New Moon in Scorpio: When Love Burns, This is How You Heal

This glorious picture (hanging on my living room wall) is entitled “Spiritual Messenger” by Ioyan Mani (Maxine Noel). 

New Moon in Scorpio, 4 degrees
Oct. 27th at 8:38 pm PDT / 11:28 PM EDT


To My Friends Who Remember Their (that THEY ARE) Light:

The Moon she speaks.

We are in the Scorpio season of the Sorceress, the Witch and the Alchemist, all intensely powerful energies, unwavering Allies here to take the pain of our stories and spin them into tales of love people will tell for lifetimes.

This is one such story.

The Sorceress lived in the woods in a humble cedar cabin by a river that glittered gold.

She was loved by many, respected by all, for she had many gifts that she generously shared.

Before she’d taken her first breath, the Sorceress had already known her Great Work would be to shift the people of her land into a golden age of miracles, a time of great innovation and creativity fueled by love and wisdom.

In return for her service, the Sorceress was given a magical elixir made from Mother Gaia’s plants.

She drank the potion each day, fortifying her ability to heal, transform, teach and inspire those who would seek her.

The Sorceress loved her life serving this way and longed for the day to pass on her knowledge to the many children she dreamed she would have when she married her Beloved.

But one day, unexpected news travelled to her door. 

Her Beloved who had been away from the forest for many moons on an important personal Quest had stopped searching for his Truth, fell asleep to their love and married another. 

The Sorceress’s heart shattered into many pieces as pain this deep can do to even the most openhearted. 

The broken heart tried to repair itself, pumping tirelessly to keep the Sorceress’s lovestream flowing.

But the Sorceress was filled with a deep, dark sadness that spun into a swirling mass of jealousy, anger and unforgiveness that sat and simmered, sat and simmered. 

The Sorceress never released this burning pain as she had lovingly taught others to do and so the cracks of her heart could not be repaired by the cooling waters of True Love.

Eventually, the black ink of bitterness spoiled the crystalline purity of the Sorceress’s lovestream.

The black ink was powerful, stretching and deepening the cracks, piercing her heart wall and making it difficult to breathe, turning her stomach into knots so painful it was challenging to eat. 

The blackness of her pain continued to drain the life force out of her limbs, forcing her to lie down for most of the day.

So weak she became she could no longer reach for the drink of the magic elixir that once fortified her heart.

The people of the village who loved her dearly did not know how to help her, for she had been the wisest, the most magical of them all.

They gathered each night after the children slept to discuss how they might save the Sorceress’s life.

The Cook offered to make her a special soup of the herbs that the Sorceress had grown and given to the people to heal their own sicknesses.

The Hunter offered to take his fastest horse to the village where the Sorceress’s Beloved had been rumoured to now live, bringing him back to see her. Surely he would take one look at her, remember the love they shared and restore her will to live.

No, she must save herself, said the Innocent.

But would she? 

A darkness fell over the land for many moons and the resplendent age of miracles ended. The golden river that ran through the land dried up, the gardens stopped growing, the people stopped laughing, the children stopped dreaming.

The Sorceress died … bitter, alone, cracked.

The people cried for the kind, loving, generous Sorceress they knew her to be. They brought flowers to her grave and prayed she had found her peace in her eternal form.

The Sorceress who flew above them with her angel wings, looked below at the people who prayed, her own tears watering the flowers planted for her.

Connected to infinite wisdom, the Sorceress saw how she had forgotten her maturity and mastery as a soul.

For if she had remembered, she would have looked up at the eternal gaze of Love when her heart had been shattered. 

For if she had looked for the Truth, she would have seen the eternal perspective of a Greater Love Story that is always unfolding.

The Sorceress now free from her earthly pain knew that the people must come to remember this truth: Love is the Elixir that will heal any burn.

The tears that continued to fall for what she had forgotten when she was human replenished the river and the lovestream inside each man, woman and child overflowed.


We are all the Sorceress, the Witch and the Alchemist on the level of consciousness we hold for our human journey and for the purpose of understanding and living our mission.   

And we’ve all been burned by human love, the pain so intense that we sometimes become stuck in such thick, murky emotional spaces that we cannot gain a clear perception or understand the higher perspective of our earthly experience. 

Scorpio’s watery depths can stir up turbulent, deep, ugly, endless feelings we thought we’d buried, making it hard to see the light and more importantly, to remember that YOU ARE THE LIGHT.  

To remember this truth (YOU ARE THE LIGHT) can become a lifeline that helps you surface from these darker places and to heal the pain that burns.

But you must tap into your desire to heal and make this commitment:  

To remember who you are.
To remember you are a soul evolving in love, for love.
To remember you came here for the mastery. 

The New Moon in Scorpio invites you to ask: “How must I heal my perception of who I am and all that I came to do and be in this lifetime?”

If you came to experience freedom, to know happiness, to live in joy, to serve in love, to embody compassion…

… what intentions might you write in your New Moon ceremony to support your mission?

…what archetypes, qualities and beliefs do you need to invite in to ensure you feel the freedom, experience this happiness, live in joy, serve in love, embody the compassion? 

A Scorpio in her maturity and her mastery will allow her heart the kindness and the grace to be shattered by endings, disappointment, betrayal, rejection, shock, illness and death but still let the light and the love transform the pain. 

As a water sign, Scorpio’s ultimate tool of transformation in this alchemical process from forgetting to remembering is her potion of mighty magic: LOVE, always love. 

“Surrender the pain to the light that you already are,” Scorpio says. 

And let the healing begin. 

Love my
Scorpio heart,


What’s one intention you will make this New Moon that will help you keep your heart open to a BIGGER LOVE STORY than the one you’ve been telling up to now? 

Share your light in the comments below with others who may need to read your words. 

I’ll start. You can read mine in the comment section. xo 

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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12 thoughts on “New Moon in Scorpio: When Love Burns, This is How You Heal”

  1. My New Moon in Scorpio Intention (from above):

    To whole-heartedly forgive myself and the ones I am still challenged to forgive.
    To know and to feel this forgiveness deeply and to receive a witness in the external world that it is done, it is done, it is done.

  2. Thank you Jenn! This is a beautiful new moon article. Here is my intention:

    That I will move forward every day with strength, confidence, conviction and clarity that the path I am walking on every day is leading me in the direction of my greater good.


    1. The three c’s + strength are such perfect qualities for a lovely Cancer, double Scorpio to call forth. And by the way, you are the greater good.

      1. And right after I posted your comment, I read this on Facebook (thought of your intention and you):


        Start close in,
        don’t take
        the second step
        or the third,
        start with the first
        close in,
        the step
        you don’t want to take.
        Start with
        the ground
        you know,
        the pale ground
        beneath your feet,
        your own
        way to begin
        the conversation.
        Start with your own
        give up on other
        people’s questions,
        don’t let them
        smother something
        To hear
        another’s voice,
        your own voice,
        wait until
        that voice
        becomes an
        private ear
        that can
        really listen
        to another.
        Start right now
        take a small step
        you can call your own
        don’t follow
        someone else’s
        heroics, be humble
        and focused,
        start close in,
        don’t mistake
        that other
        for your own.
        Start close in,
        don’t take
        the second step
        or the third,
        start with the first
        close in,
        the step
        you don’t want to take.

        in River Flow
        New & Selected Poems
        Many Rivers Press © David Whyte

  3. Powerful story. Where can I get a copy of it? My intention is to find deeper meaning and understanding of the life experiences I’ve had. Thank you.

    1. Thank you, Sharon. That intention is one I totally understand–I feel it is my life’s work in some ways.

      Thank you for the question about the story. I wrote the story, so you can copy it from here (or write me at and I can send you a copy)… and crediting the author is also a super, human thing to do!! 🙂 Have a beautiful New Moon ceremony if you do one.

  4. October has been a powerful month for me and your piece asked me to meditate deeply on an intention. I believe I need to invite forgiveness, vulnerability, and dialogue into my life. Working on social justice issues begs us to do this rather than endeavor to fix and solve ‘for others’. And I’m almost certain that this leads to manifesting a sort of magic that can heal in building a stronger community.

    In keeping with my South Asian roots, Happy Diwali🙏🏾💖

    1. Dear Mridula. Happy Diwali! I love your intention and the part about inviting dialogue into your life completely intrigued me. Looking forward to hearing more about what that means to you and how deep that intention will go in so many areas of your life. You are an amazing person, bringing healing and magic wherever you go.

  5. Thank you Jen. Your story is so beautiful and powerful!! My intention is to keep moving forward. Living life to the fullest and enjoy every day!!!
    Opening up my heart to accept new love!!! Taking care of my mind body and spirt!!!
    And sharing all of this with my love ones!!!
    God bless!!

    1. Wow I got swept away in the love and passion of your beautiful intention. Here’s to opening the heart to new love!! Right there with you. 💕 Thank you for sharing and being here. 🥰

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