybe a few, before answering these questions about how 2018 is unfolding so far. For some of us, the changes we’ve seen inside and out have come so quickly that we’re needing more rest and self-care to catch our breath. How about YOU?

What positive changes are you feeling all lit-up about right now? What would you like to be different?

We are in mystical, powerful times, my friends, and the Visionary, the Seer and the Mystic who dream the dream of Love are called to stand up and stand out.

This New Moon in Pisces on March 17th at 7:11 am MST has thrown many into their intuitive, feeling bodies, calling up some old stories and painful memories to be felt and released. With the freedom of this release, new longings are stirring, ones that the Dreamer, the Artist and the Lover of the Pisces intent know so well.

Yes, these ancient, archetypal Allies are here to help us remember the dreams we’ve placed in our hearts and show us the gifts we need to bring forth in ways bold and bright. 

The energy we’ll receive from this Pisces New Moon will trigger for many of us an undeniable call to envision a life that aligns to the highest good for ourselves and for all.

Some of you who can feel the pain and suffering of this world might ask, “How dare I call up a personal dream when the Earth is being poisoned, people are starving, children are being shot in their schools, wars are tearing nations and souls apart and people are being abused and violated?”

Soul-dreams built from the wisdom of the heart-mind lift us up to new spaces and places inside and out.

These human tragedies are why we need to dialogue with the Dreamer and Mystical Lover in all of us who see how to green the landscapes that have turned barren and black because others have forgotten the power and beauty of their dreams too.

We dream our world awake when we live our desires, the ones that allow us to be present to the wounds of limitation and separation as well as the medicine of love, hope, and compassion.

We dream because when we live our dreams, we become present and available to those we can impact within our reach.

THE DREAM I DENIED. It took me many years to accept that one of my guiding dreams in this incarnation is to live, learn and love in a romantic partnership. Because past relationships did not work out in the way my younger self hoped, for some time I believed I had to focus solely on fixing that person who had not found the relationship she had longed for her whole life.  A part of me used to feel guilty and ashamed for even thinking about relationship so much, throwing myself into my work much of the time, but I started to feel as if I were punishing myself. I remember the paradigm-shifting moment I woke up to this inner knowing that my dream of relationship was placed in my heart so that I could remember it and awaken to unconditional love through it because that’s what my soul in its unique human expression desired.

When we lift limitation and judgment from our dreams, we become dazzled by their Beauty and a new dance with life begins.

The people and things you love and the desires you have, each one was deeply seeded in your heart so that you would never forget. You are meant to watch them materialize right before your very eyes.

So, my dream-weaving friends, I must ask you:

What is the one dream you desire above any other,
the one that seems to have slipped through your dream-weaving hands
but the one that you feel you came on this Earth to touch?

I adore the Moon and her great illumination and wisdom ways. I have followed her cycles and worked with my dreams through Her for many years, setting intentions on the New Moon and releasing on the Full Moon what is no longer in alignment with those dreams.

The Moon can show us so much more, however, through a 29.5-day, full lunar cycle in which the ebb and flow of resting and moving forward, releasing and taking action can more consciously and easily awaken us to the New Dream in a way filled with love, wonder, magic, and joy.


My invitation to you, my mystical friends, is to choose a dream—one dream—that you have and you would like to see manifested.

Let’s track those dreams together through a FULL LUNAR CYCLE while we let the dance between the dark and the light, the yin (feminine) and the yang (masculine), show us how.

I’ve summarized the first four phases of how we can play with the natural rhythms of the Moon and deepen our relationship with her Wisdom and our ability to manifest skillfully and consciously.

  1. THE NEW MOON (YANG ENERGY): March 17thA dream cannot come true unless you have the courage to dream it into existence. You can start with these questions:

What is my DREAM?
What am I CALLING in?
How ALIGNED am I with my VISION?
What type of inner and outer SUPPORT do I have to MAGNETIZE my dream to me?
What’s standing between me and this DREAM?

On this New Moon, set your intention and declare your dream to the Universe.
This singular action lights up the path that will show the way.

We all know what happens to the seed that is planted but is not given the light, the water and the attention it needs to grow. Your dreams are no different. YES, have a dream, but planting the seed on a New Moon (or anytime) is only one part of the elegant equation to how a dream unfolds.

Onward we go.


    Approximately 48 hours after the New Moon, its energy has dissipated within a Waxing Crescent Moon. During this Yin time, we do not entirely stop ourselves from moving or acting, but we do spend more time meditating, visualizing, contemplating, and journaling with our dreams.

Loving Universe, show me what I need to know.

Open up the way for the Divine Design

of this dream of mine to move swiftly

and shine brilliantly.

We live in a world where achieving, doing and hustling are rewarded, luring us into thinking we must be living a fulfilling, lit-up life. Not so, and in working with the Divine Intelligence of Lunar Logic, these precious days after the New Moon allow us to have some space. The Universe is working on behalf of our dream, letting us merge with our vision, allowing the right resources and inspired action to come forth organically. 

Pay attention to the language of the Universe, the synchronicities and the serendipities—these universal love notes are whispering, “Hey Sweet Heart, here’s your next step.” January’s Full Moon in Leo blog has additional tips and insights into the elegance of this type of manifesting process.

During this phase of the Moon’s cycle, spend some time going inward and be open to holding the Divine Hand in its many forms of support for your intention. Take out your journal and track these messages from the Universe—they are there.

  1. FIRST QUARTER MOON (YANG ENERGY): March 24thThis is the time when the dark and the light of the Moon are in equal measure. We engage with this Yang energy after having rested and tapped into Moon Wisdom.

Now is the time to see what other actions are indicated in moving ahead towards your goal. Take one, two wise, compassionate steps (big or small) in alignment with your dream. Note how the universe is responding to the actions you are taking. Maybe you need to make a phone call, travel to a new place, sign up for a course, look for a new job, schedule a meeting. The action may be scary, but it will feel right for you deep inside.

  1. THE WAXING GIBBOUS MOON PHASE (YIN ENERGY): March 25th to March 30thThe world does not need to change for you to realize your dream, but your internal world does

Yin time is in time.

As we move towards the illumination of the Full Moon, it is at this point we may think that the Universe has a waning interest in our dreams, but we must have faith and trust. We are evolving, preparing to receive our dream and how we catch our dreams is just as important as dreaming them. 

It is not a matter of faith; it is a matter of practice.

~Thich Nhat Hanh

We need practice in diving deep into the well of emotion and imagination, dreaming ourselves awake to the joy, the power, the beauty, the wisdom and the love of a new world.

Continue to devote yourself to a consistent daily practice to lovingly spend time, connecting and tapping into your intuition and doing things that bring you joy–maybe for you it’s reading, drawing oracle cards, hiking, painting, singing, chanting, affirming, journaling and dancing.

If the dream you are trying to catch will bring you joy, then your “work” to do in the present moment is to feel joy as much as possible so that you and your dream are a vibrational match.

During the phase of the Waxing Gibbous Moon, we can also take some time to reflect on what the edges are in our inner work. We might be dealing with doubt, rejection, sabotage, procrastination or self-worth. We might be feeling overwhelmed, making us susceptible to limiting beliefs, unsupportive habits, and negative self-talk. Know you have put your smaller self on notice and she or he will have something to say about you visionary dream. The Higher Self understands and knows self-compassion is needed while you are transcending what no longer serves. 

As a result of your self-reflection and commitment to your dream, you become clearer in understanding how to prioritize your life in alignment to the intention you set on the New Moon. Because we know ourselves and our values, authentic expression of our gifts, talents, abilities, personality and true nature becomes easier and truthfully, a must.

Spend these days leading up to the Full Moon in thoughtful action alongside inner contemplation. The Full Moon will call you to the next powerful stage of Her manifestation process.


I sincerely invite you to enter into a deeper practice of placing attention on your intention through the lens and the love of the Moon and Her cycles.

If you would like a witness to the start of this lunar dream-weaving process, please send me a note HERE and tell me what specific dream you will track during this part of the lunar cycle.

For those of you who want more direct one-on-one support with learning how to read and work with the energy, there are many ways we can make that happen, so please send me any questions you have.

In the meantime, happy dream-weaving! Check back here on the Super Full Moon in the relationship sign of Libra (March 31st at 6:37 am MST) and I’ll share Moon Wisdom and Guidance in the next steps of the Lunar Love cycle.

PLEASE COMMENT BELOW: Let me know you are here and what dream or vision for your life you are moving towards and what it is that most excites you and scares you about having that dream.

Each time you share your feedback and insights, we inspire each other. I also gain more insight into how I can fine-tune what I do to support you in realizing your dreams right now and not some far-away timelines that you see only when you close your eyes.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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6 thoughts on “New Moon in Pisces: The Moon, the Mystic, the Dreamer and You”

  1. I am here! I’d like to use this process you’re writing about to work with this dream to have a new job in a new city. Looking forward to tracking this intention and seeing the next steps you mentioned in your next lunar love note. Thx for all the insights into the moon–I had no idea. 🙂

    1. Hi Tara. So glad you are here!! Great intention and let me know how the first 14 days go for you. You can get in touch with me through the CONTACT page on my site. Have fun with this process!!

  2. I agree with Tara–did not know that you could work with the moon like this. Great info. My intention is too greatly increase my income in many new & surprising ways. My reason–to know that I live in an abundant universe. Thank you.

    1. That’s great to hear about the new lunar insights!! Please let me know how the next two weeks unfold for you. Prosperity consciousness is one of my favourite topics to discuss for sure!

  3. Great way to have a committed, conscious effort to move your dreams forward using the moon cycles. Thank you for the break down of the cycles and when to use the yin and yang energy as well!

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