New Moon in Virgo: What You Were Never Told about Your Great Work

New Moon in Virgo
September 17, 2020
At 4:00 am Pacific, 7:00 am Eastern
In the 25th degree of Reverence, Respect
& Letting Go

Dear Friend, 

The energy of this Virgo New Moon, holding important information for your Life Purpose, slips into your consciousness in the early morning hours, ushered in courtesy of the Goddess, Priestess and Wisdom Keeper who live within you, whispering questions like this in your ear.

What is your Great Work?

Breathe into that question if you have the time. Virgo season often has our minds overly active and our systems in overwhelm as we search to transform harmful programs around the Perfectionist, the Critic, the Worrier and the Worker–those same parts of you who care so much about what you do and how you serve also call you to answer this very Virgo-inspired question around your Great Work. 

Or this question.

Over the weekend, my eyes intent in parting the grey sea of smoke smothering the city I live in, I asked: What are we doing here?

Over and over again. What. Are. We. Doing…Here?

When I was 29 years old, I was asking similar questions, having been plunged into a dark night of the soul in the midst of my Saturn Return.

I didn’t see the point of living, twisted up in so much the pain I was bone-tired feeling.

The world had always seemed unsafe to me since I was a young child—and I didn’t know how to find the security I craved in a seemingly mad world. I covered up my anxiety through a variety of addictive behaviours and relationships.

I also excessively worked–a classic Virgo trait. 

I saw how teaching and mentoring children which I labelled “my Great Work” was indeed impacting children, but I also knew how I used my workaholic schedule to protect me from thinking too deeply about what I might need to change in my life while also preventing me from doing the inner work to reveal and heal childhood trauma.

Feeling deep despair about the direction of my life, I demanded of the God of my understanding if I were to continue living, “Prove your existence and I’ll spend the rest of my life showing others that you exist.”

And it wasn’t long after through the language of quantum physics I found this connection to a loving energy I could call Source, shyly dipping my toes in Its waters.

Hope activated, I waded deeper into the watery worlds one navigates on an adventure in consciousness, eventually falling upon a book that revealed the magical powers of the New Moon, which led me to develop a ritual that for three years became my first and favourite inner practice.

Each New Moon I’d light a candle, becoming as still as I could, so I could ask questions about my Great Work.

Why am I here?
Who am I becoming?
What do I need?
Where do I need support?

From the responses, I’d write my New Moon intentions, directing my attention and my energy towards what I was claiming—and I saw my life change.

Over many years and through many ways, I grew enough courage to plunge into the Oceans of Awareness for extended periods of time, eventually following the call to explore the dark underwater caves and trenches of childhood trauma.

And when enough light penetrated those dark, cold places, I’d come up for air and on land to see that my being held more love and more joy.

Years passed until I found myself a stranger at home in a familiar land as my relationships to myself, to the man I had married and to my work with children shifted.

Then an earthquake-sized opportunity found myself visiting holy sites in Mother India at which point I could feel this loving presence of a Creator energy, masculine in nature, that didn’t seem so distant anymore. I’d take one step closer and He would rush forward with one thousand of his own.

And my Great Work changed once more.

I started teaching my ESL students about astrology rather than adjectives, writing affirmations rather than essays, nourishing their hearts with Reiki rather than feeding their brains with history. 

And the closer I came to experience this masculine energy (Rumi, Shiva, Jesus) in my life, the more I saw Spirit in Her Feminine form. Mother Mary, Mary Magdalene, Kuan Yin, Mother Teresa, Durga, Green Tara, Mother Aya.

And my Great Work changed once again, the Goddess turning me inside and out until I realized with such crystal quartz clarity that the search to uncover my Great Work was never about the job, but it was always about who I was becoming in realizing where I came from. 

That in fact, I am/we are the Great Work. Us. You. 

You are the Great Work. 

That this deep dive into who you are and why you are here has been your Great Work all along.

This year continues to split so many of us open and questions about purpose and meaning come at us hard and fast:

Why am I here?
What am I doing?
What do I feel is missing?
How am I lying to myself?
What am I afraid would happen if I made the changes I know I need to make?
What needs to change right now in my life to align myself more deeply to my Great Work?

And as Virgo knows, we’ll make the Great Work (inside and out) as complicated as we need to before we understand that Love and Joy and Creation go hand in hand with a purpose-driven life. 

So this New Moon, you might feel called to come home to your inner temple, to your sanctuary, taking some time to reflect, answering questions about where you are in this quest to unfold the Great Work, anchoring in a deeper knowing about who you are (Love), what you are (Starlight) and how you came here to serve (in Truth).

May you shine,
bright like a diamond,

New Moon Ceremony: The Call to the Great Work 

Healing happens when we’re willing to pierce through the layers of false protection we’ve created, letting the Higher Frequencies of Love and Compassion fill our entire being.

Find 30-60 precious minutes for this self-discovery New Moon ritual. You’re worth it. 

Begin by turning inside and breathing for a while, an even count, inhaling deeply and exhaling completely, centering yourself, tuning into your heart as you guide yourself through this experience. WRITE: Freewrite for 10 minutes or longer about where you’re at right now in your Great Work, asking questions you hear and maybe some of these: 

What is changing in my life right now?
What do I need for my highest good now?
What part of my Great Work is being revealed to me now?
What are the questions I need to ask that I’m resisting but I know will benefit me the most? 

Ask your questions and then pull 10 cards arranging them in this Celtic Cross spread to receive the deeper knowledge and insights you need to hear at this time, journalling your response to the information. 

Share any suprises or insights you have in the comments below.

1. The signifier card. An overview of your intention/query.
2. What is influencing the situation?
3. What’s on your mind?
4. What’s the foundation of your issue/intention?
5. What are the influences/energies/programs leaving your life right now?.
6. What does your future hold in the short-term?  
7. How do you view your situation?
8. What are the outside influences & resources (others, environmental, etc.) affecting the outcome? 
9. What are your hopes and fears in realizing your intention? 
10. What is the outcome?

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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10 thoughts on “New Moon in Virgo: What You Were Never Told about Your Great Work”

  1. Dear Jenn. Great words as usual. Thanks for this exercise. I enjoyed the process from the writing to the New Moon Spread and of course I used my “Keeper of the Words” tarot. I actually usually let cards fall out as they may but I chose to take 10 from the top, and they were very apt. Tiggy kept rolling all over the cards, it was hilarious. You will see the poem in Rubies. Thank you once again. xxx

    1. These are Irene’s words from

      Thanks for the New Moon in Virgo exercise Jenn. Very apt results.
      New Moon in Virgo
      “To achieve my Great work
      I cannot dally nor can I shirk
      For it is my true path I desire
      Honour that to which I aspire
      For me, a new road to follow
      I must be deep but not be hollow
      A different avenue of creativity
      A Proposal accepted for authenticity
      I am here to prosper
      Purpose and romance to foster
      But to be protected by the truth
      Maintain integrity and not be uncouth
      Trusting in the progress
      I cannot, must not digress
      For if I am to complete
      This new Quest, a resounding feat
      I must have my own back
      Keep my Vision on track
      For my wish is to help heal
      Keep others on an even keel
      A new way is being shown now
      Hidden talents to support my vow
      Call on Strength to see me through
      To reveal the Work that I do”

  2. So beautiful Jenn! Happy new moon my friend. I’ll never forget the first time I heard of what I now always say “my Great Work” was from you and it puts such a higher level meaning to what our purpose here is on earth. Such great questions to reflect on. Thank you for sharing the new moon ceremony and such beautiful questions to go inwards and ask. 💗

    1. You are so welcome, Lisa. I heard that term from another astrologer years ago and it appealed to the Virgo in me who’s always felt that way about my work. Now (as I wrote) I realize it’s much more than just the job!! I LOVED your spread as well–the cards that you got–gorgeous. As are you–inside and out. xo

  3. Jenn – grateful for your words and the invitation to turn inwards. My worlds (inside and out) are shifting and I am indeed learning the grace needed to surrender being the perfect wife/daughter/sister/aunty/friend/colleague/ human being. I’m learning the value of showing up imperfectly (hard for me to do as a Virgo!). I will try to keep my hands and heart wide open to learn, taking comfort in the fact that failing and growing are inevitable and necessary.

    I look forward to setting aside 30mins to doing the New Moon Ceremony.


    1. Awww, I could so feel your heart in this one. Thinking about you Mridula and sending you love and comfort. Such tender times for you. My Sun is in the 6th House of Virgo–in Libra. I so understand this perfectionist program as both hold that archetype near and dear–and that Perfectionist has an exalted role in the excellence that you give in all those areas you mentioned. Hands and heart wide–such a beautiful image–and antidote to the less kind aspects of the Perfectionist program.

      Love and light to you.

  4. Happy New Moon. I feel some hope today about moving forward. I appreciate your angle of looking at the inner journey as the Great Work. I can feel the self love in that. Thank you for writing such powerful messages of hope. I’ve been coming here for three years now to understand astrology on a more spiritual level. 🙏🏽

    1. Hi Jenny, thanks for letting me post your comment here (technology can be strange!!). I appreciate you and am so grateful that you’ve been reading that long. I remember you being one of the first people who signed up that I didn’t know!! I always wonder who people are when I see their names. I’m glad you feel hopeful today and YES–the inner Great Work–I love that you pointed out the self-love piece. I felt that as I read your words. We’ll connect at the Full Moon then. Have a beautiful New Moon ceremony.

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