The Venus Codes
Your Invitation to Love

For my whole life, the main quest I’ve been on, the main game I’ve been playing is the quest and the game of True Love.

But I wouldn’t admit that to myself.

I deeply buried this great desire I had to experience intimate love, a desire that had captured my imagination since I was 12.

I know I’m not alone wanting to build a life with someone, plan and go on big adventures, create a life together, grow old together.

Yet how much teaching or guidance have we ever received on how to call in and grow that kind of love?

client how much she’s invested in herself professionally because she wanted to be skilled in her work and in serving her clients. She used the word “masterful.”

I hear that intention a lot from the big-hearted women I work with. They want to be impactful in their work, experts in their fields, leaders in their industry, some of them even want to be queens of an empire.

I call it our Great Work.

And yet I had a dangerously narrow understanding of what the Great Work actually means.

Twelve years ago, I was forced to embrace a truth I’d denied full out.

And, most dangerously, to myself.

I had to admit that beyond being skilled in my work I truly longed to be masterful in the art of loving.

I honestly desired to be skilled in knowing how to give to and receive intimate love from another person.

Flat out, I wanted Sacred Union. Divine Partnership.

Failed relationships and single at 42 years old, I hadn’t been sure at that time how I fell so far off the mark or why I’d kept experiencing unrequited love.

It started with an admission. Even though I’d read books and mentally agreed that humans can experience love through many types of relationships, I wanted that ONE big love relationship with that ONE person who’d somehow see through all my imperfections yet still love me unconditionally.

That this person who was living in the same world I was—one of constant distraction, lusty appetites and endless choice would want what I envisioned in a committed partnership. 

To stay and talk things out. To sit and pray.

To stand and breathe through the pain that we’d inevitably stir up, knowing we’d finally found someone who had devoted themselves to learning and loving through the relationship we had with ourselves and the relationship we had with one another.

You may want this type of partner too.
This kind of relationship.


So here we are then.

And here I am inviting you to do some of the deep love work I believe we came here to do, so we’re prepared to enter into this type of relationship. And to remain.

I can imagine for you that love and relationship have felt heartbreaking at times. Even cruel.

You made the effort, took the risk, felt some hope but then the dream of “I love you” ended.

Unrequited love. Again.

And with each abrupt ending, a lot of cursing and crying, cutting and severing, deleting and throwing out.

Or is that just me?

I should say “was” me.

When I was in my early 40s, I surrendered. In fact, I can tell you the date: July 25, 2012.

I admitted on that day that I didn’t have a clue about what it meant to give and receive intimate love. After years and tears of quiet despair that was woven in with rage-filled, grief-soaked waves of emotion, it was such a profound relief to make a promise to myself that I would no longer waste another day questioning, hesitating, repressing.

I’d wasted too much time already.

So I made a bold commitment to the Divine of my understanding that I would devote one year on a journey of self-discovery around intimate love. I called it “A Year of Miracles.”

But where to now after making such a bold claim?

I’d expressed similar vows before but never received the love I was sure was mine to have. Instead, I saw how certain patterns continued to show up again and again in the men I chose to be with.

I’d thought I’d been clear. I’d thought I’d been ready.

I thought, I thought, I thought

Until I began to question.

Was my heart wide open and vulnerable to love?

If it were, how come I repeatedly found myself trapped in an emotionally tangled web of devastation and overwhelming frustration?

This moment of surrender on a summer’s day in 2012 had been preceded by a profound realization that the current relationship I’d ended as well as the others I’d had before had been mirrors for me, and that if I wanted to change what I was seeing through these men’s reflections, I’d have to at some point get to a place where I could say thank you instead of f*ck you.

I’d have to stop entering into relationships where I was trying to change them, coach them, convince them.

Instead, I’d have to change…me. These reactive habits and repetitive patterns were mine.

I went on a wide and far path of self-discovery. With spiritual teachers. With therapists. In private sessions. In retreats. At home. Around the world.

I’m still on that path of self-discovery when it comes to intimate love.
I will for the rest of time because I know what Rainer Maria Rilke knows:

For one human being to love another,
this is the most difficult of all our tasks

For one human being to love another, this is the most difficult of all our tasks.

We did not come to play small in our work, nor did we come to play small in our love.

So here we are. The Great Work in Love.

And here I am inviting you to enter into a profound experience of relationship discovery and healing.

I’ve come to understand that each of us has our own unique energetic relationship signature that creates our relationship magnetics—imprints created from our individual and collective experience in all types of relationships (the good, the bad, the ugly), found within our cells, our genes, our thoughts, our emotions. Frozen in our bodies—physical, emotional, mental. Past. Present. Future.

Frozen but fortunately fixable.

However, this type of healing does require devotion to love over time to find and to tend to these precious parts of our being that have been hurt in love.

I know you understand.

You’ve read the books, written your affirmations, carried out New Moon ceremonies, entered into spiritual practice.

So even though you’ve poured your heart out to your friends, chanted your mantras, received healing from the 12th dimension, maybe even experienced a plant medicine ceremony or two…

even though you’ve sought out counselling or a guidance session here and there to move through some rough times,

still after all that effort and healing work, core wounds persist in your psyche, in your energy field, creating plenty of evidence for your fragile, hurting parts that a devoted, requited love relationship might not be meant for you in this lifetime.

Whether you’ve fully admitted it or not, core wounds are operating within your inner system, and they need to be tended to.

If not, even though you desire love, romantic love in particular, these core fractures or wounds will keep on repeating. Keep on creating a distrust that the love you desire is meant for others, but obviously not you.

When these core wounds are not acknowledged or healed deeply enough, they continue to create a narrative that unfolds in increasingly painful ways in your relationships whether you’re holding the grievances against yourself or you see them being played out in others.

It’s a cruel story to live out.

So let’s close the book on the old way.

It is my belief we came here to release these stories in relationship and deconstruct the reactive habits, patterns and mechanisms we use to protect ourselves from Big Love,

In this way, we’ll be asked to create new standards for intimacy and freedom in our relationships, so we can not only remember how worthy we are but also experience the beauty of how love fully flowers within us and through us.

Yes, there is deep work to do in this becoming.

Let’s Begin

I created a 12-session journey to support you in exploring your unique sacred relationship blueprint (your infinite potential for love) as well as identifying the core wounds that are not only affecting your capability to attract and sustain a fulfilling, intimate relationship but also are affecting the quality of your life in general.

To enter into a powerful journey of understanding and healing, we will use the three primary sequences of the Golden Path with a particular focus on the Venus Sequence as our framework for exploration and transformation of your relationship history.

We’ll begin by activating the genetic codes and archetypes of your Genius Sequence and end with catalyzing the Gene Keys of your Pearl (prosperity) Sequence.

But Venus is our main Guide in this heart-centered journey.

Through the Venus Sequence, we will look at your relationship magnetics formed by six specific Gene Keys within your genetic profile that show how fractal patterns in your relationships are painfully repeated again and again until you change the magnetics of these genetic markers.

Each Gene Key shows you the precise nature of your wounding and as we go through them in a specific order, you’ll see how your wounding (some might call it karma – not in terms of punishment but cause and effect) has shaped your relationship magnetics.

Why look at our genes? Our genes hold bands of frequencies that form the foundation of our relationship magnetics. As science has shown, we are not held hostage by our biology. You’ve heard the saying, “Change your beliefs, change your life.”

Yet our personality held hostage by our wounding will say, “I’ve tried” or “I can’t.”

But once we identify, accept and embrace these (gene) keys, we open up new doorways to having a different experience in relationship.

We release the enormous healing capacity of the heart. Insights and truth coming in from the right side of the brain, from deep inside the heart of your intuition.

Because our genes, which shape who and what we experience in relationship, are shaped by our beliefs about love, these sessions will also include the psychospiritual exploration through the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach.

IFS offers us a deeply personal and compassionate way of unravelling how these patterns have shown up in our personality and in our relationships.

Through finding, acknowledging and dialoguing with hurting parts of your psyche (we’ll call them your Inner Protectors in Love), you’ll be able to release the Protectors from their learned, dysfunctional roles, which have been created to “protect” you from attracting and being fulfilled in relationship. These protector parts have all sorts of negative beliefs about love based on your individual and the collective experience of love.

In addition to using your Gene Key profile and the IFS approach within these sessions, you will also receive energy healing.

While talk therapy is helpful (it feels so good to have someone listen), over the 25 years I’ve been doing one-on-one sessions, I’ve experienced firsthand how we can deepen and quicken the process of healing and transformation through shifting the energy.

What’s included in “The Venus Codes”
So for all of this playful, mind-flowing, heart-opening, deep transformation, the total investment is $3,888 (all pricing is in Canadian dollars).
There are also three payment plans.

$999 for 4 months. 
($3,996 CAD total)

$679 for 6 months.
($4,074 CAD total)

$469 for 9 months. 
($4,221 CAD total)

The Venus Codes offers the potential of entering into some of this lifetime’s great inner work, supporting you not only in living the greatest potential of your relationships but also in opening your heart to your deeper purpose and prosperity. 

While some people might think these sessions will be heavy and sad, I can assure you they couldn’t be more wrong. The essence of doing this inner work is to expand your capacity to receive love and to learn how to keep your heart open even in the presence of suffering, keeping yourself open to Big Love, letting Big Love all the way in.

There’s no more time to hold anything back.

Thank you for being here and taking your precious time to read through this invitation. It would be my honor to go on this journey with you. If you have any questions about next steps, please let me know.

In love,

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