The Sunrise Rubies

Yes! I was hoping you'd come.

Whatever brought you here, there’s likely a part of you that
no longer wants to do what you came here to do alone.

In November 2019, I sent an email out to the Love Matters community
to ask a small group (I was hoping for 8 people) who would start 
a journey with me, an experiment in love, healing and transformation. 

Last summer, a Guide who identified himself as Einstein (yes, the Einstein!)
showed up in my living room during a meditation three days after moving
to my hometown and into our new place. 

This loving presence reminded me to channel through the power of the heart
more light and more love to the people and places on this planet in need. 
Starting in my own backyard. 

So I did. I began spending part of my daily inner practice radiating some
big, bright rose-gold rays of love and light to the people and places that might need it.

However, the message I began to receive in dreams, meditations and in social media
was indicating that what I was doing wasn’t going to create the transformation
for the people and places I was seeking. 

That if I wanted to change any part of this world, I must change myself first. 

I’d heard those words so many times before (to the point I’d tuned them out), 
but this time they landed differently. 

To be in service to others, I had to be in service to myself–to tend to my body,
to lingering and deeply buried hurts, to the relationships I claimed
were important to me, to the whispers of my soul dreams. 

Service to self in the name of self-love naturally leads to service in love to others. 

This activated in me a longing to open up my heart in a brand new way
and then the plan started to unfold. 

And I knew that I didn’t want to do this alone. 

So I created a group called “The Sunrise Rubies,” hoping 8 people 
from my community would feel the call to join. 

30 people did. 
I was blown away.  

When we heal ourselves and live our dreams, the ripple effects are felt all over the world.
As we make a request for a healing, that healing is deeply felt within all of us
–individually and collectively. 

Whether it’s a healing for your aching body,
an anxious mind or a broken heart. 
Whether you are seeking peace and comfort. 
Whether you are calling True Love in. 
Whether you’re seeking to know and live your purpose.
To see the Divine face to face.
To contribute on a higher, wider, deeper level
to those people and this planet
that need you to.

Be the change you wish to see in the world, says Gandhi.
I say, Let’s make those changes together. 

The power of “The Sunrise Rubies” to ignite transformation begins 
with your truth and commitment 
to a high level of support for you and your dreams 
and your requests for healing
along with the support of the dreams and the healing of your Friends 
who’ll be walking right there with you.
and your requests for healing
along with the support of the dreams and the healing of your Friends 
who’ll be walking right there with you. 

What it means to be involved in “The Sunrise Rubies”:

*You recognize the power you have a creator.
*You’re willing to actively participate in the group–we need you to show up!
*You can access feelings of compassion and empathy.
*You can meditate, visualize or hold a quiet space for at least ten minutes at a time.
*You’re willing to hold your and the group’s intentions
in-between ceremonies for ten minutes a day.
*You believe in this process and the power of the group.
*You believe in miracles and are a seeker of mystical experiences.
*You vow not to hide or play small. 

If this is you, please join us.
There are two easy ways to do just that. 
Prices as always are in Canadian Dollars.

The deadline has passed for our first Rubies adventure.
We are under way–and it’s even more powerful than we expected.
Please message me HERE to be put on the waitlist for the next 
groups to open in Spring 2020. 

 $33/month for 12 months
**equivalent to 24 healing circles.
Payments are recurring
from the day you sign up

**24 healing circles
BONUS: one 60-minute intuitive
coaching session (value $250)

 $33/month for 12 months
**equivalent to 24 healing circles
Payments are recurring
from the day you sign up.

**24 healing circles
BONUS: one 60-minute intuitive
icoaching session (value $250)


You created Love Map Astrology and write a blog called Lunar Love Notes. Is this a Moon Ceremony group? 
Great question. No, it is NOT a group dedicated to the New and Full Moon. Holding space and directing healing energy towards your intentions are the focus of this group to transform your life, the lives of others and the world. 

However, since astrology and archetypes are major love languages I speak, undoubtedly I will be sharing with the group at the beginning of each ceremony about the energies playing out collectively.  

 I just signed up. Now what?
First of all…awesome and thank you!

Shortly after the groups are filled, I’ll send you “The Sunrise Ruby” package that will give you details about such things as our online platform, our schedule, your intention, the container for the ceremonies and some healing practices to ensure that we have the very best experience and profound results. 

In the meantime, deeply contemplate what it is you’d like to heal and transform in your life within our time together. 

 How many online circles must I attend?
There are no musts here. I do hope you come with the spirit that YES, WE GET TO DO THIS & what an amazing opportunity for you/me/us to heal and transform our lives with the support of others who will be holding space for you.

I’d encourage everyone to set the intention to be present for each of our ceremonies and I do realize that life happens. Once we see who has signed up, I’ve set the intention that an agreeable time and day will work for the majority of us the majority of the time, so if you feel called to this group in 2020, all the scheduling will work out. 

The research has shown how much healing and shifts occur when 6 or more show up at any given time for these collective intention circles. Your Sunrise Rubies package and our first ceremony in December will provide you all you need to know for setting up an effective transformational container for the year. 

I’m already working with you in another program. Can I still join? Can I ask my friends if they want to join? 
 YES and YES–PLEASE!!!  Please forward this invitation to “The Sunrise Rubies.” Thank you.  

 Cancellation policy. Is there one? 
If you find this group truly isn’t a fit for your life and you’re paying monthly, you can cancel at anytime (and feel free to express any concerns to me along the way, so I have a chance to support you either way). There is no contract even though I’m asking for a commitment to your and the group’s journey!!  Once a monthly payment has been made, those fees are non-refundable. You will have access to the FB group and the videos through the end of the payment period.

If you paid for a full year, you have 14 days no questions asked for a refund from your date of purchase. However, if you’ve had your bonus session within that 14-day period, no refunds will be given. 

My best heart-felt, intuitively-sourced bet is that you’re going to LOVE the friendship, support and inner/outer transformation that you will receive from this journey we”ll be on, but it’s always nice to know you have options!! 

 Where did the name “The Sunrise Rubies” originate? 
The Sunrise Rubies was the name given to me from my guidance in a meditation when I asked the question: “What is the name of this group?” 

“The Bliss Collective” and “The Bliss Project” were just some of the names that I brainstormed before I became real quiet, wrote out my sincerest wishes for the people who will commit to this and BOOM–the name instantly downloaded.

I was deeply touched when moments later, I realized the source. Rumi, a great mystic, and one of my guides (even as I write this I can feel his energy and see his form floating around), wrote a poem called “The Sunrise Ruby.”

The poem’s message is about what happens to us when we persist in showing up daily to what and who you love–and the joy that comes from this connection to our practice. Fitting, right?  

And most importantly, what do those words invoke for you? Sunrise? Ruby?

I must share a serendipity with you I experienced just before I sat down to respond to this question.

I’d been meditating on the intent of “The Sunrise Rubies” and was called to draw a card from Alana Fairchild’s Rumi oracle card deck–one flew out. How fitting is the card’s message from the Angel Razbar (I may have teared up): 

The master speaks of a den of riches, where many precious jewels can be found. In abundance they lie, patient and yet ready to be claimed. 

“Go scoop them up!” urges the master. The devoted ones look but cannot see. 

“Where are the precious jewels?” they cry. “For we cannot find them anywhere!”

The master gazes lovingly at the devoted ones and responds kindly. “In service, my beloveds, you shall find the jewels through service. For what is the soul but the finest and most precious of heavenly jewels? For what is service but the scooping up of the soul that it does not lie lost, nor unclaimed, but instead honoured for all its precious worth and beauty, tended to until it becomes vibrant as a flawless ruby, radiant with the joy of living.”  

So many blessings when we’re open to receive. Contact me, please, if you have any more questions.
Love Jenn


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