New Moon in Taurus: The How & the Why to Manifest Your Ideal Parallel World

Art work used by permission with credit to this most gifted of artists Josephine Wall.

April 22 at 7:25 pm Pacific / 10:25 pm Eastern
In the 3rd degree of Memory &
Everything’s Coming up Roses

To Those Who Breathe for Beauty:

We are a hungry people.

We look to fill up every waking moment with some conversation, some activity, some movement that keeps us from tasting the sweetness that comes with consistent nourishment of our hearts, minds and bodies.

Many of us find when we’re not compassionate channellers of our life force, we can be easily swayed to fill every unoccupied space with the appointments and activities and all the responsibilities that comprise what we might have erroneously conceived is a well-lived life.

When Uranus entered Taurus in 2018 for a several-year, paradigm-shifting rendezvous, we were guaranteed with Uranus to have revolutionary shakeups in the areas Taurus rules: money, possessions, consumerism, prosperity consciousness, land, food, farming, expression, art, manifestation, our values, our self-worth, the physical body, healing, sensual love, beauty and harmony.

While the Sun recently travelled through the fire-breathing dragon energy of Aries to set ablaze this intense adventure in consciousness, the Sun in Taurus season now brings our single-pointed attention to what’s before us, calling us to build what the heart knows and the mind’s eye has witnessed into concrete form.

In looking for the gift of the global wakeup call that is Covid19, we have an extended period in which we get to reset, to deeply inhale and move forward from here in ways that feel heart-aligned.

But to do so, we must reconnect to the soul dreams encoded in the archetypal maps of our birth charts and embedded in our cellular memory when we shapeshifted into human form.

Taurus is an activator of these Soul-Seeded Dreams. Infused with an abundance of romantic archetypes, Taurus energy when deliberately invoked will stir within you the undying impulse to manifest your highest and most romantic ideals.

And it’s time.

We’ve collectively pushed ourselves to this breathtaking edge in our evolution, our global family asking for this opportunity to shift all together now.

So altogether now.

This New Moon activate the Light Force within you to open the collective fields of Higher, Wiser Intelligence connected to the Artist, to remember and even improve upon the original vision you had for this lifetime on this planet.

In a quantum physics, we have access to infinite possibilities of the timelines we can and are creating.

But to live in a world that matches the visionary dream you might have, you have to become Durga-focused on what your Garden of Paradise tastes, looks, sounds, smells and feels like.

So invoke the Master Designer and Builder inside of you, those parts who are highly skilled and self-resourced to get the job done.

Realize that your conscious mind is not going to take you there.

In fact, the subconscious is where 80-95% of your new life awaits and the portal to your ideal parallel world because the subconscious is playing out the most dominant programs of your worth, your emotions and your beliefs.

If on Timeline A, your conscious mind feels passionate about being self-employed or sharing your life with a twin mind and heart, your subconscious will deliver to you the thoughts, feelings, experiences and conversations you have about these intentions.

And maybe your initial surge of excitement and the willpower of your conscious mind move you to carefully craft a business plan or to finally take the courageous plunge to join a dating site.

And your subconscious records every brave action you take. No effort is ever wasted.

However, if the soil of your subconscious has been saturated with seeds that overpower these dreams, it is inconceivable to the subconscious to grow anything else other than what seeds thrive in the subconscious garden.

And if these seeds of your thoughts, feelings, beliefs and experiences invoke great emotion within you (fear and doubt for example) that are not at the emotional vibration of what the potential dream will invoke within you when you attain it, the strongest seeds survive–every time.

In knowing how to work with the subconscious, you might feel the relief as I did when I realized we have the power in our hands and in our mind to change what’s growing in our subconscious and most certainly we can lessen resistance and self-judgment over why we’re not manifesting with the power of the Sorceress or the ease of the Magician.


Taurus energy when not in touch with the power of the subconscious mind activates the Labourer who’ll work finger-to-bone to make something happen without ever realizing that one of the greatest tools she could have in her toolbox is knowing how to work within the field of the subconscious mind.

For all of us who have spent tens of thousands of dollars on coaching sessions, buying books, taking classes and attending workshops to learn how to be in touch with who we are at our core and reprogram the subconscious so we can manifest our dreams, we’ve done so because these practices and methods (mostly) work—but only if we use them–consistently.

Imagine you have the blueprint to build a simple, elegant home. You buy the wood, the hammer and the nails to build the frame which will take you 21 days, but you stop hammering at Day 8 and feel frustrated you’re not seeing your beautiful home take shape by Day 21.

You plant the seeds but forget to water them.
You buy the paint and the brushes but don’t sit at the easel.
You buy the running shoes but never leave the front door.
You write New Moon intentions but tuck the list away.

Forgive yourself if you feel the Inner Critic start to rail here, and then ask her to firmly but politely sit down.

The Lover in you has got this.

Manifesting an idea, an inspiration, into material form takes compassionate devotion over time to change the neurological wiring and channel the life force towards a single desire. And when we work with archetypal allies like the ones we find in Taurus, we have some magical tools to wield.

On this New Moon and in this Taurus season, with love and attention, write out what your ideal parallel world looks and feels like–include the vision for your relationships, how you feel, your health, your wealth, your service, your creative contributions, your hobbies, your social life, your relationship to the planet and to your global family.

IMPORTANT: If you finish writing and your ideal parallel world looks just a little different than the world you’re living in now, go in again, Dreamer.

Once you have something that feels like your masterpiece, choose a date that you’ll be living on this timeline. The subconscious needs to know this information.

Then to further ignite the outer shifts you desire, write intentions that activate reasonable but forward-moving change in the direction of your ideal parallel world three months at a time. (For example: If you’re living in a different city in your ideal parallel world by March 2021, what intentions could you seed and sow now so that you see some indication that change is afoot by the summer, if not sooner?)

Then ceremoniously and with ardent love invoke the resilience and the strength of the Ox, the devotion and skill of the Craftsperson, the elevated emotions felt by the Lover and the creativity beauty of the Gardener.

We were born to remember this Taurean part of our souls, each one of us Master Manifestors.

So waste no more of your life force on things that no longer inspire you.

Become persistent about envisioning a parallel world in which people care deeply about this planet and each other, which has you serving in ways you need to, expressing yourself fully and beautifully, feeling how you want to feel, being around the people who make you feel grateful to be alive.

Then over time, with devotion and persistence, use the tools that you’ve acquired (your meditating, chanting, journalling, energy work, dancing, breath work, visualization and so on) several times a day so that you and your subconscious collaborate to create a flourishing garden of all the beauty you see and feel in this parallel world.

Our planet right now needs the Dreamers and the Lovers, absolutely.

But it also needs us to pull out all of the tools and do all of the things to do the building of the new world too.

Subconscious seeded,
tool-belt on,
building my Garden
with my Love
for Love…

All my love,

Please share some aspect of YOUR IDEAL PARALLEL WORLD with us in the comments below, so we can hold this vision for you. I started already.

I’ve been fully, madly enchanted with John Krasinski’s “Some Good News” episodes he’s been producing on YouTube (that link is for Episode 2!!!) since we’ve all been self-quarantining.

If you enjoy shedding a tear or two not because you’re sad but because you just see so much goodness in the world, I encourage you to watch any of the four episodes John and his friends and family have produced, so you can tap into some inspiration, to cry because you have to, to feel the joy of giving and then the gift of receiving. #SomeGoodNews

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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11 thoughts on “New Moon in Taurus: The How & the Why to Manifest Your Ideal Parallel World”

  1. Some good news…about my ideal parallel world. (I’m using the past tense so my subconscious mind records that this already happened–and then will look to bring this to me in my outer world).

    We built a heated, all lit-up greenhouse in which I write and I dream every morning as I drink my first cup of coffee amidst the beauty and the fragrance of the soil and the blooms that surround us.

  2. I’m excited to write my parallel word in far greater detail than I have before I’m sure. And I’m a detailed person! lol Thanks for your lovely words Jenn and looking forward to checking out the episode John Krasinski! Cracks me right up!

    Part of my parallel world is I wake up with my divine love in a beautiful home, hand-designed by us both, enjoying slow but peaceful mornings together savouring coffee or tea (whatever we feel like that day). I head into our meditation room for morning prayer, journal and meditation. Pay gratitude for another day of being able to open my eyes, followed by a full day doing my life’s Great Work. Capital G and capital W. I’m getting butterflies in my stomach and smiling ear to ear as I write this!

    xo Lisa

    1. OH MY GOODNESS!! I love your description of this scene. I felt the energy spiral higher and higher as I read to those last lines!! Thank you for sharing. You’re already there, sweet Lisa. xo

  3. Beautiful Jenn! My parallel world is to be living in a beautiful home on my property, with a garden, fire pit, animals, birds, and ocean near by. With a pool, boat/kayak and a camper on my property too! Feeling physically strong, practicing yoga, finding the foods that nourish me properly, having time for long walks and talks, laughing more and having time to connect to the people who are meant to be in my life. Last one…TRAVEL!!! Traveling everywhere around the world! That is my vision! Thank you again!

  4. Oh Jenn my love, this is so what I needed to read this morning!!
    Getting all caught up in the numbers and perfecting the tiny details. I need to sit down and do some dreaming!!
    I can see you in your little green house as I can see myself in my little clinic in the middle of my herb garden. I love how our parallel worlds align.
    Love you

    1. Oh my goodness…I love that image of the clinic in the middle of your herb garden. Uhmmm, yes. I will be visiting for sessions and goddess sister chats!!

      Love you, Marika!!

  5. In my parallel world, I am woken up by a kiss from my love letting me know that breakfast is ready. I smell bread, eggs, and maple syrup as he leads me out into our private outdoor area. He tucks me into the outdoor chaise lounge chair where tea is waiting for me. I sit sipping my floral tea while I look out at our beautiful garden, pool and flowers. We eat breakfast together as we talk about what exciting adventures the day has for us ahead. ❤️

    1. I feel like I just read a page from one of your scripts–beautifully crafted and conceived, Niketta. Here’s to you and your love living that scene very soon.

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