Scorpio New Moon: The Animal Guides speak—their messages for you

“The Butterfly Maiden” by Claudia Olivos, intuitive artist of the Sacred Feminine.

New Moon in Scorpio
November 14, 2020 9:07 pm Pacific
November 15, 2020 12:07 am Eastern

In the 23rd Degree of Ethereal Power

Dear Friend,

As Ted Andrews writes in Animal Speak: The Spiritual & Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small: I know nature speaks to us if we listen. Every animal has a story to tell. 

This New Moon, Scorpio has four Animal Guides for you to speak to—and to listen to, the wise voice of your soul coming through—as you contemplate the questions they ask, the answers potentially unlocking, releasing, activating something for you at this precious time.  

For we are amidst intense astrological weather in this delicate, uncertain place we find ourselves, this liminal space we’re in, the light of enduring faith and active hope just breaking dawn. 

As this Capricorn-stamped year draws to a close, we await the activations of two eclipses, the shift of Jupiter and Saturn into Aquarius, days before the December Solstice, giving us the revolutionary fuel to drive our soul’s potential into territory unknown.

But first…

Your lunar mission: To explore the darker, emotion-filled, watery places of the Scorpio parts of your being.

The celestial setting: As above, so below. Look up to the skies to make contact with the compassionate love of the mystical Moon infused with Scorpio’s ever-flowing waters.

The multi-dimensional reasons: To examine what parts of your soul contract have been activated, to search for truth and meaning by exploring the hidden, the taboo, the unclaimed, the forgotten, the darkness, the light.

Your spirit guides: The Scorpion, the Snake, the Eagle & the Phoenix

The heart-mind reward: To soothe the pain, to awaken your heart & your mind, to take refuge in love, to receive the energy to stay the course, to go the distance. 

Not a moment to be wasted, so shall we begin?

We once lived in great magical times where no boundaries existed between humans and animals, where humans knew animal speak, animal talk.

So breathe here a few moments, connecting yourself to the animal world, giving your full attention and appreciation to the invisible places and spaces supporting us here and now. 

Draw in the energy of peace through your breath, through the connection to your awakened heart.

Light a candle, take out your journal to write in, grab a pen and some water. Turn on some soul-soothing music and let’s meet our first animal guide at the edge of your consciousness on this Scorpio New Moon.

You see her there in your mind’s eye, some dimly lit cave, some scorched desert ground. The Scorpion. Likely you tense in fear, for you know her sting hurts, you’re familiar with the poison she inflicts.  

But she doesn’t run and neither do you, allowing you to gather up the courage to ask her about the sting that is hurting now: the sting of exhaustion, of illness, of overwork & of underpaid, of jealousy & betrayal (self and other), of failure & of greed, of body image & of low self-regard, of violence & of violation, of inequality & of corruption. Where do you hurt? 

The watery nature of Scorpio holds those dark spaces within us, showing us an interior world that can be a terrifying place to be. But our reactions when we are exploring these places—the tension, the trembling, the fear, the anger, the grief, the aching—does not mean we will stay here forever.

Each time we visit and lean into the pain, we release its grip, gathering the ingredients for the medicine along the way. Applying, integrating, going back again and again until one seemingly ordinary day, we notice we hurt less, we breathe with more ease, feeling the peace and the power within our being. (If you haven’t seen The Octopus Teacher, you can watch this beautiful documentary about a filmmaker whose underwater journey—on multiple levels—takes him through this process.)

Questions to ask the Scorpion:  Where is the pain sitting in my body right now? My heart? My mind? What is the story of this pain? Can I open my heart to this feeling rather than judging it and trying to push it away? 

What has the Scorpion sting awoken me up to? What is no longer true? What will take away the sting? Am I afraid I’m not worthy of this healing, this love, to be free of the pain? What keeps me stuck here hurting? What strategies do I use to avoid the pain? Is it time to ask for a healing, some compassionate intervention, some professional support?

The sting injects the poison but within the poison is the cure, the medicine for the pain. What have you learned about yourself in the healing? What does the Scorpion reveal to you about the new potential rising? What truths are ready to be told? 

Additional Scorpion insight: Draw an oracle or tarot card answering the question that feels most tender for you here.

Move to the Snake now, watching her as she moves her lithe body towards you, carefully, intentionally. 

You are safe here, the perfect distance apart, knowing that whatever messages she has for you, there’s a part of you willing to listen and gain the wisdom of what she has to share. 

The Snake Medicine will allow you through your dialogue with her to see what’s ready to be shed, to investigate emotional reactions you and others are having, always intending to release the old ways, the old parts of you, eager and ready to claim anew.

While the snake or serpent has been depicted as a negative symbol of temptation, Snake Medicine teaches us about what we desire. Take a breath or two here and hold these questions in your consciousness for a while. See where they land in your body and then write out your answers. 

Questions to ask the Snake of Temptation:
What do I desire? What is calling me? What am I secretly longing for right now? What is tempting me? Do these desires and temptations hurt me or others?

You see the Snake moving its body, low to the ground, moving, resting, shedding its own skin, regenerating itself, allowing new life, a new skin to form…

Questions to ask the Snake of Release and Renewal:
What am I shedding in my life right now? A belief? A relationship? A job? What old dreams are dying off? What gives me new life? What is the source of my new dreams? What new form must I shapeshift into? Where am I gaining power?  

Ready for another dose of Snake Medicine? Draw an oracle or tarot card answering the question that you’re most resistant to here. 

Kundalini as consciousness is often imagined as the Snake positioned at the base of the spine where the central channel opens—the energy, when it’s activated, travelling upward, energetically restoring, rejuvenating, resurrecting every part of our being. Let Snake Medicine release you from the old, while activating your desires, renewing you from the inside out.

We meet the Eagle next, perched high on a tree, looking down at your world below. Eagle Medicine lifts you up to gain a new perspective as your higher, wiser self, allowing you to look from the place of the Witness about what’s going on in your world. When you work with Eagle Medicine, the result is clarity, connection with your intuitive sight, discoveries of hidden connections that you or others have not been able to see.

Questions to ask Eagle: What am I missing? What do I need to see? What must take flight? What helps me fly? What helps me release any state of confusion, a persistent fear, to reach new states of awareness, of love, of bliss, showing me how to rise to new levels of my potential, a more authentic expression of who I’m here to be?

Ready to see with even sharper Eagle-eye clarity? Draw an oracle or tarot card answering the question that you don’t feel you have clear answers for, one that will give you a higher view. 

Symbolically, all birds hold a special place of meaning for us humans. The mythical Phoenix is no different, this majestic bird that symbolically opens up inside of us new potential, new life sourced from powerful alchemy and mystical consciousness.

The Phoenix, wings out, catches us in those Tower moments where lightening swiftly strikes, something we didn’t see coming, something we didn’t expect permanently altering our lives. This inner earthquake or outer catalyst (a realization, a death, an accident, a disease, a betrayal, a breakup…), something that throws us into the alchemical fires of purification, healing and transmutation, the shake-up symbolizing an initiation, a portal to walk through, so we can transcend the bonds hidden in our unconsciousness.

Questions to ask the Phoenix: What is no longer true in my life? What cage am I in? What false towers have I built? What must die or be destroyed to be reborn? What beliefs, habits, thoughts, stories must I release? What allows me to release the old? What new possibility am I opening to? How can I open myself up to divine inspiration? What gives me my Phoenix wings for my new life? When this part of my life rises from the ashes? 

Phoenix Medicine lifts you off the ground, plunging you into the alchemical fires of purification and transmutation. The more you understand Phoenix energy the more power and capacity you have in working with its alchemical medicine and all its creative possibilities for you.

What else will the Phoenix reveal? Draw an oracle or tarot card that shows you who you will be as you rise from the fires. 

Long before we talked to angels, animals were our guides. Scorpio and the medicine of the Scorpion, the shedding of the Snake, the vision of the Eagle and the transmutation of the Phoenix are all here for us. 

Feel the sting, find the medicine within. Shed your skin. Call on support and head into the alchemical fires. Fly high for the vertical view. This is the work of love and the call of this Scorpio New Moon. 

Swimming deep in the waters,
listening to the animals speaking…
sending you my love,

Which animal guide is supporting you? Which animal is speaking to you right now?
Connect below and share if you feel called. 


Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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12 thoughts on “Scorpio New Moon: The Animal Guides speak—their messages for you”

  1. Thank you SOOO much for these beautiful images and questions. I will write all weekend connecting to these animal guards. I’ve always been scared of the snake but in this moment I’m curious to connect with her. This is a gift in itself. Thank you for the work you do.

    1. Donna, thank you for your enthusiastic response! I’m so grateful. I feel the same way about Snake (and Spider too). When I can sit with even the fear of the snake, there’s a gift too. Many blessings with your animal guide journey.

  2. I love this piece Jenn!! Such great questions to reflect on. I’ve definitely felt most recently that I’ve been shedding old ways that just don’t resonate the same way so the snake is resonating as is the Eagle. Both have come up as spirit animals in a past reading. Always so interesting to learn more about them!!

    1. Hey Lisa!! That’s amazing. Thank you–I love your passion so much!! And yes to the shedding!! I hope you have a beautiful journey with the guides! I know how reflective you are.

  3. Dear Jenn
    Thanks again!
    Today I used the animal images and pulled cards from the Goddess tarot. I wrote my Intuition about the cards before I checked the meanings. It is good when I can trust and see the definitions are close.

  4. As always so much love for what you write. I remember the first time you shared this with me and how much it struck me. I am definitely feeling the Scorpion right now under the Scorpio new moon. Love you xoxo

    1. Awww, thanks, Marika! Always in such deep appreciation that I get to write and that you and anyone else who opens the email and then clicks on over to read receives something. Love you too. xoxo

  5. Thank you for your gentle guidance, Jenn! It’s the first time I’ve drawn Tarot Cards and my heart feels more at peace than it has in a long time. The words curative magic come to mind and I feel hopeful 💗


    1. What a beautiful message to read—that you are feeling peace. And ohhhh, how fun! I wish you many blessings and hours of wisdom and of loving insights from the tarot. I’m happy to recommend some reference books that have been an amazing source of information for me.

  6. The Snow Owl Medicine – Early morning before sunrise I was driving on a gravel road and a Snow Owl who was sitting on the side of the road flew up in front of me with the message “You can see clearly NOW”.

    Thank you Jenn for this message!

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