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Many sacred encounters have begun under the light & the dark of the Moon.

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The Lunar Love Notes

What freedom-loving change are you being called to make?

New and Full Moons are potent energetic space in which we can take the time to attune to the subtle realms and deeply listen to our Inner Wisdom and Lunar Intelligence, letting the Moon and our Inner Being shape and shift us energetically, feeling ourselves grow magnetic to the people, the experiences and the opportunities that will fulfill these deep yearnings we have to create, to love, to flow, to inspire, to impact.

While on your journey of self-realization, there is much beauty to behold. Freedom, inspiration and faith are not far behind.

Currently, I'm not posting my Lunar Love Notes here but you can sign up on this page to have it delivered straight into your Inbox.

My intent for each offering on the New and Full Moons is to inspire, uplift and impact you and your life as well as provide sacred space for you to go in and see what energies are at play in your life. To support you in that endeavour, there is an archetype-based Tarot Spread.

Do you have time to pause?

To attune to your heart space & breathing in the Aquarius energy of the Experimenter, the Freedom-seeker, the Radical & Revolutionary for Love, exhaling something that needs to be set there a change you know you need to make?

Is today under Mama Moon's watchful, loving eye the day to initiate such a change?

Is there a prompting from your Inner Goddess, your Inner Creatrix that if you heeded the message, this decision would make all the difference?

Would it liberate you from some story, some hard-wired program, some belief you can't seem to shake?

Until now.

Thank you for being here, opening the email messages you do, responding to a Love Note—it's such a privilege. I look forward to continuing to walk with you in the way that we do—under the light and dark of the Moon.



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Lunar Love Notes: The Archives

While I wrote the Love Notes below, each one was based on the astrological sign and its family of archetypes the Moon was passing through at the time the Moon was New or when She was Full, the information here is evergreen.

Let’s say you are a Sun in Gemini and want to know more about your Sun soul journey, then the Love Notes for a New or Full Moon in Gemini may shed light for you. Or if you know you are a Pisces Rising, you can read the New or Full Moon Love Notes on Pisces to reveal some key archetypes and relationship lessons for your Rising Sign.

In each Note, you will come across new ways to understand the 12 signs that the Moon passes through and the family of evolutionary archetypes that belong to each.

Questions, rituals, inner practices, Goddesses, mystical poems by mystical beings and storytelling are at the heart of each Lunar Love Note, designed to support you understanding your personal journey about the Truth about Love.


The Innovator
The Divine Fool
The Warrior


The Lover
The Builder
The Master Manifestor


The Storyteller
The Comedienne
The Messenger


The Empath
The Mother
The Counsellor


The Star
The Queen & King
The Flirt


The Goddess
The Priestess
The Servant


The Master in Relationships
The Judge
The Peacemaker


The Witch
The Tantrika
The Alchemist


The Truthteller
The Explorer
The Professor


The Father
The Teacher


The Revolutionary
The Scientist
The Free Radical


The Visionary
The Artist
The Troubadour

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