The Prosperity Sessions:
The Great Game

An Overview of Your Program

Ready. Set. Go. Game on.

Oh money, what a great teacher you’ve become in our journey of awakening to a greater, more loving prosperity consciousness.


If you looked around at the people you know or see in the media who’ve achieved a certain level of material success, you might think they’ve gone and done it.

They’ve achieved financial freedom!

But if they’re playing the Game of Money like most people were born playing, they’ve been carrying on in this Game of Life with some misinformation that resonates at a lower vibrational state of consciousness—and they are certainly not free.

Caught up in intense and persistent conditioning that begins at birth, most people live their ENTIRE lives trapped playing these types of games, ones that keep them in fear, scarcity, lack, never enough and poverty consciousness.

And while we think that money is the answer to many of our dreams and our stressors (consider your own life and what money could do to help), eventually as souls having a human experience, it won’t matter how much money is in that darned bank account.

Last year, I was shown on three occasions (and I shift my life by the power of three) that it was time to take people through what I’m calling “The Great Game.”

As you might remember from the letter I sent out inviting people to April’s Quest, this idea that life could even be conceived as a Game was absolutely foreign to me (and a little shocking considering the plight of so many on this planet).

Here’s an updated version of that invitation I wrote.

Growing up, my favourite board game was “The Game of Life.”

Spin the wheel and in your pastel-coloured car, you as a gender-confined, pint-sized blue or pink stick figure are off achieving life’s milestones one space at a time: from learning a trade to getting a university degree, from choosing a career to buying a house, from becoming a parent to welcoming financial windfalls—all the while hoping to avoid home emergencies and natural disasters on your way to retirement.

Pretty linear. No time-bending for you or up to five of your friends.

Pretty much a game of luck.

And the winner? The one with the most assets.

The one with the most money.


And I LOVED that game. 

So much hope and excitement that I might be the lucky one.

I’d be the one with the successful husband and the gaggle of kids, a career I could be proud of, make a lot of money at. I’d have the beautiful home, a life of adventure and an abundance of money to prove that I was the winner of the Game of Life.

Decades of life experience later, however, I’m here to introduce a much grander game to play.

In June 2011, I flew to Chicago where I met a magic man disguised as a quiet, unassuming, silver-haired gent who was teaching a weekend seminar that began with a simple enough question:

What if you lived your life as if you were playing a game?

Not just any game. He was talking about “The Game of Life.”

Bring it. (I want the purple car.)

But he didn’t mean the 3-d board game of my childhood.

He meant life lived as a Great Game—a Master Game—one that involved playing at a higher state of consciousness, one that would deeply impact not only my life but the life of others.

A game played within a matrix that had objectives, rules, equipment and all the other elements I’d expect to see, but the Great Game would be played through a different lens with an infinite objective in mind.

A Game that sees through and rises above luck and negative beliefs, neutralizes and harmonizes physical, cultural, geographical, political, economic or social conditions and constraints.

A Game that everyone can play, one that no one gets left behind.

At the end of his lecture, my body was lit up.

I felt this unbridled joy pulsing in places in my body I didn’t know you could hold joy.

My belly. My shins. My toes.

Life as a Game.

Most people play the games of ego, power, fame.

Some people have no aims and therefore, no game.

How about you?

If your life was indeed a game, what’s the Game of Life you’d want to play?

What’s the game you’re playing?

These are powerful questions I’ve put at the forefront of my consciousness.

I’ve been guiding people through the original “Prosperity Sessions” for many years now.

game of life

Even though my clients understand that the underlying and overarching aim of that program is to raise their prosperity consciousness through opening up their heart to their purpose, their values and their gifts (giving them access to infinite abundance), often sneaking in is the ego’s sabotaging agenda to go back and forth in playing lower vibrational games like the Game of Fame or Power, and especially the Game of Money.

But it doesn’t have to be like this.

If only we could see how much it would benefit us and the world to release those lesser games to play the Great Game.

I also wrote in that April Quest invite that exploring this Great Game concept over the last 12 years has changed my life and has brought so much more focus, fulfillment and meaning.

100% it has.

It has also brought so much relief to the many parts of me that clung onto the belief that money was the answer to most of my problems.

Because the Great Game asked me (and it will ask any of those who choose to play) to be willing to leave behind fear-based programs around money so I could truly live and serve from a high vibrational prosperity consciousness.

To create and lead my life from the beauty, power, truth, creativity and intelligence of my Self energy.

It has been a profound sometimes painful unlearning yet a liberating and beautiful becoming to arrive at this point in my own prosperity consciousness to know that while I might not always play it perfectly, this Great Game is the only Game of Prosperity Consciousness worth playing.


I started coaching about prosperity consciousness in 2017 as I was anchoring in my own Great Game.

A book could be written (might be written) about what my 40s brought me to and through the expansion of the Great Game—which to me means many things including…

You might be thinking, “Yes, me too. I want to impact others in aligned ways while feeling all the love and tapping into all the resources there for me to do this beautifully, skillfully, powerfully.”

But most of us will live and die playing these other games.

Last spring, I knew it was time to evolve my own Prosperity Coaching and share the Great Game when I had three people within one week break down in front of me terrorized by their “dire” money situation.

Like the woman who came to me in hysterics because her financial advisor shared that she had enough money to live in the way she’s accustomed until she’s 92.

This woman owns her own house outright and has a regular payout from the inheritances she has invested.

This dear soul never has to work another day in her life.

This precious human is 54 years old—nearly 40 years to play with all the time and money freedom she has.

But she was embroiled in the viral conditioning of this fear.

You can see how these internal programs of scarcity and poverty consciousness are insidious.

Consider your own fears around money and survival and how they continue to trap you and project themselves out into your lived experience.

And you have to know it hasn’t been your fault. You are not to blame.

This conditioning and imprinting you’ve received from the outside have been there since the moment you took your first breath.

What’s made the Game of Money even more challenging to break free of is that over the last few decades, we’ve been subjected to New Age beliefs and techniques about money and abundance that keep parts of us stuck with a partial understanding and a lack of knowhow or consistency in implementing them.  

If we’re positive enough or say the write affirmations or have the mastery mindset, the money will come to us.

So we’re told.

But for the most part, we don’t permanently shift our money mindset, our abundance vibration, our prosperity consciousness or our lived experience.

These fearful parts of us who are playing the Money Game cling to these spiritual teachings and manifesting techniques to alleviate our money worries and our scarcity consciousness but never allow us to get to the root of these fears and rise above them.

Not to mention there are other frozen parts of our psyche that don’t want us to live from a Divinely Abundant place (even if we believed there was a way we could), fearful that if we attempt to break free, we’ll get hurt or we’ll be humiliated. We could even die.

We could have a very different experience of life on our planet, one in which the majority of people (if not all) are living fully resourced, living from their joy and their inspiration.

But the Money Game and the fear that it perpetuates have many on this planet desperately trying to access unfairly distributed resources necessary for our survival.

And while there are infinite paths we can take in raising our consciousness and our experience of life on this planet, there is a way I’ve found to move from the darkness of this experience of suffering and this fear-based state of consciousness to a deeper understanding and experience of what prosperity means for one and for all.  

The Great Game.

This Game eradicates your unhealthy, inherited relationship with money and your root chakra’s freeze, fight or flight response to survive.

This Game anchors instead the trust and faith that you are always provided for and connected to the power, the presence and the flow of Infinite Abundance.

This Game allows you to consistently turn your greatest inspirations into physical form. Your dreams into reality.

But wait.

You’ve heard promises and proclamations like this before as part of the diluted and corrupted teachings and techniques of the Money Game.

Many will hear what I’m saying (or read what I’m writing) and make a move from the Money Game to line up at the start of their Great Game after hearing some of the “promises” the Great Game makes.

Their initial excitement may even take them a footstep or two onto the playing field.

But the role that Fear plays in bringing up the doubt, scarcity and poverty consciousness will lead many people back to the futility and cruelty Game of Money once again.

So at some point, you have to commit to crossing the starting line of the Great Game and playing full out.

This Game will compel you to release guilt and shame as drivers and decision makers of your life.

This Game will ask you to confront your fears of failing, the fear of failing others.

The Game will ask you to surrender every fear-based program you have around money, something that doesn’t happen overnight, but it does happen if you keep playing.

Once you acknowledge and anchor in the foundation of your Great Game, which is what this new coaching experience I’m inviting you to is about, your life will not be the same.

You’ll eventually look back with compassion at the parts of you that clung for so long to these beliefs that kept you playing these other lesser games.

You’ll arrive at the awareness of the privilege and responsibility you have in playing the Great Game—for yourself, for your loved ones, for those that you came to serve, for the evolution of this Planet.

These 12 sessions over a 6- to 8-month period played full out will shift your field and change your life.


The Container:

While we’re exploring the essence of your Great Game (the setup, the aim, the rules, the people you’d like to play with, and so on), we will use your Gene Key profile to explore different aspects of the Game that have been encoded within you.

Astrology, Human Design and the Gene Keys are all energetic blueprints of our highest potential (we’ll actually be using them all).

And the Gene Key profile alone provides a stunning inner map that will absolutely show you your greater potential, purpose and prosperity path—helping you inform the Great Game you’ve been designed to play, the one you know is worth playing.

Welcome to Your Great Game.

If you choose to play, this is how we’ll roll:

Level One - The Genius Sequence

While the Great Game I’m offering is structured to unfold within a deep dive activation into your Gene Key profile, I’ll be weaving in prosperity teachings, intuitive guidance, practical business/life strategies and other spiritually centered approaches that will address and respond to right where you are in your life—in your health, your business, your relationships, in every other area of your life that needs your attention.

My life’s work is about making the magical and the mystical practical. It’s one thing to receive inspiration and illumination (which you will), but it’s equally important to integrate the spiritual gifts into everyday play.

Like the Zen Koan teaches:

Before enlightenment…chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment…chop wood, carry water.

Session One.

The Game You’re Here to Play.

Here we have an introduction to the Great Game you were designed and destined to play: the Meta Game, the Master Game, the Great Game aligned to your higher potential, purpose and prosperity and a compelling part of the greater story of your Oversoul’s evolution.

In this session, we’ll go through an overview of this 12-session experience and get an understanding of what you’re committing to and what you’re leaving behind. The clients who’ve dedicated themselves to releasing their fears around money have written me afterwards to share how impacted they were by this session.

Session Two.

Session Two. Your Life’s Work & Your Evolution Gene Keys.

We’ll explore the essence of your Life’s Work (the core of your Great Game) and the evolutionary catalysts that will keep on inviting you to the next authentic expressions of it. 

While Richard Rudd might not describe the Gene Keys and the archetypal journeys between each of them in the context of the Great Game, these pathways between and among the Gene Keys will shed tremendous light on why the money game has been challenging and why it’s necessary to anchor your Great Game within higher bands of frequencies represented by the Divine Qualities of the Gene Keys that have been encoded within you at your birth.

Session Three.

Your Radiance & Purpose Gene Keys.

The foundation of this session is about activating a higher purpose and quality of Divine Light. These two Gene Keys are about your physical body and its capacity to hold the light of truth and the truth of light.  Welcome to your Deep Purpose and get ready to radiate a different level of prosperity consciousness.

Session Four.

Integration of the Genius Sequence

Understanding the energetic signature of your Life’s Work and Deep Purpose are the keys that open up a powerful doorway of Love (the next level of the Great Game). You have now moved into the Venus Sequence, which will call you to cultivate a deeper love and intimacy in the way that you relationship with all aspects of your life.  

Level Two - The Venus Sequence

With all Master Games connected to the Alchemist, the Sovereign, the Creatrix, the Time-Bender, the Visionary, the Mystic, the Revolutionary for Love (all archetypes you embody in different parts of your birth chart), the true portal to prosperity and the higher version of your Great Game comes through the Heart.

This exploration will impact how you connect and communicate in all your relationships.

These activations will shift who you draw into your life.

In this process of exploring your patterning around Love and what you believe your worthy of receiving, your Great Game involves your awareness and higher expression of your mental, emotional, spiritual and body intelligence.

This means understanding the unique chemistry and magnetism of your heart, mind, body.

Working with this next Sequence of Gene Keys, you’re opening up to a deep, mystical process that blesses you by tapping into your knowing and yet-to-be-discovered powers and gifts that result in a higher heart-mind coherence and a higher level of order within your being.

Many want to skip this part of the Game (“Take me to the money, honey!” they might say), but doing so puts people back into playing those finite, object-driven, lower vibrational games, whose energy frequency resonates with mediocrity, compromise and half-heartedness (at best) as well as places people at risk for not living and creating from their highest potential or experiencing the prosperity they were designed to receive.

As you move through Level Two and this second Sequence, you’ll find as you’re opening your heart more within your relationships, you’ll see your pillars, priorities and principles begin to change and/or deepen.

Naturally then, what you’re offering to the world changes because your vibration is changing and the people, experiences and opportunities you attract are different because you’re continuing to play the Game through an Open Heart and not a fear-riddled mind and energy field.

Session Five.

Your Purpose in Higher Love &
Your Magnetic/Sexual Energy.

The Attraction GK, your Attractor Factor, in all the loveliest, most powerful and pleasurable ways is such a key to building and amplifying your magnetism. We will look at the shadow frequencies of this Gene Key that lower it and then tap into Gift frequency that empowers the way you live and (make) love.

Session Six.

Your IQ Gene Key (your Intelligence Quotient).

You’ll be connecting to your mental body and the patterns that significantly shaped your mental programming during the ages of 15-21—this means the imprinting you received, the clues that have been left in your thought patterns, and how they affect the way you participate in and experience the Great Game. The higher your IQ, the more you’re operating from the Divine Mind.

Session Seven.

Your EQ Gene Key (your Emotional Intelligence).

From ages 8-14, significant imprinting occurred, and we’ll see how it shaped who you are, how you love and what you believe you’re worthy of. Working with the emotional body on this plane is a moving experience because it is in the chemistry of the emotional centre that your goals form, games you believe you’re worthy of playing are created (from the worst to the best), and where dreams do come into reality.

Session Eight.

Your SQ Gene Key (your Spiritual Intelligence).

This Gene Key is about your physical body, your physical safety, your breath patterns and how much you can relax into who you are and seeing what you need to relax to the point your body can trust and come into its natural internal harmony. When you are in harmony, you feel peace, you are in flow. You are magnetic

Session Nine.

The Core Wound.

You’ll be contemplating the core wounding you were initiated into (just by taking your first breath) and how when you do the heart healing, you open up to the gift frequencies of this Wound, that lead you on the path of your truest, most authentic calling.

This is the portal of deep nurturing and alignment to a Greater Love than you’ve ever known, cultivating your ability to be a role model and to share what you have, uplifting those people who are in your sphere in whatever ways you’re called to do this Love Work. Modelling can mean teaching and leading by example; it can also mean modelling by simply and powerfully being.

Level Three - The Pearl Sequence

You’ll open yourself up to three new Gene Keys plus revisit one, learning about the archetypal journeys you’ll take when you connect to them.

This is the Higher Purpose sequence, the higher potential, an invitation to activate within your genetic code the True Nature of Prosperity and a deeper sense of the power you have as a Creator, a Lover, a Player of your Great Game.

Important to note. Most people naturally will want to jump to this level of the Game without having activated and contemplated the other Two Sequences or having built the foundational energetics of the Great Game.

Again, we’ve been conditioned by the Game of Money to jump around from technique to technique to try and relieve our anxiety or to try to feed the hungry parts of ourselves clamoring for information about how to bring more money into our lives.

However, to continue to act and vibrate this way will hold us back from moving away from the Game of Money and anchoring ourselves in the grace of the Great Game.

So if you’ve reached this point of your Great Game journey, know that you are stepping into a new level of Mastery.

This is the stage where you enter illumined portals that show you how to continue to serve and truly prosper. 

At this stage, you are in a dynamic relationship with the Muse, the Essence of your Great Game, where the big Love Story that is at the core of your Book of Life leads you out into the world at a different harmonic frequency.

You move into participation and leadership within your tribe, your network and your community directed by your own inner standards and based on the energetic frequency of your magnetic Divine Brand—the source of a continual expansion of wealth consciousness on all levels.

Amazing, right? Here’s how that happens.

Session Ten.

Your Vocation & Culture Gene Keys.

This session will activate within you the relationship you have with the power and speed of your deepest expression available to you right now within your Great Game. Once activated and embraced, this vibration calls out to your people, magnetizing to you your most aligned network, calling in of your soul family, and welcoming in the communities you’re here to be a part of and the wider communities your light is here to serve.

The gifts you’ve activated have safe and honoring places in which they can be given, received and expanded upon.

Sessions Eleven & Twelve.

Your Divine Brand & the Pearl Gene Keys.

Within these two sessions, we look at the values, pillars and identifying markers of the energetics of two important Gene Keys that comprise your heart call in this world—the one a certain group of beings are here to connect to and participate in an exchange of energy with you (including romantic relationships, creative collaborations, paying clients and so forth).

You’ll also revisit the Gene Key of your Your Life’s Work, the vibrational essence of your Great Game, and how you’ll move in this world as continue to play full out bathed in the frequencies of this Divine Knowing for the rest of your life.

These two sessions have been designed to impress upon you an indelible, sacred heart mark you walk around with for the rest of your days.

After Session Twelve, you’ll receive a guided meditation that includes an honouring of everything you’ve done and who you’ve called to be at this stage of your life and this level of the Game that never stops growing and bringing you into a Divine Flow of Prosperity

What's included in
"The Prosperity Sessions: The Great Game

So for all of this playful, mind-flowing, heart-opening, deep transformation, the total investment is $3,888 (all pricing is in Canadian dollars).
There are also three payment plans.

$999 for 4 months. 
($3,996 CAD total)

$679 for 6 months.
($4,074 CAD total)

$469 for 9 months. 
($4,221 CAD total)

If you decide this container is for you and that one of these options is right for you, after signing up you’ll receive a confirmation email. In it, you’ll see a multi-letter/number code that you can click on for you to begin. Please book your first 4 sessions within a two-month time period (ideally spaced 2 weeks apart but there may be times where we have to do three weeks because of our schedules).

Some Field Notes from my own experience of playing the Great Game:

Your screaming, doubting, skeptical parts will come out to convince you that it’s not possible to have this type of capital “F” Freedom, living life on this material plane with ease and joy, deep service and grace.

So for this reason I do ask you to commit to the following things:

As Rumi says,

Come, come whoever you are. Wanderer, worshipper, lover of leaving.
It doesn’t matter. Ours is not a caravan of despair.
Come, even if you have broken your vow a thousand times.
Come, come again.

I hope I’ve been able to tap into the excitement and possibility for you in this evolution and expansion of your prosperity consciousness inside this Great Game Container.  I’m here as always to answer your questions, so please reach out.

With so much gratitude,

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