New Moon / Solstice / Annular Eclipse: The Portal, the Protectress and the Path

New Moon, Annular Eclipse & Solstice
June 20 & 21, 2020
In 0 Degrees Cancer
The Degree of Divine Order & The Shift

To You Protectresses and Protectors of the Path:

We’ve all met face-to-face with Suffering in its limitless shapes and forms.

We may call it Karma, our History, our Childhood, our Conditioning. We have named it our Family, our Government, the Authorities, our Religion, our Relationships. We label it our Fears, a Pandemic, our Ego, our Personality. Some might experience it as Racism, Oppression, Injustice, Addiction, Loss, Betrayal, Rejection.

God knows that humans know the path of suffering.

So it is in times like these when so much pain and confusion have been released on this planet that we are graced with this singular opportunity to remember who we really are and what our purpose is.

In the skies Alchemy is afoot, a significant Portal opened.

The annular solar eclipse this weekend will activate a Ring of Fire with the Sun and the Moon in Cancer coming together to provide the alchemical heat needed to transform what’s awaiting to be transformed within our Inner Cauldrons.

Mass pain and confusion can be transmuted if we allow it, but we must take this brave step of asking the question of the Wise Woman within:

Are you willing to do the emotional excavation to see where the suffering on this planet lives within you?

As we embody all the energies of all the archetypes and astrological signs, the Cancerian Mother in us knows that birthing a new path can be painful as there’s much conditioning to unravel and trauma to heal.

But we can no longer resist merging into collective awareness and quantum love.

The Cancerian Protectress in us must let go of the past, walk through the Portal that has been opened for us, a lit-up Path that reclaims wide expanses of Peace.

To continue to grow and to spiritually transform into our Wise Medicine Women ways, each of us is presented with the metamorphosis our souls are ready to claim.

Caterpillar. Cocoon. Butterfly.

We came for this time, as Ram Dass points out–that those of us who have even the slightest degree of equanimity could participate in this great shift:

… we who might possess a tiny bit more consciousness, who may be a little further along on the path of self-realization, who may be a touch more willing to let go of the fear and the pain that we’re experiencing right now.

But walking on a path that involves quantum levels of consciousness requires our sacrifice that seems great at the time but is so little when we see what’s on the other side after allowing the death of our conditioning, our bypassing, our fragility and our privilege to take place.

So to expedite the process, we do the shadow work, calling forth the parts that we don’t accept, we don’t like, the places we’ve repressed, we’ve denied, we’ve hidden. We lay them all on the table, digesting the hurt before the hurt digests us.

If we refuse to understand that the pain outside of us is the pain that is taking up space within us, we continue to inflict suffering by laying blame through those projections.

Then we do not grow, we fail to live up to our great human potential—all because we dared not to look, refusing to acknowledge the past, to witness the pain, rejecting a love affair with our Divinity and at the core—our Innocence.

The Leaders in all of us will be called to do just that–lead. We do not wait for anyone anymore.

We are the ones who take the deep honest self-inventory, so we can see what to transform, what no longer serves, stepping into a way of being we’ve always dreamed of, that we know is possible if only we would walk all this talk.

Illuminating and transmuting these shadow patterns is arguably the most important work we will do.

And we must be kind in the process. Self care as self-preservation as Lama Rod Owens reminds us in his revelatory new book Love and Rage.

Ruling our digestive system, the Cancerian energies swirling around in our skies and in our bodies might make us increasingly sensitive to the words we hear, the words we speak. The Intuitive and the Empath may experience a heightened awareness of our thoughts and our feelings (and others’ too), our dreams (the ones we’ve lost, the ones we’re claiming) landing in our bodies.

Deep self-care is a must as we do this shadow work and process all the trauma in our cells and residing in our bones–more rest, nourishing food, time in nature, our bare feet on the ground, casting spells, singing songs, writing stories of love as we feel our feelings and share our thoughts.

We’re not alone in this love work and in this letting go. To release the old ways while we usher in the new, we surrender to wiser energies and higher vibrational frequencies to lift us up and unfold within us what wants to unfold.

Through our devotion to this planet and each other, we can more easily feel the profound support through the Divine Mother who has many names: Isis, Mother Mary, Ma Durga, Magdalene, Kuan Yin, White Buffalo Woman, Green Tara, Ixchel, Brigid.

The Protectress in us cannot and does not create alone, so call for the support–loudly and often.

And if this Solstice/Eclipse/Moon time is calling you to retreat and reflect, go for a while and nourish yourself, dear heart, but also come up for some air and return to the Sun and the Moon and the Light and the Love.

For this is what Wayshowers, Medicine Women, Mothers and Protectresses do–for the Love of All Her Relations.

Are you ready? Me too. 

Love Jenn

Mercury Retrograde and the Path You’re Walking
June 2 – 16 (pre-shadow/set up-phase)
June 17 – July 11/12 (Mercury’s retrograde period)
July 11/12 – July 26 (integration phase)

As a planet, Mercury represents our capacity for how we think, how we perceive reality and how we process external information before communicating our experience in the outer world through areas such as our creative expression, our work or our relationships.

The territory Mercury covers in our personal charts is full of evolutionary possibilities as the planet seeks to uncover and reveal what is hidden in our subconscious, communicating this learning to all parts of our lives.

Cancer deals with these areas of our life: emotions, home, hearth, family (of origin and extended), parent/mother, feminine aspects of your psyche, imprinting from childhood, intuition, empathy, sensitivities, your body, your digestion, nourishment, self-carecommunity, communion, elder and ancestors.

As a water sign, Cancer prompts us to change and grow through the power of love and devotion, so this Mercury Retrograde may cause you to shift your perception and thinking about what you love and to what you are devoted in the areas that this Retrograde is touching for you.

Below are general questions related to this Mercury Retrograde in Cancer that you might contemplate during the entire Mercury Retrograde Cycle as experiences cause certain triggers for you to learn from or for your own process of inquiry.

**For more specific information, look at the house or the territory that the Retrograde is moving through to see what’s being unearthed for you personally. If you feel called, use this code LOVEMATTERS for 25% off (exp June 30) to have a mystical dive into your Love Map and see what astrological, archetpyal forces are at work as above and so below and what is the scope of actions you’re being guided to take:


• What are my beliefs about my family and community? Am I a part of healthy dynamic around family and community? Where do I fit into my family? How am I different? How am I the same? Do I have healing to do from some part of my childhood?

• Am I willing to extend my gaze outside of my circle and take note of how others in my community and my global family are doing, calling out and actively addressing social and human rights issues such as systemic racism, homophobia, trans equality and safety, injustice and poverty? Am I willing to help out my BIPOC brothers and sisters by doing the work around privilege and addressing where my fragility has stopped my understanding or taking action? Am I willing to soften and deeply listen to what others are saying?

• What role does my intuition play in my life (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient, claircognizant and so on)? Do I deny or encourage my spiritual and intuitive gifts in myself or others? Am I able to see the intuitive side of life? Was or is my sensitivity and intuition honoured in my family?

• Would I say I am balanced in how I make decisions activating both parts of my brain—the right (the intuitive and creative side) and the left (the logical and rational side)?

• Can I express myself through my feelings or do I often stuff my feelings down?

• Can I make the distinction between my thoughts and someone else’s thoughts, or do I allow myself to be swayed by or impressed upon by what others are thinking and feeling?

• Is my life guided by an expanded vision that feels inspiring—that feels as if I’m building my legacy?

• For whom do I feel compassion? From whom do I withhold my compassion (consider yourself too for this question)?

• Do I overgive, sacrificing my own needs mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually?

• Do I ever feel bitter that I give so much with so little in return?

• Am I in debt because I give too much?

• In my relationships, do I hold anyone on a pedestal or get lost in someone’s potential or a fantasy of who I think someone is?

• Am I disappointed in romantic love?

• Do I feel that I never/rarely/sometimes receive the love that I give?

• How do I nourish myself (mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually)? Where am I starving myself (mentally, emotionally, physically and/or spiritually)?

• Are my creativity and my dreams important to me?

• Do I internalize so much that I have fallen into an addiction (or multiple ways of tuning out) in order to numb myself from the pain I see and feel in the world or the pain I’m denying within myself?


Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

Picture of Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh

Jenn Kosh is a Writer, Astrologer, and Intuitive Life Coach who is located in Western Canada. She offers more than 20 years of acquiring the tools, the insights and the resources that allow you to feel safe and provide you with the knowing, the techniques and the step-by-step plan to create a life you love.

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6 thoughts on “New Moon / Solstice / Annular Eclipse: The Portal, the Protectress and the Path”

  1. Love this Jenn. Thanks for offering such great questions for self reflection. Been a nutty week yet embracing this Solstice and reaffirming my intentions and dreams!

    Funny that some of your questions ask about family as its been on my mind recently, especially as we welcomed a new baby girl just yesterday!! I’m an aunt again and the world has been graced with another earth angel. 💖🙏🌏😇

    1. Auntie Lisa!! Congratulations on your earth-angel niece being born yesterday!! A little Gemini–someone for you to have great conversations with–her amazing aunt will have a lot to teach her. Blessings to you on this Solstice, my friend!! xxoo

    1. Ahhh, thank you! You know how my major love language is LOVE. Happy Solstice, Marika, and thank you for the medicine you give us. I loved the ritual you shared for Solstice. xo

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