Kind words from my clients

For over two years I have been meeting with Jenn once a month for a High Priestess Healing. These sessions are a cornerstone of my self-care practice and serve as a way of calibrating my inner compass each month as I navigate my life.
I simply cannot recommend them enough.

Beyond the healing, clearing, and recalibration these sessions provide, working one-on-one with Jenn in this ongoing way has woven a container of connection that is both safe and sacred. I can bring all of who I am, and all that I am experiencing, to our time together and process it in a space of compassion and love. Jenn has become a true mentor and trustworthy guide, as well as a sort of spiritual and life accountability partner during our work together. Doing the Journey of Many Moons many times has added to my life in ways I cannot fully express. She is a true healer and lightbringer who is not afraid of the shadows and messiness of having a human experience. My life is richer and more peace-filled through knowing her and engaging in this monthly practice.

Myrna Martin, Colorado Springs

Working with Jenn Kosh of Love Matters for the past 2.5 years has been an enlightening and empowering experience.
By blending traditional coaching methods with astrology, Human Design, and Gene Keys study, she has helped me uncover
my life blueprint and insights into my strengths, challenges and unique gifts
I’ve gained practical steps about how to align my actions with my highest potential.

Jenn has masterfully guided me through this journey, providing support, wisdom and accountability every step of the way. With her guidance I’ve gained clarity, confidence and a renewed sense of purpose. I highly recommend Jenn to anyone seeking a profound journey of  self transformation. Jenn is the best!

Sheryl Shoemaker, Los Angeles

You know those people that are just such an incredible soul and so talented at what they do that you will support any offering that they put out? Well, that is Jenn Kosh for me. Her magnetic energy, knowledge, generous heart & integrity are layered through everything that she puts out to the world. Working with her in group and 1:1 settings over the past 6 months has literally been life-changing not only in the manifestations I’ve brought forward in business and my life but also in expanding my own prosperity consciousness. Jenn weaves her knowledge of astrology, energy, archetypes and the quantum field into her work like no-one I have ever seen before creating a tapestry of magic for you to tap into to manifest whatever is in highest alignment with your soul. My life has absolutely magnified since I have started working with Jenn & I cannot recommend working with her enough!

Danielle Kettlewell, Vancouver, Canada


2016 Olympian | Speaker | Coach | Author | 

When Jenn entered my world I was on the other side of a really dark time in my life. It was an initiation into the sacred. And as I enter a sacred space I needed a sacred teacher and Jenn appeared perfectly. Jenn guided me deeper into my spirit and allowed me to see myself in a new way. I opened up to my gifts and began to lighten up. My energy became lighter.

I had a teacher who could hold me and give me space to hold myself. I look back now, after finishing up my work with Jenn in absolute gratitude. Gratitude for the universe, and guides for blessing me with the opportunity to expand under Jenn’s Guidance. My time is not over with her. I’m just spreading my wings and enjoying the feeling of this fresh air from this higher energetic altitude of life. My life is unfolding in ways that are completely contrasted to who I was 12 months ago.

For that, I am completely grateful to Jenn! Thank you! 

Luka Reedy, Vancouver, Canada


Energetic Mentor | Spiritual Life Coach | Feeling Alive Podcast |

This testimonial has been sometime coming but at this point I can speak from a very open and detailed way. I’ve been working with Jenn for about 4 years now. However, the last 2 years very intensely.  I started with a Love Map then joined the Sunrise Rubies at its conception until its completion. The Goddess Circles (I have done all of them but the 1st one) have rewired and impacted me in the greatest of ways. I have taken both Level 1 and Level 2 of Source Point High Priestess Healing with both Dr. Amanda and Jenn, along with 2 levels of Reiki. I have consulted with Jenn, cried with her, and even assisted her with her healing. To say this woman has become an integral and important aspect of my spiritual and personal growth would be an understatement.

Working with Jenn has changed my life. I’ve closed a business, gone through the break up of my marriage and have now started a new energy healing practice, along with producing a series of conferences called, The Liberation of Consciousness. Also, during this time, I became a grandmother to 3 beautiful children who are my reasons for wanting to help heal the world. Importantly, all this has happened through a pandemic, but life couldn’t have been better because I had this community that Jenn had manifested and brought together.

I have a greater connection to Source/Goddess, more clarity, more flow, I trust more and have deeper and more meaningful relationships. Working with Jenn has become a lifelong partnership and friendship in creating what is “possible” in my life. I often cry with gratitude when I reflect where I was only a few years ago and where I am now. I am eternally grateful but hold so much love and joy in knowing that Jenn Kosh is forever my mentor.

Sul-Ra Mossop, Victoria, Canada

Healer | Producer of “The Liberation of Consciousness” 

Meeting Jenn at the beginning of the pandemic was one of my biggest blessings to date. Even from the first moment I heard her voice during my introductory consultation was a healing experience for me. I have had the pleasure of signing up for her Prosperity 1:1 sessions as well as two Goddess Circles and her Sunrise Rubies Group. I had no idea just how much my life would shift from adding these to my path. 
In particular, the Goddess Circles forced change upon me by adding much-needed accountability and ritual to my daily life in a gentle way. I’d wake up in the morning and she’d lead the most powerful, moving, visualizations and meditations with beautiful music. I learned so much about different deities, their energies and how they could heal and guide me through mantras. Because Jenn is also deeply intuitive, she has created a safe circle with very powerful, like-minded women who are on the same ride with you. I noticed specific and immediate changes occurring in my life both times I committed to the circles and they help to shape my life in a positive way daily. 
While the circles are usually only about a month at a time, I have been able to learn these tools from her and incorporate them into my life even while I’m not in the circle. Jenn also takes her time to write out an entire manual for you per circle so you will always have the mantras, prayers, guidance, practices and music selections used even when it’s over. 
I highly recommend this invaluable experience to anyone. She is truly an angel on earth and I am just so lucky to have met
such an extraordinary healer, mentor and now dear friend

Niketta Scott, Los Angeles

Writer | Singer | Actress  | Creator of Rooted Goddess Healing |
@lafemme_niketta & @rooted_goddess_healing

Wow-wow-wow, where to start to tell you about my ‘beauty way’ over the past few years? I crossed paths with Jenn over __ years ago and have been mentoring and working with her for over 5 years. I’ve taken every Goddess Beautiful circle and have been challenged to grow with each succession. Each circle has offered a safe space to explore, reflect, and start to take steps to deepen my connection to goddess energy. I’ve been encouraged to show up ‘as I am’ and be held in love and light in finding a way forward towards my desires, dreams, and intentions.

I’d often show up for a circle thinking I’d messed up, fallen short, lost my way, only to be held and met
with unconditional compassion and grace to help guide me back to ‘beauty way’. With goddess energy I’ve found the strength to manifest energy to increase my income, participate on committees to intact social change, and restart my writing. And just when I thought I knew the path forward, I tumbled into Isis and the Rise of the Body Temple and the challenge to step up and dream even bigger.

The places I feel cracked open and not enough are slowly, surely being transformed—visions of kintsugi (mending pottery with gold) come to mind. I’m confident that I’ll rest in the lessons I’ve learned from Jenn and in the company of my friends in circle. I’m charting new territory with mantra, meditation, and prayer of the highest order. I’m finding my way home.

With deep gratitude and a full heart,

Mridula Morgan, Vancouver, Canada

M. A. | Writer | Yoga Teacher | 

I hired Jenn for her Love Map Astrology reading and her signature Prosperity Sessions Coaching Program.
Her positive energy is contagious, you are warned! <3

Jenn is fantastic at what she does and boy can she inspire me to reach for the stars and realize my dreams. She not only clarified so many things about myself and my outlook on life and our environment by analyzing my birth chart, she also made me feel like I was at my highest potential during our calls, but also guided me along the way afterwards which is way more important as I’ve hired coaches who made me feel inspired during the call which got me all motivated but then afterwards, put me in a slump of overwhelm, not knowing how to start or causing me to question whether I even wanted to go that route.

Instead, Jenn has an intuitive approach which comes from her inner soul and outer spirit guides. She moved me along my path with ease, grace and certainty and instinctively knew where I needed to be going and how to take me there. For that, I’m truly grateful and highly recommend her gift to anyone who wants to achieve success in the way and form they want to achieve it.h

Jess Lohmann, Germany

Author | Ethical Marketing Strategist | Voice Talent | Speaker for Nature and the Animals |

The Love Map Destiny Package is so amazing. Jenn, thank you so much for sharing this work with the world! To be honest, I didn’t know what I was in for when I said yes to this, but my SOUL knew. My SOUL knew that this was exactly what I needed to receive and heal–past, present, and future. You dug deep into my most secret corners and brought the dark and light to the surface for me to release, or strengthen, or highlight. Just so powerful. The judgement free space you created was exactly the right container for me to look objectively and lovingly at all of these powerful forces at play in my life. Thank you, and thank you for this support and information. I am ready to use this new clarity and confidence in all that I do. I am so grateful that I said YES to SOUL and jumped on this offer. Your work is so so so special, and so are you.

Tory Marsh, Spain

Visionary Coach | Mentor |

I wholeheartedly believe that Jenn is an Angel sent by the Divine to help heal the world one lost soul at a time. She sees your heart, feels your pain, and shines hope in your darkest corners. Her intuitiveness, passion and genuine empathy made me feel comfortable with being vulnerable during my Love Map session, a big deal for someone with a heavily guarded heart.
…and the Love Map?!
Literally, mind-blowing.
Thank-you Jenn for your significant part in my healing journey.

Chantelle Dean, Calgary, Alberta

Executive Assistant | Aspiring Entrepreneur

Jenn Kosh is AMAZING. I’m a writer/filmmaker whose work focuses on love and relationships. I was struggling with some issues in my personal life and my writing when a friend told me about her Love Spell. I decided to give it a shot and, oh my goodness, what a revelation. What she shared with me was beyond illuminating. Not only did it help me understand so much about my past relationship patterns, it also spoke to my work and helped inform my writing. The information she shared continues to resonate more and more each day. I can’t wait to work with her again!

Kelly Tatham

Storyteller | Writer/Director of the forthcoming film, Multiverse Dating for Beginners

Wendy Williams

Spiritual Teacher | Energy Healer

Wendy Williams

Spiritual Teacher | Energy Healer

I’ve spent my entire life believing that mysterious and powerful deficits within me are my punishment for an unknown crime.

Believing this taught me that any setbacks I had were due to tragic flaws or I wasn’t fighting hard enough to heal. And so I’ve spent thousands of dollars and at least twice as many hours on therapy, self-help books, seminars, acts of self-loathing, frantic googling, giving up, and crying.

My most profound pain came from food—believing myself unworthy. I used food as a poison. Years of starving myself, years purging, and most recently, because I was deaf to the language of my body, bingeing.

This is how I first came to Jenn–starving for something and filled with despair. Tired of fighting. Through her intuitive mentorship and the joy, I can’t help but learn in her presence. I finally learned (and I can’t describe the weight behind that “finally”) that I don’t actually have to “fight” for healing. Or for love. Or for joy.

That instead of trying to craft new weapons that fight off my demons, I can rest. I can rely on supports that want to fill me up with deep nourishment. I can quiet my anguish and listen to guidance that wants to teach me to love myself.

Jenn has given me so many tools to listen, new ways to see that have shown me a gentle path to healing and self-love, and a safe space I can ask vulnerable questions that are met with nothing but support, gentle curiosity, and the truest joy I have ever encountered.

And this after only 3 months. Now, because of the space that healing has opened up, I get to be more present to my daughter, learn about my hopes and intentions for the future, do challenging inner work, and to learn about my own intuition. I’m so thankful for Jenn’s profound magic and that she’s willing to teach me how to discover my own.

Kendra in Canada

I did a Love Map session with Jenn Kosh. Her astrology work is all about connecting more deeply to living on this planet from a place of love. If you’ve been searching for specific guidance in life and in business or just a general reading, I highly recommend this lady.

I’ve had at least 20 readings in my life. The quality of her information and the way she presents it is the closest I’ve ever seen to a pure Divine connection.

I was searching for a new astrology blog I could share with my clients. I wasn’t even looking for a reading and she was highly recommended. I completely understand why.

Patty Lennon

Intuitive Coach | Best Selling Author | Speaker.

Jenn and I were destined to meet and I truly believe the Universe aligned our meeting. I had Jenn do a Love Map for me and was truly amazed with her talents. When we met in person, I was so drawn to her energy that I wanted to do more work with her,
so I took Jenn’s six-month Intuitive Mentoring Program and then my Reiki I, II and III with her.

Working with Jenn was truly magical and so many doors opened with each session that we had—I was definitely on an accelerated spiritual journey. I could feel myself becoming increasingly grounded and connected to new dreams for my life. She helped me to believe in myself and helped me open the doors to so many possibilities. I would not be the person I am today or would not even be on the path I am without her. She helped me find the courage to leave a job in the fashion industry that I’d been doing for over 35 years and gave me the confidence, tools and support I needed to explore new opportunities, find my purpose in life and then go out and make it happen.
When I finished the courses with Jenn, I went back to get some training and am now a certified life coach, and soon-to-be hypnotherapist!! I’m still working with Jenn and continuing to get so much support from her in my new adventures.

I can absolutely say I would not be on this journey without Jenn and I thank the Universe for making our paths cross—she is definitely a soul sister and a true living Angel.

Indra Sangara, Malibu

Life Coach | Hypnotherapist | Reiki Master Practitioner Coach

I got my gift today! I can’t say enough great things about Jenn Kosh and her Love Map Astrology Reading! My mind is still spinning from all the information and my heart is full. Lots of validation, confirmation, and actionable intuitive guidance. I loved learning about the archetypal energies of the signs, as well as their place in my life story! Jenn is very gifted and I am so happy to have met her! If you are thinking of getting a reading from her, do it!
Thanks again, Jenn.

Dorene Essex Stander

Artist | Writer

From the first moment I came into contact with Jenn Kosh, I felt seen, acknowledged, valued and heard. Jenn is powerfully loving, deeply kind and genuinely empathetic.

I knew I was in the company of a highly evolved, passionate, experienced professional. From the first thoughtful email containing the beautifully presented Love Map PDF to our wonderfully illuminating and insightful reading, Jenn was above and beyond amazing. Jenn has given me permission to embrace all my quirks and talents, archetypes and highest potential. She actually blew my mind with her accurate and knowledgeable insights about me.

I now feel empowered to embrace my gifts. I no longer think, ‘Who am I to…?’ I now know it is in my stars and I have been blessed with wonderful gifts and talents to use and share. I am deeply grateful for the clarity and confidence Jenn has given me. Thank you, Jenn, for connecting me with my true essence.

Annette Phillips, Australia

Inspired and Heart-Centered Creator of the Relationship App, TAKETWO

A few months ago, I felt like I had ‘outgrown’ my usual healer, with whom I’d started an annual tradition of solar return readings. I was immediately intrigued when a friend mentioned her Love Map reading with Jenn. When Jenn asked for my favorite color in her follow-up message, so she could tailor my report, I knew she was committed to providing a fun, personable experience in addition to sharing meaningful insights. And what meaningful insights! My Love Map session has been one of my all-time favorite readings, giving me vocabulary I didn’t know I didn’t know to think carefully about what I want – and what I’m meant for. Jenn is warm, wise and sparkly; she seamlessly zoomed in to discuss specific energies and zoomed out to observe patterns of behavior. The result: feeling heard and understood, and practical to-do’s with many a-ha moments.

Sonya Pillay, New York

Global Consultant in Corporate Innovation

Thank you so much for your powerful, intuitive, insightful, beautiful astrology reading! My heart feels full, hopeful and renewed.
You are amazing, as are the gifts you share. You’ve given me much to work with, and some radical ideas to ponder for myself,
especially that of Receiving. I will be in touch again and will tell others about you.
Just know gratitude is the song in my heart for you.
Many Blessings.

Kolleen Kohlrus, Seattle, Washington

LMHC | LMP | Licensed Minister | Teacher | Healer | Massage Therapist

I’m someone who has had a lot of spiritual readings. I’m a seeker who is always interested in new information about my purpose and my life, and so when I signed up for an astrological reading with Jennifer, I thought I might hear some of the same things I’ve heard before.
But much to my surprise, Jennifer had a completely different take on the same ol‘ chart. What stood out the most for me was the way she uses “archetypes” to explain the chart and the way she uses different ‘Chapters’ of life to explain and guide the chart. It is a very unique and personalized approach.

I went into the reading feeling a bit confused and with a lot on my heart and mind, and left the reading feeling relaxed, hopeful and inspired. I would recommend a Love Map consultation to anyone who wants to have a deeper understanding of their past, present and future, and what to look out for to have the happiest life possible.

Sally Hope

Renegade Life Coach | Leader, blazing a red-hot trail at The Wildheart Revolution

I absolutely loved having Jenn create a Love Map for not only myself but also my husband and my mother-in-law. It was a birthday gift for her and she said, ‘There couldn’t have been a better gift. I love it so much and am grateful I got to meet Jenn and will cherish my Love Map forever.’ My husband probably listened to his audio 3 or 4 times. It has been a wonderful gift to buy for others and I have received many thanks from the people I purchased one for. I am eternally grateful that I will always be able to go back and listen to my Love Map anytime I need reassurance that I am on my path and that I have a purpose.

Laura Laire

Professional Speaker | International Wellness & Performance Life Coach | Creator of the “Art of You” series

I received a LOVE SPELL from Jenn for my 35th birthday and it was the perfect way to mark the end of my fifth seven-year cycle. As I step further into my essence and the work that I love to do, the insights and energetic “level up” that Jenn gave to me are priceless. The work with snake medicine I had been doing shone clear in her message and I have already started to work on the practices she offered and felt the incredible power behind them.
Truly we are all connected and spirit brings to us just the medicine we need!
Thank you, Jenn, for your presence, your gifts, and this LOVE SPELL!

Marika Reid Hall

Shamanic Practitioner | Holistic Doula | Ceremony Creatrix |

Within Jenn’s Prosperity Sessions, I discovered that I had met up with a deeper, wiser and higher powered SELF. Working with Jenn, to bring the exercises, knowledge, and tools forward, assisted me in uncovering my core beliefs. These are beautiful lifelong gifts in which to manifest new creative opportunities in my life. I can move through any cycle with dignity and awareness.
I am open to receiving increasing wealth. Money moves to and through my life, bringing benefits to all.
Take action…move toward your goal. You’ll be glad you did. I am so grateful to this kindred spirit who is lovable, magical and enlightening humanity with soul (and so much more).
Jenn Kosh, you are Goddess BEAUTIFUL.

Deb McPhedrain, Comox, BC

Jenn is not only a fabulous mentor, she is also a compassionate healer and loving friend. Over the course of Jenn’s program The Prosperity Sessions, I have realized that absolutely anything is possible. I have learned not to limit myself to the norms of society because my imagination to dream immensely and manifest prosperity and abundance are infinite. Everyone will relate to a different meaning of prosperity. Through the guidance of Jenn, I have discovered that prosperity lies not only in money but beauty. I can manifest beautiful relationships with my family and friends, beautiful physical and mental well-being and beautiful abundance–all of which act as magnets of wealth to me. All I have to do is ask for abundance and it’s mine. These sessions have enhanced my success in having boundless wealth and attracting more abundance than I ever imagined.

Cherie Ho, Vancouver, BC

Before meeting Jenn, I had never considered “getting my stars read,” in great part due to a lot of miseducation on the topic of astrology. But I was so drawn to her and her approach, which is so full of LOVE and kindness. I can’t even begin to describe how much clarity my Love Map has brought, especially in aspects of my life that I felt I was butting my head (and heart) against. (Not to say that I am not anymore, but I am approaching it with much more kindness to myself now that I know why!).

We had the Love Map session over a video chat, during which she explained very clearly to me some sticking points about my relationships that by myself I couldn’t get clarity on. I got the audio recording option (thank you!!!), and since receiving it, I have listened to it more than once. I find new nuggets of wisdom within it, showing up as I need the guidance. Honestly, it feels like such a gift every time I press “play.” I’m ever so grateful to the Universe for aligning in a way that got me to meet such a lovely soul, and to learn so much from her wisdom! I very, very highly recommend getting a Love Map done if you’re curious about your life purpose, what your life is here to teach you or even about your relationships! To me, it’s a must-experience for anyone on their spiritual path.

Noémie Laurence, Edmonton, Alberta

Reiki Master | Light Language Channel @ Lady Nuage

I just love, love, LOVE Jenn Kosh’s Love Maps! I have to admit, when I was offered my first session as a gift, I was skeptical. I had a reading done in the past which had offered information on all my planets and my sky – and I couldn’t make sense of any of it nor could I apply it to my life. But Jenn’s Love Maps are different. With one session, I made peace with who I am and the life I’ve had. Jenn provides a deep understanding of the forces at work in our lives: The ones that shape us. The ones we sculpt our lives with. The ones we can harness to make a difference. The ones we can give more room to for our lives to flourish.

I cried, I laughed, I released so much. I had been holding back on life, feeling I had never been good enough, never lived up to my potential, never attained what I was called to do, and yet I felt blocked at all levels. I could not make sense of my experiences and feelings. But Jenn helped me see the greater context of my life, and embrace who I am. I recommend these sessions to those I love, to those who seek to understand their journey, forgive hurtful events, love themselves truly, and recognize and embrace their greatest qualities. With these sessions, your whole outlook on life is renewed and your energy revitalized. And Jenn delivers the information and messages in such a compassionate and masterful way. Thank you, Jenn, for having walked the path, for developing such a great technology, and for shedding light on this wild and mysterious journey and the forces at play in our lives.

Jessica Gauthier, Montréal, Québec

What a wonderful gift your audio is! I just got done listening to it on the beach watching waves crash and listening to your voice was like having you be right there with me. I will cherish this for a long, long time and want to listen to it over and over. Just listening to it now and having to rewind back a few parts, I heard things I hadn’t heard before even though I just listened to it. This is a work of art and I so love your work!
Thank you, Jenn. I love my Love Map!

Todd Laire, North Carolina

Jennifer guided me beautifully through my Love Map session connecting dots to create a unique and more complete understanding of my life and my “why” for being here. Offering great insights and an in-depth understanding of astrology and archetypes, Jennifer helped to set my internal compass on an orientation to walk this lifetime with more confidence and grace.

Piper Dominguez, New Mexico

My aunt told me how much she loved her Reiki sessions with Jenn and how a whole new world was opening up to her. I also love doing Reiki and was eager to try a session with Jenn because I am pregnant, and I wanted to connect with my son James. I had the most magical experience with Jenn. She told me no promises, but I knew in my heart James would show up. Well, let’s just say he was patiently waiting. Jenn gave me the most precious gift, connecting with my son. It’s truly a blessing that Jenn was able to pass on his messages about his life purpose. The observations about my husband and me that Jenn communicated from James were astonishing. My heart was glowing and bursting with love. I got to know my son and his big personality and that itself is something so special. Jenn, I am eternally grateful for this life-changing experience you gave me. James and I thank you so much!

Lauren Grewal, Richmond, Canada

I met Jenn on the Camino in Spain in 2016. I saw how she could connect to so many people so well by adjusting her approach on what she picked up from them. I don’t think there was anyone on the Camino that had such strong relationships with so many people. Over the last couple of months, when I felt I needed a little (or big) pick me up, Jenn was the first person I called. Just talking to her puts me at ease and helps me to focus on the type of life I want and have been afraid to go after. All too often, I feel like the people around us, even our loved ones, focus on what could go wrong and negatively judge us in our decisions–but when I talk to Jenn, I always feel more hopeful and positive that everything will just work out.

Pamela Bennett, Toronto, Ontario

Work with Jenn and you won’t regret a second of it. She has inspired me in more ways than I can list and my heart is filled with gratitude that she has been placed in my life to assist me on my spiritual path. Her passion and joy for the work she does radiate from her and being in her presence creates an energy of hope and possibility. She interjects humour and warmth into a reading and expresses genuine excitement for what is yet to come

Brandi Steffens, Victoria, BC

Legal Assistant, keeping it street legal in Victoria, B.C.
I don’t even know where to start with Jenn. She’s magical and brings magic into my life. I’ve had Reiki sessions, oracle card readings and Skype sessions with my spiritual healer–every time I learn something new about myself. Whether I’m in an up or down in life, she has my back with my angels and guides. Teamwork! You’ll be doing yourself a favour by seeing and talking to Jenn. Get ready for some unicorn magic!

Jas Gill, Victoria, BC

Cardiology Technologist

Because of the Love Map session, I have given myself permission to be so much more over the past few days recognizing this is who I’m meant to be. Letting go of shame and the past has been very healing and freeing as well. There is such a knowing now.
Thank you so much.

Debbie Flynn, Airdrie, AB

Heart-centered Portrait Photographer | Debbie Flynn Photography

Knowing which powers we need to surround ourselves with help light the way to our best life. With that being said, let me tell you about someone helping to light up my journey in the best possible way. Jenn Kosh is a hero for me! She has many qualities which exemplify a superhero, but the three that stand out on my journey with her are…

**The power of positivity. Have you ever heard something and thought WOW that is so obvious why didn’t I think about it that way? Jenn has a gift for taking any situation and giving you a positive perspective on it. Moreover, it’s in a way that will leave you feeling a joy and peace in the unfolding of life’s events. Feeding on the positive lights a beautiful fire within to take in the next steps of the journey.

**When I was a kid I never wanted to fly or be invisible, I wanted to have the ability to heal with touch. Jenn has shown me I can work towards this, the spirit and the body are capable of beautiful things when we listen and become aware of who we are and what we need. Her gifts in emotional and physical touch inspire me.

**The honey bee effect! Once in a while you meet a human whose presence is so infectious you swarm to them. Jenn is someone whom once you meet you will not want to settle on having anything less than what you feel near her. The power of having someone so kind, aware, and positive leaves you wanting to surround yourself completely with this kind of energy in all parts of your life. “Like a bee to honey.”

In a world in need of Love, Jenn shows Love Matters in all facets of life. She is an everyday Hero with every expression of love she shares!

Tanya C., Vernon, BC

Middle School Teacher

Jenn’s program The Prosperity Sessions is a beautiful course for anyone looking to ignite their highest self.

Always full of loving spiritual guidance and motivational advice, she is extremely intuitive and knowledgeable. You can feel her passion through each week’s online session.
Jenn provides you with valuable tools to keep you positively progressing towards your purpose.
These tools are priceless. She is a powerful force with a gentle, amazing soul.
All knowing in exactly what you need to hear at exactly the right time. She is a shining light of love. Jenn instilled in me the confidence that anything is possible.
The belief to invest in yourself is forever ingrained within. I highly recommend her Prosperity Sessions.

Kim Carpenter

Writer. Artist,Photographer | Bimberlynn | Soulworks

A few months back I began to read the Love Letters that were being posted on the Jenn Kosh-Love Matters website. I was inspired by the letters and tried to integrate the learnings into my life. Time passed and I realized I was missing something. My spirit longed for a connection to something (many things?).

I read about The Prosperity Sessions and felt like it was time to jump in. I recall thinking that I was ready for more opportunities to find me. It has been a little over three months since I began working with Jenn and the results have been transformative.

I‘m learning how to value myself, my visions and my desires in a way I haven’t dreamed of till now. This is affecting how others see and respond to me both personally and professionally. I’ve witnessed significant achievements at work and my partner and others have noted that I am happier and more confident. I feel at ease in my skin and soul these days and am excited to welcome in new blooms and blessings!

M. Morgan, Vancouver, BC

My Love Map session with Jenn was a game-changer. I’ve seen counsellors, psychics, readers, and healers but the Love Map is different. The story of my lives was brought to life in a tangible way, and for the first time, I was able to see my journey with compassionate eyes. Behaviours and patterns that I had been struggling with for years suddenly made sense and a path forward began to reveal itself. Jenn provides a safe, loving space for a personal consultation. She is a gem, and I wholeheartedly recommend her services.

Karen McCullough, Vancouver, BC

Youth Empowerment Coach & Workshop Facilitator

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