The Love Map Destiny Package

This three-session package is for you if you are the type of person who enjoys the deep dive and just needs to know.
You are committed to growth and ready for some very specific answers around the questions you bring to these three sessions.

Session One

The past

The Past

Session One dives into the themes of your past life history, the areas you’ve mastered & the transformation you’ve come here for.

We’ll also look at how those themes have shown up in the events, memories or feelings from early childhood, setting the stage for your soul’s evolutionary path, the types of relationships you have & the talents, gifts & natural inclinations that you are meant to share with the world

Sesson Two

The Present

The Present

Session Two explores your intention in all your relationships, your career path and the archetypal Allies & Teachers that you enlisted to support you on your life’s path.

This his information will show you how to work within the container of the relationships you have, the blessings you came here to receive & the impact you are destined to make–in the fastest, most elegant way possible.

Sesson Three

The Future

The Future

Session Three maps out what the astrology in the next 6 to 12 months has in store for you, what important dates there are to work with, and the major themes for your year.

Having this insight allows you to plan your year knowing which energies are here to amplify and support your life goals, what times are ideal for you to nurture ideas or to take bold action & what cycles are going to most definitely stretch you to grow.
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